Supporting businesses in Crickhowell

I've been thinking about the impact of having no festival this yar on the good people of our favourite village, Crickhowell. I've been using the fabulous Book-ish   ( for my book purchases since lockdown (including a signed copy of Pete Paphides' wonderful Broken Greek - I bet he would have been at GM talking about this). They provide a really quick turnaround and are lovely people. And imagine how good you'll feel not using those tax-avoiding Amazon bastards!

Has anyone else been using online services of any Crick shops? If so post them here and let's do our bit to keep our favourite village going!

I've used Book-ish, very good service and excellent choice.

I've also been buying from Bang-on Brewery, who deliver in south Wales; Hallets real cider; and Welsh Cheeses, in Taffs Well but deliver nationally I believe. Hay Charcuterie are also excellent and I believe deliver throughout the UK


I’m enjoying reading the Pete Paphides book too Krasnyi. I think it’s a fair bet he would have been talking about it at Green Man this year. I dod hear through the grapevine that he and CM were looking to buy a house in Crickhowell. Can’t say I blame them!

We have 5 days either side of GM booked at a campsite in Talybont, still hoping we can do that. If so will definitely be popping onto Crickhowell to spend some cash at Bookish, the butchers/deli, wine shop etc. Having had two camping trips cancelled this is the last hope for the summer.

Good news to see message from Bridge End Inn on Arsebook saying work starts on 12 October and they look forward to reopening in around 10 weeks. It’s been an atrocious year all round, but even more dismal for them. Not sure how they can lessen danger of further flood damage in future though. 

Was in Wales last week. Managed to visit Crickhowell and stole a glimpse of the site while driving through Breacon. Got a few beers from Bacchus and went to some of the cafes. A lot of the houses down near the Bridge were still being renovated by the looks of it. Was sad to see the extent of the flood's damage. 

Well, seems we are going to be allowed to stay in Crick next week. If I lived there I'm not convinced I'd be delighted to see visitors like me descending from the north west plague pits. But Boris sez it's allowed, and I'm pretty sure that me, Berthasmum and the two dogs are Covid free. So we'll be spending our hard earned on the high street next week. Can't wait 

Yes, you can. No, you can't....

I'm gutted. Our 5 day break in god's county has now been taken off the table.

Absolutely the right thing to do, but now no trip to Crick for me - or lots of us for a while....

my friend, her two kids and I camped at Park Farm and walked to Glanusk Park along the canal(it rained :( ) and we ate in a coupleofthe pubs - I love Crickhowell I can't imagine not going for a week in August


I bought a few jars of local honey - it's fabulous