2020 - No Blue parking and No Gazebos

Greenman, why?

Blue parking - is the whole of this car park going to be taken up with settlers? That is a lot of settlers. I'm going to have to manoeuvre my family from the oragne car park to the settlers area so we are camped with friends. Thanks for that!

Gazebos - We have lots of rain at the greenman and there aren't a lot of places to shelter so its nice being able to sit under a gazebo around the camp with friends. Are you planning on cramming even more people in? Why? Its never been an issue before, just keep capacity at 20k. This also ties in with settlers. If you are there  for the week and the rain or sun is particularly bad/hot, what are the settlers going to do? Sit in the rain/sun all day with no protection?

These are really bad idea. Please rethink.


Is this to create more camping space as they plan to increase the number of tickets/attendees next year?

Please rethink this - families especially will suffer because of this.  In bad weather how are they able to get shelter or gather ?  Just bought one for the last green man and it was great in the rain.  We were all thinking of settlement, but have to reconsider... Also dragging kids and belongings from the orange car park - awful.  

Very bad decisions here I think...

Take a tarp or awning that goes over your tent.

Shame about blue parking though, perhaps they intend to increase settlers live in area? Blue car park never looked full to me this year. More attending? Ho hum...

No shelter for the whole of the Settlers week is going to be tough.  Invested in one and found it invlauable for the past couple of years and for the price I paid - there is no way am I leaving it behind as we are told others are supposedly doing.  


Not having a dry area other than your tent given typical Green Man weather seems a very strange decision.

The group I've been going with for the last 10 years are thinking seriosuly of going to End of the Road instead. I've fancied giving it a try for years, and looks like GM are tryng to get rid of me

Hey guys, we completely understand the frustration caused by these decisions - but it's not one we've taken lightly or without thought. 

This year Settlement parking took up 75% of what was previously Blue Car Park. Due to the increasing popularity of the Settlement and the increasing number of customers using accessible facilities and car parking, we predict that their cars will take up all of the available parking space in 2020. Blue Car Park was close to Family Camping, so we have introduced a new area of Family Camping closer to Orange Car Park and the Park and Ride drop off. If you park in Park and Ride there will be very little walking. 

In regards to gazebos and event shelters, we now recycle and reuse all left behind camping equipment apart from these and camping chairs, and they are a major source of campsite landfill. However our reasoning is not only environmental, we have not increased the capacity of the festival for a couple of years and have no plans to do so for 2020, however people have gradually been bringing bigger tents and bigger gazebos to set up their campsites. This has added pressure on the amount of space generally available to camp, particularly for those arriving later in the weekend. We asked whether people would support a ban in our audience survey and a large majority of people agreed it was a good or great idea.

We do really do value our loyal Green Man-ers like yourselves and do hope this won't stop you attending the festival. 


so if it tips down or is boiling hot during settlers, people will have no cover - not good. You're encouraging people to camp for a week but making it very difficult. As for park and ride, do you really think a family of four with young children can bring all their gear in one go on a bus?? Please re-think.

It may work fine for people who just come as a family but my experience is that there are lots of groups where some parts of the family/friends come for Settlers, and others arrive on Thursday morning to ensure they can find camping space with their Settler friends. But that will now involfting loads of gear all the wy from the Orange Car Park

No gazebos is a bloody shocking decision and I'll have to seriously consider whether we do Settlers this year. We don't have particularly big tents and rely on the gazebo for cooking and for shelter. I can't believe a majority were in favour of banning them to be honest. Really very disappointed Green Man.

I suspect people will simply buy bigger tents (if they can afford to) meaning just as much space is taken up.

