So.. Next year...

Cor! What an incredible GM that was! Thanks for all the birthday love folks.

Who do you want to see for next year? I'll get me paws straight to work.. 

Early Birds on sale 27th Sept from 10am. x 

Huurah for King Gizzard and Sweet Babs and Johnny Pictish (obviously) but nothing else to get me hugely excited. What is HMLTD? Anna Calvi makes my teeth hurt.

Think they used to be called Happy Meal until Ronald's lawyers piled in.

Still, with my strange little band name tic, it's enough to discourage me from seeing them.

They were a sight to behold in the Garden a couple of years ago Krasnyi, at first I thought they might be the worst thing I had ever seen at GM but stayed until the end, strangely gripping. Almost worth it for the Pantomime theatrics.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Lucy Dacus are the stand-outs for me. Seen RBCF a couple of times and got tickets for the Electric Ballroom in May. Waiting to hear Lucy Dacus's new album which is due to drop any time now, excellent first album, seeing her @ Omeara in April.

Asked for them every year so delighted to see Black Angels on the line up and Snapped Ankles were fantastic at Rockaway Beach-tribal,dancey madness.

But to quote a friend, who has just posted on a different festival forum, "seems like GM didn't get the memo on gender equality".

I think that is unfair,they tried this year and the acts they wanted were not available but if you judge the festival over many years they have always had a large percentage of female led acts.And though the top billing is male heavy there is a large percentage of acts with women.

I'm having to give it a miss this year and I'm a bit gutted I'll miss the Lost Map contingent. Ed Dowie is my top recommendation from the new additions - in the right slot he'll be amazing.

Rather than actually do some work I thought I'd review the line up so far and I have:

10 Must-Sees

15 Quite possibles

1 Probably not

2 Avoid like the plagues

45 Haven't got a clue yet

So lots of research to do.

Still hoping for Field Music, Ty Segall, Lovely Eggs, Shovel and Rope, Steve Gunn, Richard Thompson, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Joan Shelley, Trembling Bells and more folk, twee and, just for once, just for me, some Cajun.

Putting off heading outside into the cold.

11 Must sees

12 Possibles

2 Definitely not

The rest to be decided.

Going out now, I might be some time....

Some decent additions for me, not least Black Angels and King Gizzard, who I missed last time due to an unfortunate medical emergency involving Mrs Wakestock. Was hoping for Insecure Men, but maybe still room for them? Overall feels like quite a few acts have already played Green Man previously, but still plenty to explore and discover. Talking of which, I've recently started a 3-month trial with Apple Music, but seems their playlist is only available on Spotify. 

At the moment I have:

16 must sees

18 like to sees

3 indifferent

4 avoid

Rest to be decided .. will be interesting to see how the list develops


Ha! Likewise, had the misfortune to walk past main stage last time Anna Calvi was on, ye gods what a racket. Don't really dislike War on Drugs but so, so dull for me

I'm afraid it's Anna Calvi at the top of the avoid list for me too.

Others are Alex Cameron, Deep Throat Choir, and Baxter Drury.

TWOD live can barely raise sufficient emotion in me to form a mild annoyance ... so they're an 'indifferent' :)


Thanks for the heads-up on Alex Cameron. thoughthe might be OK as he's done something with Angel Olsen but what a tedious arse!

Apart from Courtney Marie Andrews, Fleet Foxes, Stella Donnelly - I’m thinking I need a ‘Richard Thompson’ To lift things.

Richard is down the road in Purbeck the same weekend.

It would be shameful if he didn't drop by Green Man too.

Perfect Thursday night headliner IMHO

Snapped ankles sound like they could be a great live band, like them a lot. Pleased to see buzzard cos I have heard good things about them. Good to see some bands from the past like tuung and hawk and a hacksaw. Very happy to see Anna calvi back too, brooding vocals and hot guitar playing. Yes, a good mix of additions .

Did not get excited ar Anna Calvi when she was last at G M but...  

she ended up with an absolute blistering cover of Jezebel which became one of my stand out moments of the festival ever. worth The 40 minutes of lacklustre performance just to experience that one song, where she put in so much energy before almost collapsing and dropping her guitar.  Well, that was my memory of it.

But I am hoping for a King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard to do a collaboration with Buzzard.

If only Eddie Izzard is announced for the comedy too...

Great second announcement for us, we love King Gizzard and will be down the front again 2 years older and wiser, their recent gigs at Brixton and Mancehster were loads of fun.  We also like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Kelly Lee Owens and Amber Arcades.  Black Angels and Chastity Belt sound like our kind of thing on first listen and we've made our first discovery - Buzzard EP has been on repeat since Thursday, love it.

On first listening, Chastity Belt are on my must see list.  Sound like an American Fat White Family with Hinds influence.  Wonder if they will have an afternoon/evening slot or have to stay up til the early hours to see them.

I saw Buzzard supporting The Orielles a couple of weeks back. Early days, but definitely have an ear for a tune. I'm quite partial to Sock too, who are another emerging band from Cardiff following in the wake of recent Heavenly signees Boy Azooga. 

Green Man seems to have been less forthcoming in press releases about who is headlining, when and where this year - giving out snippets on social media instead.. What do we know already about placings?

Thursday headliner - PSB

Friday mountain headliner - King Giz

Saturday mountain headliner - TWOD?

Sunday mountain headliner - Fleet Foxes?

We’ve also just got one Far Out headliner left to come but who are the missing two - do we know yet? 

Where did you gather these snippets from?  I only ask because I'd seen on TheQuietus and others that King Giz were the Thursday headliner, with TWOD and Fleet Foxes on Sat/Sun with the Friday headliner still to be announced.....


They‘be been sneaking them into responses to individual questions people have been asking on Facebook and Twitter. Would initially have guessed KG for Thursday night myself - seems an odd choice for main stage headline! 

The tallest man on Earth, who gave one of the standout performances on the far out stage, has a new album coming out and a world tour starting September.  Only one UK booking in London but wonder if he will be signed up for any summer festivals?

I understand that James Yorkston has yet to be invited to play this year. Hopefully this will be rectified. An evening slot in the Walled Garden and a reading from his new book, 'The High and Lonesome Blues of Tommy the Bruce' in the lit tent.

Have been to and loved the past two Green Mans and already have more 'must-sees' at this early stage, which is promising yet worrying for the clash potential

Delving deeper into KG&TWL has been an absolute joy, think Teleman/Susanne Sundfor/PSB can't fail to please either - the latter perfect Thursday night headliners 

Lots of previous unfamiliars off the playlist I've been very keen on: Stella Donnelly, Fever Rolling Coastal Blackouts Coastal Rolling Fever, Anna Calvi, Tamikrest, Wye Oak, Seamus Fogarty, Phoebe Bridgers all lovely

Delighted to see Jim Ghedi returning too, presuming he plays the Walled Garden that'll be perfect hazy afternoon fodder

Can't decide if HMLTD's one is brilliant or crap


Jim Ghedi will be playing the Walled Garden and Toby Hay will be playing with him I understand.

'app' is short for apparel, right?

though i already have a t-shirt with the word cunt on it

might two be in danger of overstocking that particular wardrobe deaprtment?