GM 2021 - Yes, No or Maybe?

Seems ages since I've been on the forum - what's the current thinking on whether GM 2021 will go ahead?

I'm cautiously optimistic but certainly not over-confident and I'm definitely crossing everything!

Stay safe and hopefully be with you in a field in Wales in a few months time.

We will definitely be going if it's confirmed. Must be a very difficult decision for Fiona and the team - but I'm sure there will be systems in place where necessary. There has always been lots of space at Green Man - and probably even more with inevitable no shows.  Far Out and Chai Wallahs ( if there this year ?) can be well ventilated. As it's outdoors I ( and friends going as well ) have very few reservations to be honest- but can understand those who have concerns. 


that would place a large spanner in the otherwise currently ticking over quite nicely engine of our plans...

Possible line-up announcement in 20 mins, this is very exciting - got everything crossed!

well, that's the most underwhelming line-up of all time

but i'm stil very happy to be going!

and there doesn't seem to be anything about not being able to come and go from the site:

"To gain entry to GM this year, anyone over the age of 16 will have to demonstrate that they’ve received two vaccinations at least 14 days before arrival or show that they’ve received a negative NHS lateral flow test within 48 hours prior to their arrival."


also, rollovers are possible:

"We totally understand that some people may not feel ready to return this year, so if you have tickets and don’t want to attend, please contact Ticketline to arrange a refund or rollover to 2022"



We want to reduce this as much as possible and are asking everyone to not travel off site if possible. However we will not prevent you from leaving and returning. You will need to show proof of vaccinations or a test every time you re-enter, so if you re-enter the site 48 hours after your initial test, you will need to do an additional test.

I'm glad you said it first,but also I accept they have done their best and also am happy to be going.Need clarification on leaving the site.

Thanks Decemberboy - we had local accommodation booked last year and carried it over to this but we had to pay for it 4 weeks ago.  That makes life so much easier!


Glad to see the rollover option included. I think that's what I'll be doing. 

Settlers won't be the same without the trips into Crickhowell and Abergavenny. 

All things considered, not an awful line up. Gonna be gutted to miss Surfing Magazines, Hen Ogledd, Richard Dawson, Gruff. 

Fucking Covid. Fucking johnson.

TBH if any festival is going to be safe to attend it'll be Green Man. And I love the line up considering what they had to work with. I already see a three way headliner clash on the Sunday. Teenage Fanclub are going to prevail, of course! 

yes - expect i'll finish with the fannies too

having dashed over from william tyler & marissa anderson in the walled garden

having dashed there from the staves

hey wait - it's looking better already!

i have a question. On their Covid 19 update on their FAQS they say....

"Proof of vaccination from Wales or Scotland. Those from Wales and Scotland can provide their vaccination records to show they have had both doses"

I assume this is a typo, and those of us jabbed by the bill hicks chip here in England will also be OK? Or will I have to do a lateral flow test too?


I mean.....I will do a test if needed, obviously. Im DEFINATELY going! :)

I think that's a reference to the fact that the NHS Covid Pass is an England thing- those of us in Scotland and Wales have to make the alternative arrangements as described. If you're in England you can presumably just show the NHS Pass.

Well, I am glad it is happening. I would come for the Saterday alone, Camplight, Lump, Dawson, Pictish, Ogledd, I bet that is some kind of clash central. 


Given the circumstances I'll take that line-up all day long, main problem now is how to research the names I don't know in 4 weeks instead of the usual 6 months 

question: what's going to happen with the far out?

are they going to take the sides off?

maybe they won't need to - but not sure how comfortable i'll feel jammed in there if they don't

but if they do, how do they manage the sound bleed?

Good question Ray- a lot of the problem with the Far Out is how close the Chai Wallahs is. Can't see any mention of Chai Wallahs this year, so that's helpful, but yeah, the accoustics and general feel of the place will be different and that might affect the neighbours. There don't seem to be as many loud acts playing there as usual, but there are some.... 

I wonder if there will be a cinema tent this year, would be impractical to have it set up with the sides open so maybe will be dispensed with.  

if no cinema tent, there would be big space for Chai Wallahs to move down and not compete, sound wise, with the far out.  It would also free up space to make the Green Man less packed on the Sunday night.  Need Chai Wallahs to be there, to get my pre bedtime brandy chai.

Isn't the instinctive response the most telling?

When the email landed at 2.03, Mrs said out loud 'no'. I thought 'fucking brilliant'
her 86 yo dad died of covid last week to be fair

need to work this out before the rollover deadline. I have form in the "leave her behind and go with friends" department but not sure if permission will be forthcoming...hmmmmm

Think this has been added to the FAQs in the last hour or so. The second paragraph answers the question about ventilation in Far Out and other tents.


