5 songs

I'm interested to know which 5 songs everyone is most looking forward to hearing? 

Mine are:

1. Super-electric (Stereolab) 

2. Seventeen (Sharon Van Etten)

3. Mary (Big Thief) 

4. Dry the Rain (Steve Mason) - thanks for the tip everyone! 

5. I Heard You Looking (Yo La Tengo)

Bodys - Car Seat Headrest

No Woman - Whitney

i Want my Minutes Back - Snapped Ankles

Harbour the Feeling - Yak

The Cleaner - Squid

Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson

Me at the Museum, You in the Winter Gardens - Tiny Ruins

Tiny Witch Hunter - Hen Ogledd

Hospital - Jesca Hoop

Even Though - Mama's Broke

and obviously everything by Johny Pictish and wee Jamie Yorkston

on the other hand, dickie t will definitely be doing VBL 1952

funnily enough, i saw pete astor do a cracking version of it a couple of weeks ago at a free festival in north london

introducing it as "a not so very old english folk song"

I like all of those but clashes will prevent me from seeing any of them sadly. Particularly gutted to miss Jesca Hoop. 

Avi Buffalo - What's in it for?

James Yorkston -Someplace Simple 

Big Thief -Cattails 

Durand Jones and The Indications -Morning in America 

Sharon Van Etten -Every Time The Sun Comes Up 

smoke & memory - alex rex  (if that don't give you the shivers, you're dead inside)

songs to a seagull - mapache

i misunderstood - richard thompson

the gift - the limiñanas

serpents - SVE

john cage bubblegum - stereolab

that's six.  i cheated.  i'm not sorry

That Liminanas song is amazing. Hoping to squeeze a bit of them before Aldous Harding. Serpents will be amazing - hopefully she closes on that before coming back to do Love More as an encore! John Cage Bubbkelgum is another I can’t wait to hear from the groop! 

Still haven't really recovered from the Bells split but am massively looking forward to Alex Rex. You are so right about smoke and memory. Ditto James Yorkston's Blues for Dougie and Broken Wave.

not getting the limiñanas at all I'm afraid

I'm not a twee exclusivist mr ray I'll have you know

more than happy to give 'em a try but looks like they may clash with aldous harding

best live band in the world? thought that was idles . . .

Was listening to the Limiñanas over dinner last night- definitely won over. Aldous Harding on the other hand is the "everybody else loves them but I just don't get it" act this year, along with Stella Donnelly. Maybe it's an antiantipodean thing.



Have you listened to Julia Jacklin's beautiful album "Crushing" to test that theory??

it's beyond me how anyone can listen to aldous harding's voice and not want to immediately go at the PA with a stick

stella, on the other hand, is funny as fuck - with songs to match


1. Masterpiece   ....    Big Thief

2. Grace Kelly Blues (or ANYTHING from "Daisies of the Galaxy") .... Eels

3. Seventeen   ....  Sharon Van Etten

4. Car Song   .... Moff and Hubby

5. Imagining my man   ... Aldous Harding   (the "Ray's stick" version!!!)

1. When the Haar Rolls In - James Yorkston

2. Me at the Museum, You in the Winter Gardens -Tiny Ruins 

3. Beeswing - Richard Thompson

4. Dry the Rain - Steve Mason

5. Souljacker Part 1 - Eels

That was surprisingly difficult. 

From Mr Mc...

1. Tiny Ruins... Museum...

2. Steve mason... I Let Her In 

3. Richard Thompson... Vincent Black Lightning 

4. Bill Ryder Jones.... Wild Roses

5. SVE... Give Out

Hen Ogledd Etheldreda
SVE Jupiter 4
Aldous Harding Horizon
The Comet is Coming - Summon the Fire
Black Country, New Road Athens, France

Black Country, New Road - Sunglasses

The Comet is Coming - Super Zodiac

Pictish Trail - Lionhead

Sharon Van Etten - Every Time The Sun Comes Up

Pigsx7 - GNT