Why so many USA bands?

There seem to be more than usual around the "top of the bill", but I really don't think you can say that the lineup isn't giving plenty of space to bands from the UK (especially Wales) and other non-US countries. e.g the entire Thursday night in the Far out tent is from the UK.

WHile we're on with balances, the "top of the bill" is very male, though my hunch is that "further down" is more balanced than previous years? I reckon the walled garden may have more women than men in total?

depends who's touring

and who booking agents present to you as part of a 'package' that comes with bigger name acts

They tried to get Courtney Barnett and First Aid Kit for sure, either of whom would’ve been headliners I would think. Most years we’ve had at least one female headliner and always a very strong female lineup - Feist, Patti Smith, Laura Marling, PJ, St Vincent... they can only book who’s available!

Aye, I'm absolutely not criticising the work put in to get the lineup together, and as you say Green Man has a good record.And I'd far rather have a festival (like this one) where you can pretty much watch women all day but the headliners happen to be men than have a festival where 90% of the acts are men but that fact is hidden behind Laura Marling and Feist being at the top of the posters.