Don't suppose...

..that anyone needs - or knows someoen who needs - a couple of tickets? We can't go (long story) and, having made Kippax's day by selling him our campervan ticket, I have two adult weekend tickets that I wont be using. Not sure I can be mithered setting up a fantics or twickets acount etc.....

Hi There - yes, no problem. There yours (or, your friend's). HAppy to sort money etc nearer the time esp once the physical  tx have arrived. Any chance of meeting to hand them over rather than trust to post? You're near me I think?

Yes that's fine, i'm in Blackburn, but Mr's Otter works in Manchester, so we can come up with a plan.

I guess we'll just keep in contact on here and i'll let my friend know.

If you want to "slide into my dm's" I'm at 

martinalexcarr at gmail dotcom 

Glad you got sorted, I also have a firend who would likely take two tickets. If it falls through, or if someone else has a similar situation, gimme a shout nathan dot emmerich at gmail dot com 

Sadly I won't be able to go this year, so I have a ticket if your friend's still looking for one.  I don't know how these things work as obviously I don't have the ticket itself yet, just the confirmation email and a booking reference.


My friend is interested. If you let me have your email address I can pass it on so he can contact you so you can sort that out between yourselves. Shame you can't make it this year though. 

I missed out on the Early Bird tickets! I'm not sure whether there's a way to sen a DM on here but you can via Twitter using @aaah_wakey

Hi, I just tried that and it came up with a message saying you can't be messaged.  (I hope I did it right - I don't use Twitter very often).

I think I need to follow you first to allow DMs on Twitter, but I've just sent you a message (I think!) on the unofficial forum as Ray suggested.