Ticket advice

Hi, we have two adults and child tickets for sale as we'd booked a holiday before GM21 was confirmed. What's the best place to seel them and best way. Altogether or individual? 

Many thanks

best place is fanticks

that's owned by ticketline - so you can feed in your booking reference and it'll validate your tickets - providing customer confidence!

we had 2 spares - and they sold on there in about 10 mins

i did knock 10 quid off the price of each - so that may have helped speed it up

Didn't realise Fanticks charge so much. Seems odd that people are complaining about people selling their tickets for slightly more on places like ebay but don't have an issue with a big company creaming off the top. 

it is a bit of a racket

but that's the problem with it being owned by a big ticket company

twickets is better

but obvs doesn't offer the guarantee to buyers