2022 Wish list

Well, what are we thinking? 

For my part, first thoughts: 

Wet Leg

Richard Dawson and Circle, Richard Dawson and Hen Oggled 

The Mountain Goats 

Ethel Cain 


Ed Dowie 


Big Theif / Lenker 

Tropical Fuck Storm 

Bonnie Light Horseman / Anais Mitchell 

Bill Fay (ha)

Stealing Sheep

Ezra Furman

Little Simz

The Murder Capital

Girl Band

Sea Power 

Damien Jurado

Samantha Crain

Yard Act

Jon Langford

Martin Stephenson



it's weird that they're calling it the 20th anniversary, though, isn't it?

with no GM last year, next year's will be the 19th

and it's not even 20 years, as the first was in 2003

I guess they could argue the online offering last August was the 19th, though it's debatable whether that really counts. Glastonbury celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2020 and I can't even remember it! Are they calling 2022 their 52nd I wonder, or will they rewind the clock and call that the 50th anniversary? It's a veritable can of worms if you ask me. 


The Felice Brothers have a new album out today. 

I loved their performance on the Mountain stage a few years ago. 

Be great to see them back.

New discoveries from this year: Lazarus Kane, Yard Act, Melin Melyn, KJP and Panic Shack

Returning heroes: Parquet Courts, Ezra Furman, Car Seat Headrest, PSB, Teleman, SFA, Grandaddy, Oh Sees, WH Lung and Courtney Barnett

Newbies (AFAIK): Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Amyl and the Sniffers, Pip Blom, Naked Giants, The Cribs, The Murlocs and Black Honey

The 'Oh Sees' are now the Osees.  
I will be seeing them next Spring after a few postponements, during which time they have changed names at least once. 

Not everyone would be enthusiastic, in fact they may even elicit a Doves/Future Islands type response but I think Maximo Park would be great as Thursday Far Out headliners

my head says The Bad Seeds are a bit outside Green Man's budget these days, but my heart still wonders if it might just be possible looking at their European festival dates throughput July and August, with no UK dates announced as yet. Glastonbury looks far more likely admittedly, but it would be great wouldn't it?

My wishlist is...

Bill Ryder Jones

Bill Callahan

Bonny Light Horseman

Ryley Walker

James Yorkston


Mick Head

Moses Boyd

NC & Bad Seeds


Catenary Wires

Belle & Sebastian

Katherine Priddy

Jim Ghedi

Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings

Joan Shelley and Nathan Salsburg

James Yorkston and the Second Hand Orchestra

Rosalie Cunningham

Samantha Crain

Anna B Savage

Carwyn Ellis and Rio 18

Jeffrey Lewis

Afro Cluster

Ed Dowie

Knomad Spock

Field Music



The Weather Station

Yasmin Williams

Bill MacKay and Nathan Bowles

Hiss Golden Messenger

Ryley Walker

David A. Jaycock

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (it's a wish list)

Valerie June

Hilang Child

Arlo Parks (for my daughter)


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Mdou Moctar

The Mudd Club

Samba Toure

Cobalt Chapel

Garcia Peoples

Frazey Ford

The Delines


Wyndow (Lavinia Blackwall and Laura J. Martin)

David Ian Roberts

Alex Rex

Bill Callahan

Steve Earle

Piine Leaf Boys


Jack Sharp/Large Plants

Bonny Light Horseman

The Lovely Eggs

Brigid Dawson

Meilin Melyn

Cowbois Rhos Bottwnog

Swanse Sound

Vic Godard

 . . . bound to have forgotten loads but this lot will do for starters. 




I'll second quite a few of those Kraz. 

I was listening to that most recent James Yorkston album last night for the first time in a while and it really is magnificent; up there with his finest work imo.

That collection of musicians ("the second hand orchestra") really produced something magical. 

Imagine them all together on stage ... Sublime!

The musicianship on that record is really something. I'm guessing it was meant to be a one-off but I'd love to see them together live.

Oh and I did forget . . . 

Amyl and the Sniffers

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

White Denim

some members of the Carthy family

also think it would be a nice touch to invite Jo Bartlett to talk about the early days 

With a new album from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss out in November and confirmation they'll be touring next year I'd have thought that's a possibility. 

Orville Peck anyone? Obviously travel restrictions may scupper some international travel. He's hinted he has a new album ready to go which should lead to a big tour at some point next year. I think he would be a great Far Out headliner, though he may be too big for that by the time the festival comes around with the way his profile is growing at the moment.

booked for ATP on the 26th aug

as they're not the headliner that day (and therefore an exclusive), they are presumably a possibility for GM 2022

ditto kraftwerk, who are second on the bill the week before (20th)

(though maybe i'm the only person who couldn't give much of a monkey's about kraftwerk...)

Would they be considered for Green Man 2022 considering how recently the have headlined?

with you on Kraftwerk though (although I know there would be plenty who would like to see them)



yes, sorry

fat fingers

if ATP was back, it would just be a festival featuring a long queue of all those bands he still hasn't paid

now feel embarrassed by my 'mansplaining' post saying what APE is an an acronym for (it stands for All Points East if you have not figured it out yet)

So miss ATP festivals---the clear highlight of my festival going life.And as my festivals of choice become more and more mainstream and middle of the road I miss them more and more.

I reckon Hurray for the RiffRaff will be up there as they are touring here in the Summer!

Much as I want to see Hurray for the Riff Raff at GM, their schedule says they return to the US in August, not returning to Uk and Ireland until after the 27th at the very earliest.