boardmasters infection spike

More from that than the Grand Prix,Football etc though it's still to be confirmed,though I suppose the main figures are deaths/hospitalisations.We watched alot less acts than planned because Ann has a heart condition and didn't feel safe at rising and walled garden and I'm feeling unsure whether to still go to the indoor festivals Focus Wales and Shiiine--will decide after EOTR.But glad we went and really enjoyed the weekend.


i had the BEST time

but highly aware that i made a subconscious decision within minutes of arriving on thursday to just not think about it

it was SO good to forget about covid for a few days that i let myself do it

that story about boadmasters kind of sobered me up this morning!

hey ho - time will tell...

(sorry i didn't see you again after king hannah on sunday - next year!)

Definitely,cottage already booked.Did you watch Roscoe Roscoe---if yes I need you to say they were terrible.Tried to ignore covid,I think that's the right approach---we live in such a quiet village/town just being amongst people felt strange.

hey, i live in london - and it felt strange to me too!

but we just slipped in to accepting it - when faced with the alternative!

i didn't see roscoe roscoe in the end

i watched self esteem with mrs rad's daughter - then rushed for a pee - and back to the tent for the fannies

so no time to get over to the rising

was sorry to miss them

but the things i did see in the rising taught me that you needed to get over there early before it got crazy busy

frankly, though, if i have caught covid, it will have been at one of the things i saw on that stage...

Yeah, I'm popping down to my local test centre to get a test later- just to see. If I've got anything I reckon I got it up the front for the excellent Crack Cloud. From what I read about Boardmasters there were 2 big differences

-more young people at Boardmasters. (as an aside- did anyone else get the impression it was an older demographic than usual at GM? Not as many big groups of teenagers)

-barely any safety measures being taken

I was constantly thinking about risk and initially felt unsage in crowds, but generally felt pretty safe when I thought about it properly. It was clearly being taken very seriously in organisation. Some people will have been unlucky, maybe I was unlucky, but the level of vaccination means those unlucky people won't trigger a spike in their community.

My daughter went to BM with 6 friends (all late teens) and, when they got back, all tested positive for Covid, except for my daughter. She was the only one to be double vaxxed though which may say something. We were already at Settlers on Monday when she got back so unfortunately we left her at home to self isolate. Inevitably there will be an increase in infections following these type of events, but hospitalisations and deaths seem to be under control to a large extent so i think it's an acceptable price to pay for a return to live music/festivals. I'm aware this is contentious however


It states in the article, that people had admitted to attending the festival when they knowingly had tested positive.

I'm hoping the Green Man crowd weren't as reckless, i'm guessing the majority of us are not.

and 1000 cases linked to latitude (attendance 37,000)

for context, boardmasters was 50,000 attendance - and three quarters of subsequent cases were among 16-21 year olds

i'm planning to see the goa express tonight

but will test this afternoon to make sure i'm not a danger to others

given the numbers from other festivals, seems prudent for all of us to test before going into any other social situation

I assume it must have been GM as i've not been anywhere else.....

I did a Lateral flow today but was negative which is reassuring

I was 'pinged', assume due to Green Man and not surprising considering the number of people 'in contact' with over the weekend and may have been a phone to phone connect via the app(?)

just been for a PCR and waiting on the result.

so, i got pinged last night

with an 8 day self-isolation

which means that whoever tested positive (and has been in 'close contact' with me) did so on monday - presumably immediately after GM

but i didn't scan in at GM (not as a refusenik - just kept forgetting to do it)

so a bit baffled

i see staffop and mikey have been pinged too - anyone else?

i obvs don't have to self-isolate - as double-vaxed (and am daily testing) - but trying to understand the system...

did EVERYONE who was at GM get pinged?!

I haven't been pinged (yet) but had my phone on power saving mode during a lot of the festival so not sure if that means Bluetooth was turned off? 

ah, right - so you only have to have your bluetooth on?  (in theory)

i thought you had to have scanned a QR code as you entered

the modern world, eh?!

if it is bluetooth, maybe i got pinged because of the service station we went to on the way home!

I don't know how it all works - it's a mystery to me!  I didn't even see anywhere to scan in at Green Man, but maybe I go round with my eyes closed.  If I get pinged I reckon it will be from the 4-hour coach journey with hardly anyone wearing masks.

i hope all this talk isn't making you wish you hadn't come now, RC!

especially after it was me who talked you into it with assurances of how safe it would be!

Oh no, I'm really glad I came (and still very grateful that you took the time to reply to my indecisive self).  I tested negative on Tuesday evening and will test again before I go away with my son on Saturday.  And even if I'm positive, I promise I won't blame you!


The NHS Covid app does contact tracing in two ways. One is that you can scan in to a venue, and then if someone else who was there that day gets diagnosed with Covid then you might be pinged.

