thursday night pushchairs ruined my weekend

Anyone else think it's a pointless exercise trying to watch anything on Thursday night? Perhaps a change fom the Far Out to the Main Stage is in order, with more Settlers than ever it's going to be packed up there. 

isnt that why there are giant screens outside the far out on the Thursday, as we all know it will be ‘ramped’ but can still enjoy from outside if a dry evening.

otherwise, will there be an idiot pushing everyone out of the way - as some ignorant **** did during the waterboys a few years back

The Waterboys set was a joke, pushchair-wise... dancing to them under the stars was the only option.

Hopefully Johnny Pictish bellowing to an audience of mums and toddlers that he's going to 'glitter-fuck' everybody should clear a path through. 

main stage would definitely be better

but i wonder if it's noise issues that stops that happening

thursday, after all, is a school night for the boy racers of crickhowell