Second announcement

In years gone by, the second line up announcement was on today's date.

Looks like we'll have to wait longer this year.  This was expected given the first announcement was later than usual.

Who would you like to see added?  Room for any other big names?  By my count, we are due approximately 30 more acts.


As 2 of the more riotous bands I've seen recently, I'd love to see Sprints and Vlure added to the undercard.  And while I'm here, as always a shout-out for WH Lung.

Mmm, I'd love:

Swansea Sound and/or Catenary Wires

The Order of the 12

Spencer Cullum

Kit Sebastian

Kaia Kater

Toby Hay and Jim Ghedi

The Gentle Good

Rosalie Cunningham



Good call Fraz! They have announced a European tour but no dates as yet. John Darnielle would be a great addition to the Talking tent also. 

I'd also love to see Lucinda fulfil her 2020 booking. I see she's touring again with a gap in August so maybe that's a possibility. 

this week's uk acts floating my boat:

krush puppies



not much point asking for overseas bands - as that all depends on them touring at the same time

but on the off chance, i'd love to see lia ices back at GM

after that weird electronic record she put out 6 years ago, she's massively back on form with 'family album'

EOTR made their second announcement today

hopefully GM soon to follow (and that it's a bit more interesting that EOTR's)

I suspect Self Esteem might be back this summer, given her comment in the Guardian about looking forward to seeing Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

My predictions: Diiv, Wet Leg, Floating Points, Sons of Kemet, Honeyglaze, some DJs I haven't heard of, Geese, Bonny Light Horseman and Yasmin Williams. 

Really hoping there's something more surprising than that in store though!!

Good morning folks, woof woof, etc! 

In case you've not yet seen, more acts have landed in the GM22. Lots to get excited about > Tune-Yards | Mary Lattimore | Donny Benét | Carwyn Ellis & Rio18 w/BBC National Orchestra of Wales | Nia Archives | Sofia Kourtesis | Nathan Fake (live) | Penelope Isles | Ural Thomas & The Pain | El Goodo | The Long Blondes | Charles Watson | Art School Girlfriend | Ethan P. Flynn | John Mouse | Honeyglaze | Mandrake Handshake | Rhodri Davies | Cerys Hafana | Eli Smart | Bonnie Kemplay | Joe & The Shitboys | Social Gathering. 

Hope you enjoy diggin' in. 

Barks Doris & Walter x

Gutted no Anais Mitchell / BLH. Not much here I know, but will be checking stuff out! Is this the whole line up or can we expect a third? 

Donny Benet is a very fun addition, and I enjoyed seeing Carwyn Ellis/Rio 18 - should be interesting with the orchestra

I thought El Goodo had split - never got the chance to catch them live so another very specific but nice bonus

As for Joe and the Shitboys, with a name like that they've got to be good right?

Joe and his shit boys doing nowt for me. 

Is Donny Benet for real? Is it some postmodern joke?

Happy with Carwyn Ellis and Charles Watson but wad kinda expecting rather more. Reckon that's it now? 

A postmodern joke delivered with complete sincerity, like Alex Cameron/Confidence Man/most Australian music at the moment seemingly

All the rage with us kids (can I still claim that at 31?)

confidence man are fucking great

but i'm not sure they're doing it with 'complete sincerity'

other than being completely sincere that dancing your arse off to songs about being rubbed down in butter and served on a plate is excellent

I was a little underwhelmed but listening to Carwyn Ellis now and feeling more whelmed. There's a lot there this year to create a feel good atmosphere in keeping with it being the 20th anniversary. 

Yes, I personally love the line up as a whole.  Jenny Hval and Ichiko Aoba are two of my favourite artists of all time and I have not been able to see either of them before so I am incredibly excited.  Beach House are also one of my favourite bands, and even though I've seen them before, I wont have seen them on this new album's tour so am looking forward to hearing those new songs live.

Cassandra Jenkins, Arooj Aftab and Low released three of my favourite albums of last year so they are three other must sees for me.

I'm also a big Alex G, Kelly Forsyth, Mdou Moctar, KEG and Black Country New Road fan.  Will be interesting what sort of set BCNR do and what their new music will sound like following Issac's departure. 

As said above, there are a number of bookings that promise a great "feel good" festival set.  In addition to Carwyn Ellis, I am also hoping to see WITCH, Minyo Crusaders, Balimaya Project, Donny Benet and Orchestra Baobab.  They all promise to be lots of fun. 

The very long list of other acts I'm also hoping to see: Kraftwerk, Kae Tempest, Cate Le Bon, Deathcrash, Indigo da Souza, Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul, Annie Hart, Mandrake Handshake, TORRES, Katy J Pearson, Parquet Courts, Arab Strap, English Teacher, Lemondaze, Valerie June, Mary Lattimore and Unschooling.  There is just SO MUCH great stuff there.

AND I've not even mentioned the late night acts, of which there is some real quality.  It's obviously not Green Man's focus or niche, but I think they do a fantastic job of getting a handful of quality late night acts each year and this year is no exception.  Bicep are a HUGE act right now and won't have come cheap.  They will of course most likely be headlining Far Out or maybe even on the Mountain Stage rather playing a traditional after dark set.  Sofia Kourtesis, Optimo (Espacio) and Nathan Fake are all excellent in my opinion and will be great in those after dark slots.

I personally can't wait to see how this all ends up looking once the day splits are released! 



Now on my must see list after watching their set at Glastonbury