There is no need to distance or wear a mask anywhere on site, but if you are more comfortable wearing a face covering please feel free to do so. Please also be aware that everybody feels different emerging from this pandemic and respect other people’s feelings.

There will be increased hand washing and hand sanitizing stations around the site. We are stepping up the sanitizing of surfaces and high touch points around the site. You will probably notice there are a few less walls on the marquees this year to increase ventilation.

I am really impressed by the way GM have handled this. I don't think I feel ready to go this year, so it'll be the first time that we have missed a GM since (I think) 2004 or 2005, apart from when our daughter was born. I think it's brilliant that they offered rollovers or refunds - I didn't know if they would and I certainly didn't think they had to. Well done GM and I hope that everyone who goes has a brilliant festival.

Incredible work GM getting this together with such uncertain parameters.  I honestly don't know how you've managed to organise it.  I'd completely written it off and was ready to take back the holidays I had booked, but it's go after all!!

I understand people having reservations (and between now and then the UK government wider relaxation of restrictions still puts it all in doubt) but I think anyone who meets the vaccination criteria with tickets should try their damnedest to get along in support of GM after what has been unprecedented times for the live music and festival industry.  If Walter can get it together, I will be there.  I don't give a shit about line-up or tent/sound considerations.  I care about this festival and the local area.  They both will have suffered massively by last years cancellation and floods.  I don't know how the town will feel about the news it's going ahead, but given the requirements for all attendees on site (and leaving/re-entering the site) I hope it represents limited risk but significant and welcome gain.  We're, by and large, a responsible bunch and I've everything crossed we're getting together in a months time!

Anyone know whether the Bridge End Inn might be in with a shout of reopening by then? I'll miss sitting in their beer garden on the Wednesday afternoon if not. 

I was told the work was all finished and it looked really good but not open yet but you would think they would not want to miss the GM and summer trade.

They really have handled this very well, great that they can allow people to rollover to next year. For various reasons I'm going to do that. Hope those that go have a blast, I look forward to hearing reports.


Maybe those of us who won't be going this year should form a mutual support club. 

First one I'll have missed since 2006. 


I'm torn ... I'd love to be there, but I'm scared too, especially of the long coach trip to get there.  Need to make a decision by next Friday!

for those feeling concerned about covid safety - and that included me - i'm copying and pasting this reply to a similar worry that someone posted over on efestivals

i found it pretty reassuring!

though, of course, we don't know what's going to happen with the new beta variant...

anyhow, FWIW (and many thanks to ben, the original poster):


You've not said so, but I'm assuming that you're both double vaccinated.

Well...where do I start?!

The problem is, it's a hugely personal issue, and what's right for one super fit double-vaxxed 60 year old is anathema to another. In terms of 'actual risk' - the risk of serious illness requiring hospitalisation for double-vaxxed, healthy (no co-morbidities) people in the UK is incredibly low - reduced by 91-96% by virtue of vaccination. Can you still catch delta? Yes, you can. Will you if someone has it at GM? Possibly. Will you get sick? - almost certainly not. Will you get very sick? - almost definitely not. On that basis, for me, the risk is entirely acceptable (and I'm a bit younger, but my COVID risk stratification would be very similar to yours).

My next door neighbour tested positive yesterday. He's 73-74 and in decent health. Double-vaxxed. He's 'fine'. Fine to the point that if I was 'only' that ill (cold-like symptoms) at Green Man, I'd still be having a good time.

I have zero concerns for myself in going. I expect to behave pretty much exactly as I would in 'normal' times - remember, everyone must be negative or double-vaxxed, so the volume of circulating virus in the festival will be very, very low - including dancing to KLO and Overmono in Far Out in a sweaty, techno-addled mess. I will, of course, respect others' needs there, but similarly if someone wants a hug at 2am, I will likely give one. 

Not to give these Tory fuckers an inch, there is personal responsibility integrated into getting through this, so long as you're kind and respectful.

Typically verbose response, but short answer is, if you're vaccinated and feel fine about going, the risk of anything significant befalling you, or those around you, is extremely small. See you down the front.

That's our old friend bennyhana22, joined us back in 2014/15 or so I think. A very fine chap and a proper medical doctor person. 

If I spot his cool socks at 2am I will snog him for sure.


I agree with that Ray. I'm 45, I'm overweight but in general decent health and I've had both vaccinations. I'm going to have a mask and hand sanitizer with me at all times in case I need them but generally have no worries about attending.

The majority of the festival is outdoors and the tents this year will be well ventilated. I was wondering about how the locals in Crickhowell feel about it going ahead but the business owners interviewed by the BBC can't wait for us to get there and spend money. 

The results of test events are also reassuring. 

I'm more worried about camping than catching Covid.