Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

I know you were disappointed they didn't perform at GM but just in case you had not noticed Rayrad,Marisa Anderson and William Tyler are doing an online q&a and performance on the 7th October.Details on supersonic Facebook page.

thanks!  i did see something about that - but hadn't clocked the actual date

i'm not sure about live-streams, tbh

find them a bit unfulfilling...

but may have to tune in for this one!

thanks again for the heads up


mrs rad and i will be at the tuesday RAH show

bit more salubrious than the shacklewell arms for roscoe roscoe tonight!

Both good venues in their own way though. Looking forward to seeing Patti Smith tomorrow but I think those RAH shows will be a bit special. Patti's Insta posts are without doubt the best thing on there. Enjoying a little insight into her trip over here. 

but apparently he's not pleased because he saw blossoms and they didn't tell him about it

not about the thing itself

personally, i'm annoyed that blossoms exist at all

Watched Blossoms at a three night new bands launch at the Trades Club presented by John Bramwell,I was chatting to him at the bar just after Blossoms he turned to me and said " Well that f**king boring"--i had to agree.

Earlier this week I saw Slow Readers Club, which was my first gig (excluding Green Man) since the pandemic hit. God it's good to have live music back, isn't it.

They are not going to be everyone's taste on here but I doubt any other band has a more fanatic following and create such an atmosphere.Still waiting for my first non festival gig.

My last gig before lockdown was The Murder Capital @ 100 Club, so to get back to where I left off it was to Esquires in Bedford last night for The Murder Capital.  Great little venue and a wonderfully riotous performance. Hopefully Green Man is calling them.

They were possibly my last concert before lockdown last year and fantastic.  They were scheduled for Green Man 2020 so very optimistic they will be coming in 2022.

Patti Smith at the Forum in Bath last night was such a joyous thing. Felt like a real celebration of emerging from the darkness into the light. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be there to see 'her fucking band's' first theatre show in 19 months! I love her a little more each time I see her. She's posted the set list on her Insta page. I'd love to see her back at Green Man next year on The Mountain Stage. 

Ben said at the end of their EOTR set that it was their last performance, and a lady I was standing next to who was related to one of the band had said something similar to me before the set even started.  As you say though, bummer; I'm just glad I caught them at both GM and EOTR, and in Oxford pre-pandemic and pre-mullet!


On my way to Shiiine Festival in Minehead today and it's great to have a festival to go to in November.I know many on here would hate the line up but I am excited to be watching The Coral,Humanist,Chameleons,Peter Hook,Cast,Black Grape,Dub Pistols,and Dublin new band The Clockworks and will enjoy the tributes to Stone Roses,The Who,Nirvana.But most of all sharing the weekend with 7000 others who create the loudest,most partiest atmosphere of any festival.

Have a good time!


I'm off to see Self Esteem tonight, and expecting great things after her Green Man set.

I somehow missed Self Esteem at Green Man but am very happy that I managed to snaffle a ticket to see her in Clwb Ifor Bach in a fortnight this morning. Is it just my perce or is she going to be genuinely huge before long?

Saw Fontaines DC at Ally Pally at half term. It was my first indoor gig and a bit of a baptism of fire... A capacity crowd of 10,000. They were excellent and very exciting to watch, the crowd and band were really up for it.

Have tickets for Michael Head in Chester just before Xmas too.

Undecided about John Murry and Godspeed yet.

Bloody Groundhog Day for me. This time last year I was figuring that Green Man 2021 would see my return to live music. It didn't. December 2021 and I'm hoping Green Man 2022 might see my return to live music. 

Didn't go to Michael Head in the end... didn't want to jeopardise my family Xmas plans.

Saw pics online of the crowd at the gig the night before and there seemed to be no evidence of masks.

Disappointed but no regrets.

Probably wise,went to a gig in Manchester just before Christams and caught Omicron and had to isolate until the 27th.First festival of the year next week at Rockaway Beach,hopefully should be safe after being double jabbed,boosted,had Delta and Omicron.

Father Christmas brought me tickets for a Josh Rouse/Vetiver double bill at Manchesters Deaf Institute in February which i'm looking forward to.

First gig tickets purchased for a long time, John Cale in July, have hovered over a few in last few months but didn't press the button. Tempted by that ray, she's coming to Cambridge but now sold out

Went to my first live gig since February 2020 last night, Pictish Trail and Savage Mansion in Chester. It was great to be out watching live music again - I've seen Johnny plenty of times over the years but he's really nailed it with his new album and the live show is great. Savage Mansion were really good too, picked up a copy of Golden Mountain, Here I Come from them afterwards.

I was there too, Jedthehumanoid.

What a special evening!

St Mary's Creative Space is a wonderful venue, isn't it? 

Sorry Elizabeth, I've been a bit lax with checking in lately. It is a great venue and I feel very lucky to have it so nearby.

Are you heading to Manchester for Jason Lytle this week?

Sadly not.

Covid has found me and I  was unable to go.

Sounds like it was an amazing evening. 

Really wanted to go to this but had plans already. Did you catch Divide and Dissolve by any chance? I love their album and apparently they are very good live.

Getting back into the swing of it with gigs now with Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets last week and Robyn Hitchcock last night. Really enjoyed both. Very different scales but they share an obvious common dominator. Robyn did a rather good version of Dominoes last night. 

Ryley Walker was magnificent last night in Manchester. 

First time at YES too. What a great venue. 

First gig in Manchester in a long time... last one was Michael Head in Feb 2020.

Fantastic and welcome back to the live music scene.  Seeing Ryley in Cardiff in Septembe, looking forward to seeing him even more after your post

I've seen some brilliant gigs recently but I think Altin Gun topped them all

They'd go down a storm at Green Man, maybe next year