Truly shite decision, sorry Walter.

as any pollster will tell you, the answer you get depends on how you phrase the question

if the question is phrased to say 'we're chucking loads of gazebos into landfill!  that's bad, right?  so we should probably ban them, right?', a lot of people are going to say yes

(i'm paraphrasing, obvs - but this is my memory of the basic slant of the question)

add to that the fact that obviously more people camp without gazebos than with, then you're going to get a skewed response

large family groups are part of what give GM its atmosphere

gangs of youngsters with two-man tents and as much lager as they can carry less so

but the latter group is probably bringing fewer gazebos

(and also less likely to fill in a questionnaire, i grant you...)

hey ho

we don't camp - so it won't directly affect us

and if a lot of gazebos are going in landfill, that's obviously a bad thing

but feels like there perhaps might be a better way to handle this

they're saying that capacity hasn't increased in the last couple of years - and that it's not going to (for next year at least)

that seems quite a definitive statement to make if it weren't true

and i can't begin to imagine the horrendous logistics of putting on something like GM - so we probably aren't completely understanding the situation

but do feel like saying 'we're only doing it because you said you wanted it' is perhaps just a teeny bit disingenuous

Sounds like a carefully phrased statement to me.

Not increased the capacity of the festival is not the same as haven't sold more tickets than previous years.

I was wondering that,they applied to increase the licence to 25,000 people and the settlement from 2000 to 5000 people+---this was in July 2018.So unless Walter confirms there will not be more tickets available this year we can assume an increase.

If Wales is anything like where I live then any metal gazebo poles left at the end of the drive would be picked by a local scrap man within a day or two. I haven't had to take any metals to the dump for years - I just leave them by the bin and they disapperr

For reasons beyond our control, we were just about the last to leave - in fact not until 4pm (sorry!)  we didn't see any gazebos left in the family area - none at all ... 

Maybe people with gazebos should employ the same approach as people this year with chairs, who despite signs saying No Chairs, brought and sat on their chairs in the thousands.

I understand the gazebo issue to some extent... a group camped next to us had two adjacently pitched Coleman event shelters, taking up enough space for 4 family tents. The weather is a quirky 'feature' of GM and it would be difficult to survive for a week without some kind of cover, but within reason.

The problem is that GM shouldn't sell the Settlement as a family and friends styled holiday week in the Welsh mountains and then at the same time impose a Glastonbury model of festival camping.

If the site can no longer support group and family camping it will be a shame because that's what GM is all about... its USP in the festival world.

I would imagine that those punters are the ones who spend the most money on site during the festival.

If you are going to employ extra bodies to police people bringing gazebos into the festival, then why not instead employ those bodies to encourage people to take their gazebos home, if indeed there are huge numbers being left, I witnessed very few being left behind and if anyone has ever left a Coleman Event Shelter behind I'll plait piss. 

What's the ruling on a tarp and four poles?

Hugely disappointing 

Quite, a gazebo and event shelter relate to specific types of structure. A tarp or tent awning are obviously different. Quite how they will enforce this is beyond me.

One of the joys of the festival is being able to reconvene back at bascamp in the rain and listen to the sounds of the festival whilst kicking back with friends. Equally, it's not practicable from a logistics perspective when you need to set up camp for 4-7 days. Are we all meant to now have to buy a new awning structure which falls within the rules? 

I went to Download Festival a few years ago (another festival with a reputation for being a bit wet) and they had a strict no gazebo rule. Security were patrolling campsites demanding anybody who had one to take it down immediately.

If this is going to be properly enforced then Green Man will have to do the same otherwise there will be those who ignore it and bring a gazebo anyway camping next to pissed off people who respected the policy and left theirs at home.

And not to mention overzealous security will immediately kill the vibe that GM has spent years creating. 

Perhaps they wouldn’t have thought this necessary if people didn’t put up such ridiculously over the top campsites. I’ve been going 9 years and year on year this gets more ridiculous. Including people gettingn there on Monday and police taping off large areas of the settlement for people to arrive later with huge gazebos, and using multiple gazebos for one group. i Do have some sympathy with them, albeit it’s an lying as we only bought ours this year and it is a small one!

That's certainly true. I think we may have camped next to the same people with the 'Police! Do Not Cross' tape (which I unfortunately and quite accidentally kept snagging on my boots and tearing it from its pegs, sorry about that). But this seems a sledgehammer to crack a nut solution. Watch out next year for massive tent extensions and intricate tarpaulin arrangements that take up tons more room that an events shelter.

