Green Man - Field of Streams

Good afternoon you lot! My human counterparts would usually be setting up shop in the Brecon Beacons right about now - building Green Man up from the fields, whilst I sniffed, barked and participated in general dog-realted activities. But alas, we're all stuck at home and feeling a bit blue that we can't be doing that this year. But we couldn't let the GM weekend pass without a bit of a knees-up. So get your stack-cups at the ready and mark 22nd August in your diary as we beam Green Man - Field of Streams live onto your screens! Expect never before released sets, playlists, mixes, interactive theatre, digital arts, plus there will be films, radio shows and all sorts from 17-23 August. Eyes peeled for line-up coming soon... 

Brilliant Walter x

Amazing music. .

Home prepared versions of our favourite festival food. 

Raising a glass or two to next year xx


Excellent Walter.

I'm staying at Glanusk campsite for a few days at the end of August, feel free to come over for a biscuit or two

Me too. Drove my daugter to the bus stop earlier this morning and thought 'this is the start of the journey we'd normally be making in a couple of weeks time down to Glanusk'.

Thanks from me as well, Walter.  If we can get through the next couple of weeks, with Field of Streams to soften the Green Man Cancellation Blues, then, come Monday 24th August, it Will be less than 365 days until Green Man 2021* 

*fingers crossed

And here we have all the details to sink your eyes & ears into. Meet you wonderful lot in the digital airways! 

We've cracked open the archives and are buzzed to stream never-before-released GM sets from Father John Misty, Eels, Stella Donnelly and Adwaith for one almighty watch-along, plus a special live show from Pictish Trail from the Isle of Eigg! Keep your eyes peeled for familiar faces as there'll be a film segment featuring you lot as well...

Alongside this will be a stellar line-up of performing arts, with specially commissioned shows from the finest Welsh performers around. Krystal LoweKitsch & SyncPocket Rocket ProductionsThe Wheelabouts, and Kris Hubble & 9 Foot Stories will all take to the screen to delight, entertain and bemuse you. Two shows are on Zoom & will require pre-booking: Hijinx present 'Metamorphis', a live and interactive theatre production, (book here); Light, Ladd and Emberton present a silent disco of Welsh myths, mixing club classics, punk hits and pop anthems, (book here).

We also have an exclusive virtual preview screening of 'White Riot', Rubika Shah’s film following the Rock Against Racism movement of the ‘70s, revealing the power of music in activism and social change. It's available from 21-23 August to screen here.

Not forgetting the Green Man Rising band competition finale - supporting emerging talent is at the beating heart of GM, now more than ever. 1,800 bands applied, 40,000 online votes were cast and we have our shortlist: Nuha Ruby RaBUGSDuskiGONHILLHanya and The Lounge Society. They all bag a slot at the next GM and get a £750 development fund. Our panel of music industry maestros will pick the winner, crowned live on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show from 10pm, 22nd August.

Also streaming onto your sofas will be digital arts from artists whose works have popped up at Green Man - Sean HarrisJennifer TaylorMegan BroadmeadowCalum McCutheon and Gweni Llwyd. As well as yoga, family workshops and, of course, a virtual burning of the Green Man himself.

Adding to this will be a radio line-up, including a Green Man Radio takeover of Penarth Sounds on 23rd August, exploring highlights, mixes, playlists, and much more from Green Man’s 18 year history.

The stream will be beaming onto your screens from our Facebook, Youtube and Mixcloud pages on 22nd August - but be sure to catch the music then as once it's streamed it'll evaporate into the airways! Stack cups ready, GM crew gathered and eyes peeled for timings and more info landing soon!

Big love, Walter and the GM crew x 

The youngest would be sending me pics from settlers and all point roundabouts by now, just for the joy of it.

The chemical toilet would be dusted down. Van made good. Awning defumigated. Shopping done. I'd be glued to every weather app known to man and my giddiness, wihch would have started proper about 4-6 weeks ago would be completely off the scale. And I'm 54 years old, ffs. God, I am missing that giddiness - the night before Christmas for grown-ups.

The field of streams will be fun. I will drink. Will indulge my now thrice-yearly or so weed habit. Andf, if Greater Mcr is unlocked before Friday, we will even get to spend the weekend, witha little tent, in my mate's big field/garden. 

BUt f@*k me, it's just not right this.


Ah, we'd be in Crick today. Lunch in the bread/cake shop. A visit to the charity shops (last year we forgot our waterproofs and had to scour the charity shops for suitable garments). Pop into Book-ish, the Jehu Stores, maybe the offy. Then down to the Bridge End. Kids in the river, couple of pints and meet up with old friends. Back to Glanusk on the canal path maybe stopping at the Horseshoes in Llangatock on the way. A nice shower, heat up the homemade frozen chicken and chorizo then off to the Hurly Burly for something gorgeous from the likes of toby Hay, Gareth Bonello or David Ian Roberts. I could fucking cry.

for the bereft and bewildered 

tho I guess if missing our favourite party for one year is the worst thing to happen to us at this time, then we can probably all cope with that....just about 

Yep, windy and lots of rain, minor consolation I suppose. I'm camping at Glanusk from Sunday for four nights, looks a little better then.

where can I find Glanusk campsite please? I usually stay at Park Farm campsite


ah found it - too far from the town for me

We're gonna discuss the weather even when 99.999% of us arent physically there, arent we?

Where is Ray when you need him?

My weather app of choice, dark sky, predicts wall to wall (light) rain from Thurs night to Fri evening, but totes dry otherwise. Not too biblical....

And as we all know, there's many a muckle b'twixt hither and thither

matbe we cpull have a webcam from the bridge over the river as one of the field of dreams streams? Some (one?) of us would love to just sit and watch the weather live from Glanusk...

Really missed sitting in the Bridge End Inn beer garden yesterday and soaking it all up. My one consolation was the weather looking biblical. Law of averages then dictates that next year will be fine, and it's now only a year to wait until Green Man 2021! Reminds me, I need to book accommodation. 

Just hope that the Bridge End Inn is still there next year.  After further flooding earlier in the year, the loss of summer trade (tourism and Green Man Punters) times must be hard for them.  Need to pledge buying a few extra pints next year.

Right about now we'd just be settling down with a pint after pitching up. I'll make do with a drink in the garden for now but will be keeping a keen eye out for announcements about next year. Hopefully things will be back to a state where a festival of some sort can go ahead.

Would have been a perfect day for sitting in Settlers with a pint watching others carting stuff to campsite and putting up their tents etc.  

I might be wrong but I don't think the Bridge End has reopened yet.Mixed feeling this year---it would have been the first Green Man I could not make--so feel sad for those missing it but happy that I have not missed one.And the bad weather this week and tomorrow's forecast makes the loss less painful.

It doesn't look as bad around Crickhowell, but I'm currently in Tenby where we're being buffeted by 60+ gales. Definitely not gazebo weather!