David Berman

Awful to hear the sad news last night. Lost for words really. 

Yeah.  Shocked.  He always had his battles, but didn't expect to hear this.  Thanks for the music David.  Gonna play a lot of Silver Jews on the drive from Scotland to GM on Monday. RIP

just read jeffrey lewis talking about it - and didn't appreciate who he meant at first

such sad news

you have to wonder if coming back into the public realm after ten years away - wonderful as it was for us - was a disaster for him

Horrible news to wake up to. I was late to Silver Jews so they had broken up by the time I discovered them, the new Purple Mountains album is up there with my favourites. Sad times.



Very sad news. A beautiful unique voice that could sound funny and tragic simultaneously. 

And those lyrics... 

Has there ever been a finer opening line to an album than

"In 1984 I was hospitalized for approaching perfection"? 

and the opening to the new record has gone from funny to impossibly difficult this morning

"well i don't like talking to myself
but someone's got to say it, hell
i mean, things have not been going well
this time I think I finally fucked myself"

Horrible news. 

Just seen a couple of tweets from Jo (it's jo and danny), saying that Silver Jews played GM in 2008..  I've been going since 2007 - but have no memory of ever seeing them at Green Man..  I'd have noticed, they were one of my faves.

edit:  a quick google..  David was there in 2006. 

the (incomplete) radio broadcast of this GM show just got shared on dime

if anyone would like a copy, let me know


I'd love that Ray if it's not too much bother. 

sorry for the hold up

but here, at last, it is:


details supplied:

"Silver Jews

Green Man Festival

19th August 2006

BBC Radio 1 broadcast
Complete broadcast, incomplete set

FM > hard drive > wav

Received in trade on audio CD from the taper in 2006

2016: EAC extract > TLH (flac, checksum)

01 David Berman intro
02 Trains Across The Sea
03 Slow Education
04 Sometimes a Pony Gets Depressed
05 Punks In The Beerlight
06 Animal Shapes
07 New Orleans

Running time [20:24]

Broadcast details:
Tracklist here appears to be incorrect."

"When God was young he made the wind and the sun... 

And since then it's been a slow education" 

 2006 ! What a Green Man line up.

some really lovely tributes from other louisville residents in the leo weekly here:


including the somewhet heartbreaking news from will oldham that DCB was trying to organise this:

"It was in recent weeks, David proposed that he, Bill Callahan and I tour together as the ‘Monsieurs of Drag City,’ with all three of us on stage trading off songs."

imagine how good THAT would have been...