Oh and I'll join with alittleotter in plaiting piss if anyone has ever left a Coleman's event shelter behind!

if we're outlawing large canvas structures held up by poles, presumably that means they have to take down that shitty far out tent and replace it with a proper outdoor second stage with decent sound

461 signatures so far but as one of the comments note, judging by how quickly the early birds sold out, Green Man can afford to ignore these people.

Shame though.

I think gazebo fervour will return sometime next year when reality kick's in and there huddled in leaky tents fending off carbon monoxide fumes from their butane stoves.

Like myself, i'm sure people secured tickets firstly so they then can continue the fight for the right to shelter. 

Come on Green Man, do the right thing!

What's JC's position in this?

Already plenty of pissed off people signing that petition. 

Big own goal Green Man

Or maybe part of a shift away from a family festival to more of an 18-30 thing?

I confess I may have been one of the people who asked for 'NO GAZEBOS' in the survey, and after a proper think admit I was wrong to do so. I think I was taken in by the phrasing of the question, and my personal vendetta against the annoying families/groups who take up the same amount of space with eight people that sixteen do elsewhere due to indulgent/selfish use of gazebos/spacing.

Whilst I still dislike the latter practice, it is ultimately a key part of Green Man's vibe for families to be set-up nicely and comfortable, and it's like the chairs issue - while there are plenty of 'I'm alright Jack' types who insist on setting up their stupid sofa thing in the middle of a jam-packed Far Out tent or occupying half the Walled Garden with their picnic blanket, those worst-case examples (which do stick in the mind and rankle my hungover and sleep-deprived psyche to a fair degree) don't really ruin things to any great extent. Getting too heavy-handed about it wouldn't help. 

Personally I'd be very happy if they assigned gazebos to be allowed only in the family/quiet areas, they can all fight it out for space and us flower-of-one's-youth light-packing types can get a monopoly on the bits near the stage

Think it's fair to say I don't envy Green Man having to set policy on these kind of things, keeping the vibe of 'best festival ever' for families, pissed youngsters, hedonists and music-lovers alike must be effing hard

And I didn't even consider the Settlers issue - I've not done Settlers myself and would consider a stand-up tent or gazebo a necessity

Probably covers a much greater area than our shelter but it's not a gazebo so presumably Ok. Let's all buy one!

Decemberboy has pointed out on Twitter that Snapped Ankles are receiving all the irate responses about gazebos because they were tagged in GM's original post regarding the earlybird sales.

I find that highly amusing :)


Maybe they could limit use of gazebos to one per camp and the family camping and respectfully request campers to self regulate this ie... if you want Green Man to retain its vibe, don’t take the piss. Frankly we moan on here about some of the millennial behaviours (see other threads) but some of the selfish behaviours that lead to this are nothing to do with millennials. A small effort from regular attendees may make an impact here

be interesting to see how fast early birds sell out this year

lots of folk on FB saying they won't be bothering this year - many of them representing big groups

no doubt the thing will still sell out

but i wonder what impact gazebogate will actually have on the pace at which that happens

I honestly don't have a problem with the gazebo ban. I can see why people like them, and I was enviously eyeing the Coleman Event Shelters last year, even looking online to see how much they cost. But there were so many of them in the campsite this year. We went down for Settlers and it felt crowded even on the Monday afternoon. We pitched our tent, and then next morning someone had constructed a shelter right in front of one of the doors to our tent, which felt really cramped - there were guy ropes everywhere. I get that people want somewhere to shelter, but last year it felt like there were lots of little "villages" popping up everywhere: you couldn't really walk through them, they took up space that could have been used for tents, and everywhere felt a bit crowded. Some groups also had more than one shelter, and is this really that different to the police tape land grab that annoys so many people (including me) - I mean, it's just swapping a proper shelter for the tape but essentially the same sort of thing...

I mean no offence to anyone! Just my thoughts. And I get that they are useful for families. We are a family of 3. But we have never taken a gazebo in 6 years of going with our daughter and 15ish years of Green Man overall.