Requests for 2021

Too early? Assume they won't be able to get everyone on this year's lineup back

According to The Quietus Bright Eyes are playing, enjoying his new stuff

Damaged Bug would be nice. Richard Dawson in any of his many guises of course


Like to see him bring Phoebe Bridgers with him, in fact any of boygenius would be great, or boygenius themselves would be even better.

I'm really enjoying Jonathan Wilson's new album.

And off the top of my head - from artists who have recently relased stuff: BC Camplight, Jack Sharp (ex Wolf People), Lavinia Blackwall, White Denim, Erland Cooper, Aoife Nessa Francs, Peggy Sue, Brigid Dawson, Mr Ben and the Bens, Jason Isbell, Dana Gavanski, Arbouretum, Sound of Yell, Honey Harper, Seazoo, Cornershop,Frazey Ford, Spinning Coin and for the 'heritage' slot - Matthews Southern Comfort

Thanks for that,Arboretum new release had passed me by.Trying to get into the new Dream Syndicate album but I think I might need drugs to appreciate.

New Shirley Collins album in July. I’d be happy to see her again. I assume they’ll still try and rebook some of those that couldn’t play this year, but who knows? Has End of the Road been cancelled yet?

Bill Callahan has a new album in September, time for him to return. Listening to new ep by Soccer 96, Alabaster Deplume on vocals, excellent stuff

Currently top of my not-seen / wanna-see wishlist are Rose City Band.  They'd be perfect for a mid-afternoon slot (hopefully bright warm sunshine) on the Mountain Stage.  Summerlong maybe my album of the year to date.

Bananagun! A new discovery for me courtesy of the great Shindig magazine. Aussie tropicala-psych-surf-pop. Wonderful. Another sunny mid afternoon slot on the main stage.

Has anyone else seenBright Eyes 'confirmed' for GM 2021, apart from Quietus magazine?  No mention on their webpage tour schedule but, if they are appearing it will be pretty hectic for them travelling between Germany and Czech Republic on adjacent days.  Ever the optimist but sadly cannot see it happening 

Think I passed on duff information there Mikey, still headlining EOTR. I'll write a letter of complaint to the Quietus

Me too, that was one of the best GM sets I've ever seen. I've been working my way through her back catalogue ever since. She was due to play the hare & Hounds in birmingham before all of this shit came about.


I was stood beside you Kras at the front barrier. I remember well our our simultaneous reactions approximately 1 line into her first song (Long Road back to You - I've just checked Ray's bootleg!) ... something along the lines of "Fuck what a voice". Was indeed a privilege to hear it live. 

Hadn't seen that but will check it out.

Went on to youtube yesterday to watch some of her GM set. Lasted about 30 seconds, felt too sad to watch any more.

In a similar vein, I can recommend Madison Cunningham and Katie Pruitt. Great singers and musicians.

What chance does everybody think that next year’s festival will take place? Macca indicated in an interview the other day that there won’t be a Glastonbury festival next year. Might the extra couple of months give Green Man a better chance?

I'm still optimistic enough to give us a one in two chance...

how quick can the vaccine be rolled out on a mass scale? And if/when that still leaves some rate of infection, rather than quickly eradicating it completely, what rate is an ok rate to resume 'normal life' and what restrictions will stay?

And how far in advance of August will Fiona and co have to make a decision?? nightmare scenario is them  having to make a call to cancel (May?) and then by August the state of things is such that it could have gone ahead ok... 

but I paid the campervan deposit a fortnight ago and am feeling bullish. for now 

it's looking bad, i'd say

i'm 53, and unlikely to get a jab before june at the earliest

assuming the roll out isn't fucked up - which, of course...

(check your estimated date here:

the vast majority of attendees will be under 40

and will be getting their jabs in august / sept

again, assuming the whole thing isn't a colossally mismanaged shitshow - which, of course...

i'd say glasto has no chance whatsoever

and even by august, the idea of sticking 20,000 people in a field seems hard to imagine

hope very much that i'm wrong

but your best chance of a knees up in 2021 is in your nursing home

Also very much hoping you are wrong!  According to the app's default settings, I'll get vaccinated sometime in Feb (age for once having some benefit), but I don't believe that for a second.  However, I'm still optimistic for late summer festivals, two of which I still have this year's tickets carried over.

For me, it looks like my vaccinationwill be after Born in the Fifties and just before Ray.  Planned events will not go ahead because us old fogies have had our jabs but when it is considered to be sufficient herd immunity.  Even when vaccinated there will still be a reduced risk of contracting the virus so, still take care.  
touch and go whether June festivals go ahead (and sure there will still be precautions) but more optimistic for GM21 (although sure there will still be precaution) and good chance for EOTR (but probably with some precautions).

thanks for the link Ray 

Well my old dad (83 with, of course, underlying health issues) has been told he won't be getting his jabs until well into the new year.

