Set times and that

Am I right in recalling that they make it onto the clashfinder once settlers has started?

Always buy a programme, but important to do the precise planning before we get there!

Of course Elizabeth .. just remember to take the photo while you can still focus the camera ;-)

Safe travels and looking forward to seeing you all. It's been a rough old year but none of that will matter next weekend.

so the news from fight club is that the fannies clash with BOTH john grant and fleet foxes...

i’m mostly looking forward to 2019 now


Ooh that's quite clashy....

Also seeing on the GM twitter that Matt Maltese has replaced Insecure Men in the Walled Garden. Hope that doesn't wreck anyone's weekend.

More somewhat perturbed than wrecked. If it's not a bigger issue with them I can see them at EOTR in a couple of weeks, but they clash with Boy Azooga there.

I could see Boy Azooga at GM, but they clash with Seamus Fogarty.

Decisions, decisions :)


Cheers to whoever did all the updating.

Not looking too bad overall, though looks like we'll miss Phoebe Bridgers, King Tuff, Amber Arcades, Marlon Williams, Courtney Marie Andrews, Kevin Morby, Tunng, Anna Calvi and The Surfing Magazines from our long list of stuff to see. Some other stuff being missed we'll get to see at EOTR.

Was always gonna be a lot of clashes as, unlike most on here it seems, we think the lineup is pretty handy.

The three way clash of Snail Mail/Whyte Horses/Lemon Twigs looks manageable with a bit of dashing from stage to stage so I'm pretty happy overall.