Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

hyde park 5 years ago was fantastic

you have to be up the front - no point being in the gods

so it's bastard expensive

but well worth it

we have golden circle for twickenham

and i know it gets said every time, but SURELY this will be the last time

Just back from an great evening in a small room listening to Caroline Spence, a lovely lady from Nashville with a sweet voice.  I know she's in Bristol tomorrow and Cardiff Thursday, and a few other dates afterwards. Worth checking her out.

Or not filling the void...Been to Red Rooster Festival for the last two years, unfortunately cannot this year. They have just added Gospelbeach amongst others. A lovely small festival for those that like Americana/southern gothic/blues etc. A bargain £60 too

london date just announced - nov 27th

on sale friday

no doubt more to come

he currently has no touring commitments in august...

Thanks Ray,had a check and they are also playing the Soup Kitchen in Manchester on the 1st May--tickets purchased and now to see if i can make any other dates.


yes - a couple of dates postede elsewhere that haven't made it to their home page yet

also london - but on a night i can't make at the mo...

looking forward to seeing him next week

now also bigger shows announced for nov

london at least anyway - at the union chapel, nov 5th

This will be the third time I've been thwarted in my attempts to see Damien Jurado. 

Illness on both mine and Damien's part and family commitments mean I have still never seen him live, except for at GM.

Just given my tickets for next week's acoustic gig in Bethnal Green to my lucky London dwelling sister in law. 

That's cruel Elizabeth. Hopefully there'll be a few opportunities later in the year. He appears to be hanging around in Europe after this year's festivals.

are back in the UK in june

brighton - 19th, london - 20th, birmingham - 21st, norwich - 22nd

appreciably bigger venues this time...

There was about 50 people watching them at the Actress and Bishop in Birmingham back in November. To go from that to the 600 capacity Academy 2 is pretty ambitious.

Nick Cave/Patti Smith at Victoria Park gig just got even better - Pyschedelic Furs, Bo Ningen, Black Lips, Nadine Shah and Shame added. Presume this means more than one stage and possibility of clashs though

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks here in October -

Oct 17 Albert Hall, Manchester
Oct 18 SWG3, Glasgow
Oct 21 SWX, Bristol
Oct 22 The Asylum, Birmingham
Oct 24 Hackney Arts Center, London
Oct 25 Concorde 2, Brighton

A night of psych acid house with The Lucid Dream tonight in Manchester-sure we will feel ancient but will show the kids how to dance.Then a reluctant viewer of Arcade Fire on Sunday---don't think i have ever been to a gig before where i really dislike the current album.

Is this at Band On The Wall?

I was there a couple of weeks ago to see DJ Syntax a great venue and more likely to attract dancers, old or young.

Went to see Big Thief on Thursday night, who were excellent, but didn't attract any dancers but one unfortunate fainter.

Yeah i like Band on the Wall,it's close to the Castle which is a bonus,Ryley Walker is playing there in November-tickets on sale today.

How was it?

Only seen them doing supporting duties previously but looking forward to their slots at some of the more switched on festivals this year ;-)


Just bought tickets for Ryley Walker at BotW in Manchester at the end of November... this makes me very happy.

Michael Chapman is playing in Chester in September too. Tempted.

Excellent Peridot---new alternative venue we have never been in before,an oasis in Blackpool,---Idles were superb,loud and in your face,glad we were near back[standing on chesterfield armchairs] because the crowd went crazy.Seeing them again in the even smaller Trades Club in August.

not on creation, i suppose

but who cares?  is alan mcgee bankrolling the shows or something?

and nothing this century has been on creation either - so that screws night 3 also

Howdy was due to come out on Creation before McGee folded the label so I'm guessing they'll play that. Otherwise it's going to be a very short gig consisting of the Long Shot 7" they made for the 1998 World Cup.

that'd be on night 2, wouldn't it?

ah, wait no - night 3 is 98 - 00

did they change that poster?

i could have sworn it said 2000 to the present yesterday...

still makes for a very short evening compared to the others

Hiss Golden Messenger gigs announced---should be quite special in the Deaf Institute in Manchester Aug 27th,also playing Islington Hall London on the 29th.

Absolutely Elizabeth, i guess you have got yours.  He’s great live only seen him the once but they are great musicians and lovely too.

I wish there was one closer to me!