Album recommendations



After seeing some of the predictable and uninspiring choices of "Album of the Year" from some quarters I thought it might be a good idea to utilise the impeccable musical taste of the forum members here and give me an excuse to check in here more often.

No rules or guidelines; just post up the name of an album (any genre, any era, any fuckinthingatall) that's floated your boat recently.


Here's mine for today: Beautiful sparce haunting dobro folk released last July.   "No Summer" by Cinder Well


Keep 'em coming ! ... 


Ray Charles? Ray Parker Junior? Billy Ray Cyrus? 

A little more specificity required. 

Share the Wealth - The Nels Cline Singers

Nels Cline is in wilco but this ain't like no Wilco album - jazzy weirdness and wild skronking, hitting the spot for me.

Also playing lots of Duski, especially their album from last year, Make a Wish.

Oh and Belbury Poly's The Gone Away


Not an album yet but I assume it might be eventually. The songs Bonnie Prince Billy and Bill Callahan have been releasing on tinternet are terrific