Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

I'm off to Castlepalooza festival tomorrow. Rain forecast all weekend. Was great last year but this year's line up is real bargain basement stuff. Ex-GM Thursday headliners Wild Beasts are on tomorrow but they do nothing for me. 

The brilliant David Kitt (is he even known outside Ireland?) is playing on Sunday evening and should make it all worthwhile. 

The void has been very unfilled recently, but we saw Father John Misty last night at a local festival. The backdrop was spectacular - the ruins of the world's once largest steel plant in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - and the performance was magnetic. The place was barely a quarter sold out but he seemed to feed off that and was witty and charming and seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Only another 51 weeks to go, but this weekend I'm in Totnes Seachange festival over 2 days and after checking for clashes should be able to see:

Michael Chapman

Doglas Dare


Masayoshi Fujita

Daniel Brandt and Eternal Something

Aldous Harding

Chris Forsyth

Blanck Mass

then on day 2:

Avocet revisited

Ryley Walker (in a micro brewery)

Trembling Bells

H Hawkline

Nadia Reid

Amber Arcades

Julie Byrne


Hey Collossus, Ryley Walker (in a church) or Temples (AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!)

Jane Weaver

How was Seachange,thinking of going to this after Green Man next year but concerned some reviews are saying it was not always possible to get in the venues to see artists.Would be a good 2 weeks--Green Man,Sea Change  and EOTR.

Went to Car seat Headrest this week who were excellent and Psychedelic Furs who sound as good as they always have,finishing on a storming Sister Europe and President Gas but no Here come cowboys which i always thought was a single but perhaps not.

Sea Change was a bit busier than last year.  Knowing the people running it, I'm sure this will be improved next year.  I personally only missed Aldous Harding because of full venues (she played a 150 limit ballroom).  The problem was probably due mainly to organisers trying to stagger shows so that as one set finished, another started, meaning around 800 people were moving between a church (400-500 limit), a town hall (500-600 limit) and a pub ballroom venue (150 limit) - a further 300 venue was a 10 minute walk away - personally didn't have too much of a problem, but a few struggled to see Julie Byrne, Aldous Harding and Jane Weaver closed the weekend with a fair few left outside - but that was 12.30am after Temples and Ryley Walker had closed town centre venues a little before midnight.

On the positive, sound was great and slick non rushed stage management.  Added cinema experience, I saw Heima (Sigur Ros) and Stop Making Sense to start both my days in probably the most wonderful small cinema I've ever been in. 

For £45 (earlybird price) I spent most of my Friday in the church, to see Lux Harmonium, Michael Chapman, Douglas Dare and Masayoshi Fujita.  In addition popped across to see LOWLY who were fine and my gig of the year so far... Jambinai - South Korean GSYBE turned up to 11.  Saturday was Ryley Walker in a brewery knocking back his named Rye beer and playing a great half hour set, the phenominal Trembling Bells, H Hawkline, sublime performances in the church from Nadia Ried then Julie Byrne, a late night and to my mind far too drunk Ryley Walker (wish I'd seen Temples) and a kosmic Jane Weaver - new material really came alive.  

Could have easily seen half a dozen more bands and talks, in fact caught bits of at least that, but also spent time in town, fringe events, beer festival (£2.50 a pint!) and great food.  Really struggled to see why a few occasionally full venues was a problem.... if you wanted to see it, get there 10 minutes before it starts, if it's full go to next venue where something else was about to start.

A very different experience to Green Man, but one where I never had to walk away from talkers..... the crowd were nearly all there for the music.



hang on

didn't they finish with 'india'?

PG definitely wasn't a single (though neither was cowboys, as you say)

they'd better do 'india' on saturday!

Highlights from my weekend were Lucinda Williams (a shoe-In for a Thursday evening headliner) Ryley Walker, Bill Ryder Jones, Moonlandingz, Bo Ningen, Spook School, Amanda Bergman, Moses Sumney  and of course the peerless BC.

More broke than a punctured bicycle on a hillside now, so next live music will be Johnny Pictish in Shrewsbury at the beginning of December. 


I will wholeheartedly second that Lucinda Thursday evening nomination! 


Did you manage to catch The Burning Hell at all?  The feel-good hit of the festival by miles..      Also, i concur, Bill Callahan was on top form. 


