Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

in other news, the last two nights have seen me at sun kil moon and fleet foxes

two very different - but equally marvellous - shows

3 hours of very angry observations on the fundamental beauty of the world from MK

and 2 hours of just plain beauty from FF

though only one of them covered the theme from the partridge family

can you guess which?

he was amazing

fantastic band too

ramon fermin on guitar doing amazingly intricate almost crosby-like harmonic stuff - along with some white noise sonic youth screechiness

MK in rare form

at one point very seriously announcing that they were about to do something unprecedented - and perform the whole of RHP's 'rollercoaster' album

winding us up, of course - "because i'm not a whore, that's why"

a few choice covers - david cassidy's 'come on, get happy', ac/dc's 'rock n roll singer'

started a half hour late at 8.30 - finished just before half eleven

many fleeing for the last sunday train

having to miss a curfew-busting 'moon river' to round it all off

ben boye enjoying himself immensely on that one

a couple of new songs, written on planes between cities on this tour

'soap for joyous hands' being a particular highlight

though 'linda blair' certainly had its moments

there's no one quite like him - and long may it remain so

Great summary ray_rad and lovely to see you on Sunday night.

With most artists, no matter how loved, at some stage during that third hour I'd be thinking "It's okay thanks, you can go off stage now"

However, had MK chosen to play another three hours I'd have happily stayed and slept on a park bench afterwards.

It was just wonderful.

I caught Fleet Foxes in Wolverhampton, bit of a trek from South Wales but they were superb.  Loveliness all around.

Not been to the Omeara yet, but three gigs announced there this week to help me fill up the void next year :  Jonathan Wilson, Alex Lahey and Starcrawler.  And now only got to wait till January to see Starcrawler again.  No doubt I may see some of you there.

thanks for the heads up on starcrawler

definitely see you there

think i'm going to give the jonathan wilson a miss based on that terrible new single

shame, as what he used to do would have been great in that venue

Just announced for Cambridge Folk Festival, 200yds down the road from me, be rude not to. Fancy a day trip ray_rad? Mind you, the chair and blanket brigade are out in full force here


hadn't seen that

stretching the definition of 'folk' a bit there

but could be a possible road trip for certain rads!

Used to go regularly but not for many years, a bit too folky for me. Although I did see Nick Cave for the first time there, just him on the piano, when he launched into a particularly demented version of Staggerlee astride the piano there was much tutting and people leaving.

Just noticed Starcrawler are playing Thekla in January. Tickets promptly booked. With Surfing Magazines and Duds also playing The Moon in Cardiff in January that dismal month is looking brighter by the day. 

Arrgh !**!!* Damn and blast. I'm away when Starcrawler are over. Missing them in Omeara was bad enough .. but in my beloved Thekla, that's just too painful for words.

The good people of Cardiff stayed away in their droves from Grace Petrie in Clwb last night, to the extent that she had to cajole some of her mates from Bristol to come over and make the numbers up to no more than 30. However it resulted in a wonderfully memorable intimate and engaging performance that I absolutely loved. Immediately booked tickets for her next visit in Feburary, supporting Josie Long at a comedy shindig in Chaper Arts.

Grace Petrie should have bigger audiences than that.  By the way, her and her lefty scum friends are also appear g at the Colston Hall in Bristol on Valentine’s Day.  including Johnny and the Baptists who are so incredibly funny. 

unfotunately, clashes with Joe Lycett who I already had a ticket for.



Kilkenny Roots Fest have just confirmed Peter Oren and Deep Dark Woods




Pleased that Willy Mason has added a matinee show when he comes to Cardiff next year as I already have tickets for British Sea Power that evening. 

Over the moon that Willy Mason has added a Birmingham date to his UK tour and even better, it's in the Hare & Hounds, Brum's finest venue!

I'm very tempted to get tickets for The Cure at Hyde Park, I've never seen them live and the supporting line up is right up my street. 

First festival of the year in January---Rockaway Beach in Bognor Regis,incredible value for money,followed by Slow Readers Club,Handsome Family and Detroit Social Club.Was given Arcade Fire tickets as a gift but hate the new album so trying to get out of that.

Wow .. what a start to the year, fantastic line-up that. Band of Holy Joy were terrific when I saw them in Bristol last month, be sure to catch them.

There's a good line-up for the Winter Sprinter in The Lexington next week. Unfortunately I can only get to the Pete Astor / Surfing Magazines night on Tuesday, but looking forward to that being a great start to the gig-going year.

Hopefully there'll be a first GM announcement before long too.