So we should anticipate some extreme bullshittery from this venal/incompetent government regarding rate of vaccine roll out, just like test and trace numbers... and in fact anything else.

That link concluded I'd be eligible for my jab at any time between March and May, a quarter of a year, which strikes me as being a wide window to make any informed predictions. 

I suppose it also depends on people making sensible choices which, if the photos of unmasked crowds queuing outside the Trafford Centre yesterday are to be believed, many are incapable.

We could be stuck with this virus for a long time.

Being together at Green Man in 2021 is very important for my family but to be honest I'll be very surprised if it comes off.

Bearded Theory are having a meeting next month to discuss whether next year's festival needs to be cancelled or delayed,that's a couple of months before GM but will be interesting to see the decision.If we take the vaccinations as accurate it would still mean only about 1 in 10 over 80s at best will have had the jab--we just need Oxford Vaccine to be ok and mass vaccinations to begin and even then it must be iffy about slot of festivals.

I'm working on the basis that there will be no festivals or proper live gigs this year and anything other than that wil be a bonus. I hope to god I'm wrong.

Actually, if that calculator is anything like accurate, most over-50s will have been vaccinated (May for me) so even if the kids haven't been they can't pass it on to us so w're OK! All anti-vaxxers banned of course. From everything. 

With Focus Wales and EOTR announcing line ups its made me semi hopefully but has also rekindled my interest in new music as i explore the line ups and work through end of the year best of articles to see which gems i have missed.

The timelines will shift as other vaccines get approved. I don;t know what is up with your Dad, Elizabeth. Is it the local distribution? Lots of GP surgeries have opted out. Some new facilities have been built for throughput (you have to hang around for 30 mins after to make sure no reaction, not easy  to do when you dont want people (the vaccinated and those bringing their elders to be vaccinated) mixing! I expect it is more those sort of concerns rather than simple priority. Of course, others who do not raise such concerns will be getting vaccinated now i.e. those in homes. Can knock one of them off in a morning! 

We live in a small village, the doc's probably doesn't have the facilities to deal with the Pfizer vaccine.... prob more chance of my dad getting the Oxford one, now it has been approved. 


The Government is saying there could be 2m vaccinations given per week, which would change the predicted dates on the omni calculator significantly- if only the government can get it right for a change!   We might get it sooner if there is a lower take up but that is going to be a disaster.  get the vaccine and make me wait a bit longer!

as far as getting back to normality is concerned, when the vaccines start getting rolled out with good take up across all the world is when we can start to think we are really over this awful virus.

The Omni calculator seems to be a little less optimistic now. I’m 58 with no underlying health issues, other than an unhealthy addiction to all things Green Man. Let’s hope they hit that 2m a week mark sooner than later, but I wouldn’t bet on that happening with this lot in charge.

Given a vaccination rate of 1,000,000 a week and an uptake of 70.6%, you should expect to receive your two doses of vaccine and be fully protected by between 19/10/2021 and 02/12/2021.

Happy New Year all. Think I'm even less optimistic than most of you. Even if the vaccination programme procedes really quickly, there's still the fact that it'll take some time for herd immunity to work, and if travel continues to be allowed to and from countries where vaccination has been slower, there'll continue to be covid outbreaks for some time.

I think the only way it could work is for some sort of "vaccine passport" system so that entry could be limited to people who can clearly prove they're vaccinated. That would need to be highly secure and ideally backed up by testing on entry. If I worked in the festival industry I'd be working hard pushing government to bring in that sort of scheme before the summer. 

Agree with those who said it's been much harder to get excited about new stuff this last year. Love the Hen Ogledd album, though. Also finally got round to listening to Bill Callahan's latest this week, which was really impressive.

And I was bought a gorgeous Green Man Forever poster for Chirstmas, which will be on my wall as soon as my local framing shop is open again :)

Happy New Year .

In a positive news story (well positive for me) I'm scheduled for my vaccination on Jan 11th.

I work for the NHS.

Good news mate,hopefully reduces your stress levels going into work.I will probably get a shock how much your daughter has grown if GM goes ahead this year.

Yeah hopefully, I guess it doesn't change much until most people are vaccinated though.

Yes she's definitely grown up, accelerated by lock down, she'll be raring to go whenever green man gets the green light.

Hope you are keeping well.

Found this petition, started by Tim Brennan of the Dropkick Murphy’s. Whatever you think about Brexit and this Government, we still need them to negotiate touring for musicians etc to be viable through Europe (in both directions).  I am sure there are plenty of European acts we want to encourage rather than discourage coming to the UK and playing at GM21 (fingers crossed)

glasto appears to be off

booked bands being told to stand down

mel b, of all people, seems to have accidentally let it slip, reformed SGs having been lined up for the big sunday afternoon slot

I think its a difficult one,it's going to depend how many festivals across Europe go ahead,i'm only guessing but i imagine a lot of bands play multiple festivals to make touring worthwhile.