Ryley in the Guardian

There is an article on Ryley Walker and his new album in the Guardian.


not a pleasant read and we nearly lost one of the greatest singer song writer guitar players of our time.  be Good to see him back at GM although probably unlikely for 2021.

ryley was one of the handfull of people i saw play in 2020

he's amazing, a musical genius and i'd go see him live anywhere no matter what

but that new record is twiddly prog bobbins

Must try and drop that phrase into a conversation soon, preferably about music, or sewing or something...

I'm not the only one who disliked it. The official Ray seal of disapproval makes me feel a bit better 

And really it isn't that proggy to be honest. It sounds like a Ryley Walker record to me. I was hoping for some Gentle Giant influences. Also I see Ryley cites the immediate post-Gabriel Genesis era as a major influence whereas any dicerning prog lover wouldn't be seen dead listening to the Gabriel-less Genesis.

Looking forward to seeing him playing this live. Probably in 2023 if we're lucky.

those time signatures are VERY proggy

hey, you know what?  it's OK

but i just can't get very excited about it

if this had been the first RW record i'd listened to, i wouldn't have listened to any others