Free ticket for Mark Kozelek

In a rash moment a few months ago I bought two tickets for Thursdays gig at the Union Chapel. Hoping my son might go but he's now in Copenhagen playing a couple of gigs. I don't do twickets or anything similar so if anyone going knows of anyone that would like it let me know. I'll bring a printed ticket with me.

He won't be making up with the war on drugs anytime soon then :)) An outstanding night, 2 1\2 hours of short stories set to music, on sparkling form. There's no one quite like him

and every time, i come away knowing a little bit more about boxing

plenty of walk outs last night

the guy in front of us lost all three of his friends, one by one

but he stuck it out - and ended up, of course, the winner

poor old dan and the music stand, though, eh?

i'm not sure he saw the funny side

Yes, more leaving than at other times I've seen him I think, not sure what they expect really, thought it was the best of the ones I've seen.