Has anyone managed buy a ticket through Twickets yet? My lovely youngest daughter after having been given the opportunity yonks ago and declined, has decided now the tickets are all gone that she would like to join me and the eldest, so we have been looking for another adult ticket.

I'm signed up, got the app, have turned on noisy notifications, but every time I think I'm in with a chance, nah, it's gone.

Anyone have any tips?

Yeah I managed to get one off Twickets but it was hard! I kept going back on it even though it said someone was booking and the person doing so must have gone off the page and I got lucky. 

I imagine it’ll get easier as more get put up closer to the time. 

i was successful last year. I'm told the secret is not to wait for notifications but to spend some time sat in front of the screen refreshing every minute. Also, be patient- I left notifications on last year after I got mine and there were a lot more available around a week before.

And mine was a ticket with a car park pass, even though I didn't need parking. I then sold on the car park pass via Twickets with little difficulty.

Good luck!

Thank you for your tips and encouragement. I perservered and with a bit of luck and a quick response managed to bag a ticket today, yay!