I'm also starting the year of gigs at the Lexington on Tuesday.  Apart from that only got Starcrawler @ Omeara in January, so some blank weeks still to fill.

Thanks,i'll have a listen,they are one of the few bands at the festival that i don't know.Looking forward to the first announcement,have GM tickets and cottage booked,Bluedot tickets and hotel booked and hotel booked for EOTR but waiting for the first announcement before i get tickets for that one.

When was the first GM announcement last year? As we move into bleak January it's nice to start thinking about what's to come in the year ahead. That said I do have a few lined up in January that I'm looking forward to, not least Starcrawler at Thekla, though I'm still struggling to convince Mrs Wakestock. I have a feeling they'll be at Green Man 2018. 

Last year the first announcement from Walter was made on the 26th January.  

i suspect that Walter will make an appearance soon after New Years Day, to chase away those pesky drug pushers and wish us all a happy new year.  He might also advise when to expect the first announcement and what date ticket sales go live.

I notice Bitchin Bajas are playing Manchester in May--just a heads up as i remember a few people on here requesting them.

Anyone going to see The Weather Station I recommend going early to see the excellent support Red River Dialect.

See you in Bristol.

Packed for first festival of the year tomorrow---warm coats,boots,jumpers--a bit like going to Green Man.I like the fact that the bar plays classic albums through the day--Iggy pop,Velvet Underground,Talking Heads.Kate Bush etc.--its good to sit and chill every now and again at a festival.

Looks like good weekend BPH, saw Pulled Apart by Horses several times when they first appeared, a;ways great fun.

Just booked day ticket for Cambridge Folk Festival for Patti Smith, Car Seat Headrest coming here too and possibly Handsome Family.

Car Seat Headrest were excellent at the Ritz last year,will try and see again if they are touring new material this year.Have Handssome Family tickets--the Unseen album is a real return to form,

Looking forward to seeing the Brother Brothers, Art Shop & Chapel, Abergavenny Feb. 8th.

Have got my ticket for the Brother Brothers.  Looks like the Lowest Pair are returning on the 14th April.  Unfortunately, and I am really gutted, will miss them as I have a ticket to see Jaws with full orchestra at the Colston Hall on the same night.


With Cardiff's Festival of Voice's first announcement this morning I'm now set to see Patti Smith three times in one week in June. Already had a ticket to see her supporting Nick Cave in Dublin, and now have tickets to see her with Lenny Kaye and Tony Shanahan at the WMC, and also an evening of words and music with Patti Smith at St John's Church in Canton. Should be nice and cosy with a capacity of 200. You can't have too much of a good thing, right?

Dead right Mr W., and Patti is a very very good thing indeed.

Unfortunately I was too slow off the block for St. John's ... that's going to be pretty special.

Will be there at the WMC though.

Staying close to home tonight for Burning Ferns, Gintis, and Martin Carr at Le Pub. Such a great line-up I understand it even has folk travelling from Cardiff .. not often that happens :)

Sounds good Peridot. I think the last time I travelled to Newport for a gig was Rocket From the Crypt in TJ's! Bit of a coup for them getting Patti Smith for two nights. I've not seen her since she played Green Man, but that was amongst my all-time favourite Green Man performances. 

Three times in a week! You lucky man Wakestock. Twice over the summer for me, All Points East and Cambridge Folk Festival. The church gig sounds terrific.

I saw Seamus solo with guitar, supporting TITK at the weekend and he’s now shot up my must-see list. He was fantastic live, really funny & endearing. He’s bringing the band to GM and I can’t bloody wait!

Happy to see Psychedelic Furs have announced a Cardiff date in June at The Tramshed. Do I recall having seen a fairly positive review of their recent live shows on here a while back? 

they were fucking great in london last year

some gaps in that UK / europe tour schedule at the moment - so i'm hoping they're back in the smoke this year too

Last night at Art Shop & Chapel, Abergavenny. Beautiful subtle harmonies, not in your face show-off harmonies, from the twin brothers. A varied set of Americana, Hank William’s style yodelling, Bob Wills swing. If you like songs about heartbreak and struggle, these are for you. Highly recommend. The Lowest Pair make a return in April.

Christie D has beaten me to It by posting his review of the Brother Brothers.   All that is left for me is to say that their singing sounded beautiful and I was dumbstruck how they sounded, perfect pitch and timing from the very first words they sanG together. Cannot get their version of ‘I will always love you‘ out of my head.  Chrissie D, where abouts were you sitting?  I always look out for you at the chapel,  but without success.  

i will miss the lowest pair, they are highly recommended.  Check out their tour dates, they are in Bath on the 16 April.