The other way is that the app constantly keeps track (via Bluetooth) of other app users around you, and basically keeps an anonymous list of any you've been within 2 metres of for more than 15 minutes. Then if any of those anonymous users tell their app they've had a positive test, you'll be pinged.

I've not been bleeped, but maybe that's because I've got the Scottish app installed which probably doesn't talk to the English and Welsh one? I did take a lateral flow test and it says I'm negative.

Done a lateral flow test today - negative. Daughter has too, also negative. Am hoping double vaccinations, older crowd than lots of festivals and sensible behaviour will mean GM hasnt been a spreader event. Haate to think what Reading and Leeds might be like

Just found some details on the app, and saw my 'contact' occurred some time on Saturday.  Incredible that it was just one 'contact' over the whole week (Monday to Monday), bearing in mind the numbers of people nearby over the Seven days.

still waiting on my PCR test.

I got pinged today and it dates back to Saturday as well. Done three LFTs this week before that and all clear. I feel tired and a bit rough but I always do after a festival. Waiting for a PCR anyway. 

I've been feeling the effects of what I'm 99.9% certain is a cold since getting back. After 18 months of not being exposed to any airborne viral infections I guess we're probably all a little more susceptible now when we are. I've taken two lateral flow tests that have both been negative but have booked a CPR test this evening to be absolutely sure before I visit my 92-year-old dad to ensure I don't expose him to any risk.

possible Covid figures following the festival.  Just 70 possible cases that may be linked to Green Man.  Sure there can be no criticism there (in perspective, against 4700 infections from Boardmasters)

well done to the Green Man organisers, the crew, contractors, performers and of course all the punters in keeping the festival as safe As it could reasonably be (although I got pinged I think it is safe to say I was not infected - but still followed the instructions).

It's 70 Welsh resident cases not 70 from the total number of attendees---i don't know if we get the English and Scottish numbers.I keep reading about the excellent covid precautions but I didn't see anything different once on site at GM or EOTR -- I could just be missing something,so not meant as a moan,I'm just curious what extra precautions were there that I obviously missed.

I guess they mean showing proof of vaccination/negative LFT on entry, sides removed from Far Out to increase ventilation, the large containers of sanatizer by the loos, and providing new cups at the bar every time you ordered a drink with those reusable cups handed in being take offsite for deep cleaning. I think the latter presented the most logistical problems to manage as the Courtyard Bar ran out of reusable cups for quite some time after a day one. From my experience this wasn't rigorously enforced by all bar staff across the whole weekend, though apparently this was a licensing condition. I think it was always going to be a difficult thing to balance. I don't think I saw more than a handful of face coverings being worn all weekend, but thankfully I've not seen anything to suggest there was much of a spike as a result of the festival. I'm only just getting over a sore throat I've had since I got back, which I attribute to my immune system not coping as well with the usual viruses we're routinely exposed to after 18 months without mingling with other people. I took two LFTs and a PCR test to be sure though!

I had a sore throat for a while following the festival, first 'cold' type illness for quite a while and guess we are all more vulnerable to minor infections now there is more mixing in public.  Flu will be the challenge over the coming months.  
I felt as safe as I could be at the festival (safer than visiting a busy supermarket) and, like the cups being deep cleaned, there may have been other measures which we were not even aware of but kept helped keep the infection risk level down.


So I saw a report from PH Wales saying a whole 71 people tested positive with Green Man as a context (where someone had beeb before onset/test) but no way of saying this is where it was contracted. I don't know if this is just Welsh cases, but I imagine this is national (making the presumption on how other infections are reported as I work for the South West health protection team). This does not surprise me, I felt safer (and I'm exclusively referring to feeling Covid safe) at GM than any pub or supermarket I have been to.

But I can't imagine for a second that EotR are going to have similar figures. No masks, no cross site reminders to be aware of other people's anxiety levels... It was kind of like "pandemic, what pandemic". I did not feel Covid safe at any point (although the running water and soap will definitely help with infection control... Other infections are available) and will be presuming I'm going to get it or have been in contact with someone who was positive and therefore will be isolating and doing daily tests.

As it was my first EotR, this is such a shame as it took the edge off what have been a wonderful weekend (still loved it and still going back). Also, it felt a whole ton busier than GM which was a surprise with it being smaller, but this may be due to the lack of distancing. 