Bill Callahan played in torrential rain to a completely silent, rapt audience with absolutely no fucking gig talkers whatsoever.

It can be done.....

Guardian - "Callahan is a legacy artist who remains atop his game: his poignant mix of soul and stoicism mingles with commiseration for his drenched fans, as he plays benevolent leader to a field of attentive eyes and ears."

No drones, damp or otherwise Mikey.

Didn't catch Burning Hell, Stablewill.

I did go to see Lemon Twigs because of peer pressure and was completely underwhelmed, they sounded like a knackered stylus skipping across a Queen greatest hits album.

Left after 5 minutes.


Thanks to some great effort and having an amazing venue at The Chapel, Abergavenny, we're starting to get some great musicians coming to my neck of the woods.

Thanks for the heads up and will be keeping a look out for upcoming events at the art shop and gallery.  Was there for the lowest pair earlier in the year on your recommendation.  They were both so good.

In other news the mighty Starcrawler are making a speedy return to our shores.

Dates so far are 

2 November - London, Sebright Arms
4 November -  Birmingham, Actress & Bishop

Hopefully more will be added but I've nabbed a ticket for the London on just in case.

Ryan Adams is producing their album to be released early 2018

What!  The borough theatre in Abergavenny.  Martin simpson in Novembe, how come I never knew al this until now.  Thanks.

btw sweet baboo, h hawkline and boy azooga (may have got that last one a bit wrong) are at the tabernacle talgarth mid October.  could be the last event there, might not it all seems up in the air.  Anyway, great venue (apart from talkers) and worth 90 minute drive to get there.  I will be in India for sweet baboo which might be a touch too far away.

Definitely tempted by Gill Landry touring in support of Ian Felice later this year. There's also a few good acts popping up in Chester seemingly thanks to one promoter using a new venue. Ryley Walker and John Murry have been through in the past couple of weeks and Michael Chapman is due to play soon - long may it continue.

That's the one. I know he's been around a while as he regularly puts things on in The Eagle which is one of our regular haunts and in Telfords Warehouse. St Mary's where he has been using lately is a beautiful venue and capable of holding a decent number.

Got a few lined up now. Should tide me over until first Green Man announcemen.    


Songhoy Blues - Tramshed, Cardiff
Il Sogno Del Marinaio - Moon Club, Cardiff (maybe)
Micah P. Hinson - The Globe, Cardiff
Jen Cloher - Clwb, Cardiff
Vessels - Clwb, Cardiff
Richard Dawson - Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff
Jeffrey Lewis - Clwb, Cardiff
Matthew E White - Clwb, Cardiff
Sleaford Mods - Cardiff Uni (maybe)
The Sadies - Clwb, Cardiff
Father John Misty plus Weyes Blood - Cardiff Uni
Robyn Hitchcock - The Globe, Cardiff
Wire - The Globe, Cardiff (maybe, but already have tickets to see Stephen Fry same night - dilemma)
Shopping - Gwdihw, Cardiff (maybe)
Syd Arthur - Clwb, Cardiff
The Burning Hell - Clwb, Cardiff
Chuck Prophet - Clwb, Cardiff (maybe)
Aldous Harding - Exchange, Bristol (think that's the venue)
Pictish Trail - Gwdihw, Cardiff

Shamelessly so. To be fair Cardiff's promoters have upped their game somewhat of late. Seems like I used to travel to Bristol a lot more. 

But i do find it a pain travelling there from Cardiff, especially as the last train leaves before 11 which is frustrating. Looks like i'll be stalking you at a few of these Wakestock... My list:

Micah P. Hinson - The Globe, Cardiff
This Is the Kit, Globe
Richard Dawson - Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff 

Jeffrey Lewis - Clwb, Cardiff
Matthew E White - Clwb, Cardiff 
Sleaford Mods - Cardiff Uni
Robyn Hitchcock - The Globe, Cardiff
Wire - The Globe, Cardiff 
The Burning Hell - Clwb, Cardiff

Billy Bragg, Tramshed
Chuck Prophet - Clwb, Cardiff (maybe)
Pictish Trail - Gwdihw, Cardiff

See you there Staffop. Having to leave half way through Wire's set in the Fleece a few years back was a particularly frustrating experience. Timing of that train does make it a bit of a gamble, to the extent that if it's something I really don't want to have to leave before the end I prefer to stay overnight, which bumps the cost up massively. Bristol has some cracking venues too in Thekla, Trinity, Fleece and Louisiana, and Colston Hall is a good larger venue. Real shame that Cardiff has lost the Coal Exchange, Point and upstairs in The Moon in recent years. 

