Food reccomendations

As I am a food seller onsite and a real foodie what are your recomendations for the must have food at the festival ? 


Goan Fish Curry and the Pie and mash do it for me ! 



Took me years to try the Goan fish curry - now a firm favourite.

Love the French sausagey place at the top of the hill on the far left.

But I couldn't do without the Cwmdu community tent for Welsh dragon sausages, cups of tea and lovely cake. Also the bus next to the Walled Garden for Bara Brith.




a fine use of the oxford comma

i retire, injured

Second the Cwmdu community tent. Never tried the Goan Fish Curry, maybe this year.

Always enjoy the salad boxes from the place on the left on the way to the courtyard, veggie stall in the garden and the halloumi wraps up near far out. There's a meaty place that does local cured meats that's also good. Can't remember the name of any of these,,,,

Roaming Rotisserie for their delicious hot chicken butties...

... as endorsed by Patti no less.

That toasted cheese van in the Walled Garden for late night melted cheese cravings.

Another vote for the Goan fish curry, and I usually end up having the cassoulet thing by Mountain Stage on the Sunday night. Mrs Wakestock is partial to the Japanese Bao steamed buns in the Walled Grden. 


Yet another vote here for the Goan Fish Curry place. Form an orderly queue please! 

It's become a family tradition that we eat there on the Sunday morning (mainly because by then the only edible items at the tent are a packet of dry roasted peanuts and some neglected liquorice). They do a lovely kedgeree up until about midday.

Their curries later in the day are also very good. 

Did anyone find the Chock Shop Brownie stall in the market stalls opposite babbling tongues last year ?

We sell ove 20 varities with hot chocolate sauce and cream 

We are a little hidden away but hoping this year people will be able to find us ..... 


I second the Bao buns in the Walled Garden, lovely. Also the noodle place next door did a tasty lemongrass chicken box but insist on playing terrible music.

Last year I ate dhal every day from the Goan Curry place, never got fed up of it  - delicious!

Whats on offer - Churros ? Pancakes ? Ice Cream ? Growler ?

and obviously us with the Chock Shop Brownies in Babbling Bazaar ..... 

I love a bit of custard and a steam pudding on a Sunday - anywhere ?


For all your support - a successful festival we hope you loved us as much as we loved you and an amazing Green Man Festival x 

Sorry I missed you, brownie man. Come to think of it, I did see a few people entering the Walled Garden with amazing looking brownies.

The big find for me this year was the Dosa stall. Has that been there before? Proper filling stuff!

brownie man, you definitely lived up to the hype. Thank you!

Another vote from me tooo for the dhal from the Goan curry stall, but I declare this years blancanvas winner the dhosa\bhaji combination plate. A richly deserved winner 

The Tea Stop is great. The Grilled Cheese Sandwich van is tasty but double the price for what is basically a toasty. Top marks to Ghandi's Flip Flop and Pieminister.

I finally got around to the veggie mexican on Sunday and they had run out of tortilla wraps and seemed a bit confused about what they could make without them. 

The thali from Ghandi's got my vote for best value of the weekend, though the Fisherman's bap from the chippy van pushed it close.  Pork and Stilton pie from the Deli was magnificent too.

Special mention for the Green Man gang who continue to support local community ventures via the Dragon Deli, Cwmdu cafe and Cashell's wonderful shop at the Settlement. 

It would be very easy for the management to maximise their income by renting out those pitches at top rates but they continue to give their support. 

It's positive initiatives like this that set GM apart from commercially run large scale festivals... and as such keep us returning year on year.

Also great to see Frank Water there again this year.


Womad dropped Frank water a couple of years ago to have the own, much inferior water service in association with Oxfam.  frank water is far better and their volunteers are meticulous about hygiene.

keep seeing little snippets that there are big corporate festival organisers sniffing around, looking to buy out the green man festival.  I sincerely hope Fiona is telling them where they can stick their corporate sponsorship deals.  

Fourthed (if that's a word).  I'm a first timer, but it seems to me that one of the things that sets Green Man apart from others is its support of the local community.  I loved eating bara brith for breakfast and hope to be using my Frank Water bottle for a long time (and best of all, every time I drink out of it, it reminds me of Green Man).

Frank water, water aid, WOMAD water.....  it’s all the same water that comes from the same taps. But your paying for extra filtering and chilling right?

seems very odd. 

At WOMAD this year there was a long queue for WOMAD water but the public tap near by had no queue.  Really???  Glastonbury water kiosks take email addresses in exchange for water....

its just water folks.

or what am I missing?

are you using frank water to donate your money to frank water?  If so, just donate the money?!

PS I already do monthly DD to oxfam and water aid So they benefit from me without having to chill my water. 

Lizzie xx

2 comments from me.

Best food - Bearded Taco, really bloody delicious fresh tasting food.

Worst food - Hippy Chippy. I've had their wares at other festivals and they have been decent, but they were bloody terrible at GM. Greasy, soft, half uncooked really nasty chips. I mean, how hard is it to cook chips?

Something I did notice was that a few years ago there was a free tap near the cottage(the one on the path towards the omni tent). That seems to have been moved behind a fence now, presumably for the use of the food stalls? No great worries, the Frank people are a great cause and if you really do need free water you can always bring it in from the campsite water points. 

There was definitely a free tap in the vicinity of babbling tongues this year. And I think one up near Far Out as well.