Stomach Bugs during/after festival

Anyone else suffering?

Got me on Monday ... others of our party over the past couple of days and I know of some ill during the festival itself.

Not much commonality in food eaten, but water perhaps?

Or maybe just unrelated coincidence.

Yes - my wife worse than I (D&V) on the Saturday and myself on Monday. We all used the standpipes for drinking water. However the kids were fine and they used that water too.

I used the free drinking water all festival and was fine.

The water at the top of the mountain stage behind the toilets had a strange taste so I avoided those.

Think the copious amounts of alcohol killed off any bugs.

The water pipes were all the same type weren’t they? Where you hold the nozzle and push up.  Not a great fan of that type and wish they used proper taps.  Better that people with grubby hands were grabbing the top of the tap rather than the spout itself and let’s face it, men’s urinal areas had no hand wash facility so urrrgh and is why I do my bit for hygiene by carrying my own Hand cleaner.

Mrs W had to leave early Saturday evening as she was feeling unwell, and was sick all Saturday night and remained in bed all day Sunday. Very unfortunate, but one of those things I‘m afraid. I’m sure all the food places have good hygiene ratings, but with so many people exchanging money, and toilets not always having soap (none in men’s urinals anyway) I guess there’s always going to be a risk of contagion, or a bit of food-poisoning.