Yeah, that train in the bane of our lives. I can drive but that costs me a lot more and means I can't enjoy a few beers. Sitting on the platform waiting for the delayed train and seeing that Wave Pictures were playing a rare 'Friday Night in Loughborough' as an encore in a particurally painful memory.

I've got a mixture of locations coming up, including one or two of yours Wakestock / Staffop, and I may try to add a couple more. Currently doing:

Paul Brady - London

LCV Choir - London

Loyle Carner - Bristol

Shellac - Brighton

Jeffrey Lewis - Cardiff

Ider - London

Starcrawler - London

The Burning Hell - Cardiff

Ghostpoet - Bristol

Band of Holy Joy - Bristol

Sun Kil Moon - London

Sweet Baboo - Cardiff

Pumarosa - London

Richard Dawson - London


You're spending a lot of time in that London Peridot. Seems like an unusualllong time since I've been to a regular gig but now festival season is over I'm looking forward to returning to the fray with Songhoy Blues tomorrow. Flamingods supporting is a nice bonus. In retrospect I'm now sorry I missed Sacred Paws last night in the Transport Club in Cardiff, a venue I've not been to yet (might remedy that as Euros Childs now has a gig lined up there). Guitarist also plays in Shopping. Both a little twee perhaps, but fun. 

did the only gig in had on the horizon last night. Always late, I am!

Anyway, Bo Ningen were all the aces at Bedford Esquires.

Thats all.

No venues of note particularly close to me, so it's either west to Oxford or east to London.  Currently in for:

The National - Apollo

Micah P Hinson - The Bullingdon

Hurray for the Riff Raff - Koko

Nathan Ball - Bush Hall

The Big Moon - Koko

Manchester Orchestra - O2 Shepherds Bush

Jason Isbell - The Roundhouse

Starcrawler - Sebright Arms

The War on Drugs - Ally Pally

Pumarosa - The Bullingdon

Emma Ruth Rundle - Bush Hall

Some other possibles, and if W.H.Lung want to announce some dates, they need to be a definite.

Where I live the only destinations travelling by train are Crewe and Shrewsbury.

Crewe is a shithole with no music scene to speak of, the last train home is at 11.15.

Shrewsbury is lovely with great pubs and restaurants and has the odd gig of interest, last year Robyn Hitchcock and Johnny Pictish coming up. Good trains too but ours is a request stop so, despite being in a state of inebration, a word with the driver is essential!!

Chester is a 40 minute drive so thanks for the info BITF and Jedthehumanoid, it's a real option for us, I will keep an eye on future dates.

In Bournemouth last night, in fantastic form and Warren had his dancing shoes on.

Not much else lined up yet, tempted by Starcrawler in either Norwich or London.

Starcrawler in London is going to have a big Green Man / EOTR contingent. It'll be like a mini reunion - hope you can make it smithers.

I'm really looking forward to Paul Brady tomorrow night. At 70 and recording his 15th solo album you might expect him to be phoning it in like many artists, but Unfinished Business is probably the best one since Hard Station.

Tickets booked for Blind Boy Paxton at The Chapel, Art Shop & Gallery, Abergavenny, November 22nd.

Just bought tickets for Michael Head and the Red Elastic Band at Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool on 16th December.

Should be a great gig.

Strange article, shocked at Marc Almond’s outburst but not at the two women talking loudly through three of his songs (presumably only there to sing along to the songs they know and not interested in anything else).  It even mentions the poor women who must have felt terrible.  Terrible?  Quite right they should feel terrible, spoiling the night for those around them by talk8ng loudlY.   Well done to Marc Almond.

Loved Loyle at Womad this year, really sincere and proud to be performing at Womad with his mother In The audience.  This story makes me lik3 him even more.  Top man!