Its not national,the release states Welsh residents.Festivals can only do so much,the onus is on us to keep ourselves as safe as possible at them.The experience probably depends on who you saw,what stages you went to and how you acted.I felt unsafe at the Rising stage at GM and there was no way i was going in the late night sessions at EOTR.There was no mask wearing at both festivals and i doubt signs change peoples attitude.I felt Crickhowell town centre was unsafe on the Wednesday and would expect many cases of locals that would not be in figures for GM.The checks on entry were hit and miss at both festivals.I'm not blaming either festival,if the national decision is to allow festivals its up to us wether we go and how safe we decide to be---i felt reasonably safe at both but that was down to my own decisions----though you still  go in loos after someone else who could have had covid.I have EOTR early birds and will buy GM early birds but still expect us to be living with issue for a long time.Its such a big part of my life i'm willing to take a calculated risk but will not blame anyone/festival if i become ill---its my decision.

yes - we all took a risk in going

a calculated risk, based on balancing enjoyment of life with safety

and as such, it's our own responsibility

one thing i'd say, though, is that the checks on entering the site went out the window after thursday

we were staying off site and the info was that we would need to present proof either of double-vaxxed status or a recent negative lateral flow test every time we entered

this was checked on the thursday - and we were given a paper wristband

on getting our cloth wristbands for the festival itself, we were told we could cut off the paper ones - as we were 'in now'

fair enough - the (super friendly) security guy had put mine on so tight that i was glad to be shot of it

and assumed we'd just be re-checked when we reentered on friday

but we were never asked again

we didn't make a thing of it because we knew we were all double-vaxxed

but anyone arriving after thursday wouldn't have needed any proof of anything covid-related

At EOTR on the Thursday we had our passports and vaccination proof ready and he just said you look trustworthy no need to check---didn't fill us with confidence.

Still, 71 is a phenomenal number. And I can't of looked trustworthy as I was checked 4 times in total.

I also saw a lot of mask wearing in bars, far out, walking around where it was busy and walking around in general. I think all the signs at GM were spot on, not authoritative but hey, remember some people might not be comfortable. I had several people ask if I was ok with them standing close to me at the walled garden for pictish trail and dream wife.

I'm always fascinated by the spectrum of post festival perspectives but this year there's so much difference.

I thought it was good to have a screen up all weekend for far out.  It meant a lot of people could enjoy the two main stages while keeping distance and in the open air (Although, not so much on the Sunday evening) Unfortunately, this was not possible for the walled garden or rising stages.  In my feedback I have suggested a rethink on the layout for the walled garden as it could get pretty crowded and would have put a lot of people off.

We were told the paper bands could be removed once the fabric wristbands had been fitted.  This made sense as it seems that you were expected to have had the first band before you could get the second.  I am surprised there was no Covid check on re-entering the site but was this vital, given that you had been checked previously as evidenced by the festival wristband.  I Assume this applied to new arrivals after thursday as I saw plenty still wearing the paper bands on the Sunday, who am pretty sure had arrived for the final day only.

regarding Crickhowell on the Wednesday, welsh rules should have been followed, with masks mandatory inside.  There would have been no restrictions on who may have been visiting the town (festival goers or day tripper) but assuming they had a festival wrist band, or were armed with the necessary proof to present the following day, I would have thought Crickhowell would still have been a lot safer then many towns, supermarkets and pubs in England.


I love both festivals,been to all GM festivals and missed many EOTRs but there is a little bit of rose tinted glasses going on due to the love of the festivals--there is no way there was alot of mask wearing at venues,busy areas,food stalls,bars--i put mine on for the staffs sake but felt a little awkward at times because I was the only one,there was mask wearing but very very little and I can understand that,people wanted a release from the last 18 months.We will have to agree to disagree Mikey-Crickhowell High Street Wed afternoon is the most unsafe we have felt including supermarkets and festivals and pubs(not sure why you bring England into this)+the Treebeard Pub had its seating area and another row of tables on the pavement making a long section of pavement one person wide-we went back to our cottage and had a drink in the garden.

The 71 figure sounds good but unless you know the percentage of Welsh residents at the festival it's pretty meaningless.

That's me finished now because I'm sounding a right moaner when in reality I'm still on a high from 2 wonderful weekends.

I should not have commentEd on the Wednesday as I went for a walk along the canal rather than into town.  I brought England into it as masks remain an option for indoor public spaces, whereas in Wales they remain mandatory. I regularly go shopping etc. on both sides of the border, i do see a differece between England and Wales with regard to Covid and at the moment, prefer to shop in Chepstow or Monmouth where masks are worn.

i have to say that it does sound a lot different than on Tuesday when I met up with you all for a drink. sorry if I viewed Crickhowell with rose tinted spectacles, without having experienced what it was like on the Wednesday. 

Sorry if it sounded like I was having a moan at you,it was great meeting you on the Tuesday.We live right on the border as well(on the Welsh side) with our nearest supermarkets in England but up to now are finding the vast majority of people are still mask wearing in both countries.With pubs/gigs/nightclubs being a free for all it's no surprise the current figures.We have cancelled our next festival in Wrexham over concerns the way numbers are going and what might happen when schools return.See you next year.