So.. Next year...

Cor! What an incredible GM that was! Thanks for all the birthday love folks.

Who do you want to see for next year? I'll get me paws straight to work.. 

Early Birds on sale 27th Sept from 10am. x 


elbow and doves are the same band, right?

Couple to add to my previous selection, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and other end of the scale Jen Cloher. In the highly unlikely / not a chance realm I'll second Neil Young and Tom Waits, and throw in Carole King for good measure. 

Couple to add to my previous selection, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and other end of the scale Jen Cloher. In the highly unlikely / not a chance realm I'll second Neil Young and Tom Waits, and throw in Carole King for good measure. 

Couple to add to my previous selection, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and other end of the scale Jen Cloher. In the highly unlikely / not a chance realm I'll second Neil Young and Tom Waits, and throw in Carole King for good measure. 

Inspired idea, I wholeheratedy second that one.

With or wthout Steven Stills.

I will walk to Crickhowell (from Stockport) if David Crosby ever makes it on to the bill.

But if Graham Nash hangs on to his coattails like he has been doing for the last few decades I just may not bother.


And lets have Nick Cave. Or The National again. Low Anthem again. Or Foxygen. Or even Neutral Milk Hotel again. Or Kamasi Washington again. 

Joanna Newsom
Fire! Orchestra
Jim O'Rourke
Mount Moriah
The Magic Band
Susanna Wallumrød
The Budos Band

Saw john power and jay Lewis from Cast at the tabernacle in Talgarth last night.  

Cast would be great as the Thursday night headlines, going by last night's show and with the full band would be much better than Ride.

I don't know how you can beat this years line up, it had nearly everything I was hoping for, however, thanks to a Tom Ravenscroft session on 6 Music this week I am now really, really regretting missing Richard Dawson, so could we have Richard Dawson back please!!!  I should have listened to the rest of you on here.


Also, could we have:


John Grant (missed him in 2010, well overdue another visit)

The Flaming Lips (not missed in 2010 but keep missing them everywhere else since, though possibly now too big for GM??)

Beck (definitely agree with you lot on this one)

The National (I've tried to ignore them for years but they are growing on me big time, also well overdue a another visit)

Ty Segall (out of curiosity. Curiosity worked amazingly this year with Oh Sees)

Richard Thompson (he's never been on in the 7 years we've been coming, so it's about time!)

Meilyr Jones (seemed odd without him this year)


That will do me for starters.

Kurt Vile with Cortney Barnett would be fab,  perhaps playing an extended set, kurt followed byCourtney then coming together for a finale. 

Similarly, would be good to see the Flaming Lips make a return to the mountain stage but does that mean we get Miley Cyrus tagging along as well?

someone looking more ridiculous than you does not stop you looking like an accountants awayday at the denim farm

Making Up The Bill

Iris Dement

Joan Shelley

Peaking Lights

The Fresh and Onlys

Ben Kweller

Whyte Horses


Caroline Rose

Kane Strang

Morgan Delt

Ultimate Painting


Kurt Vile

Alex G

Doug Tuttle

LCD Soundsystem

Nick Cave


Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett

Hiss Golden Messenger

Steve Mason

Jane Weaver

King Gizzard

Ty Segall


Thurston Moore Group

Teenage Fanclub

Dinosaur Jr

Beach House

Hamilton Leithauser

Weyes Blood


White Fence


Richard Hawley


Actually quite terrifying in the uninhibited environment of a 1am slot ... but in a fun way.

Big Jeff has described them as "the future of Rock n Roll", so it's official.

Sun Kil Moon/Jesu
Emma Ruth Rundle
Thurston Moore
Anna Von Hausswolff
Benjamin Clementine
All Them Witches
Ben Frost
King Buffalo
Band of Horses
Neil Young
Willy Mason
Jonah Matranga
Elephant Tree
Here Lies Man
Church of the Cosmic Skull
Otoboke Beaver
Mark Lanegan


Tom Waits


Having now seen them in another place / bought the album, and they don't seem to be mentioned above:

The Surfing Magazines

And while I'm here, please can W.H.Lung return.

Also spoke to Lisa O'Neill and she said she's heard so much about Green Man (perhaps from Slugger?) and would love to play sometime


I did have a chat with Ms O'Neill after her performance at Castlepalooza last year and although I was far too starstruck/inebriated to remember much detail about the encounter I think it's safe to say that our favourite festival got a mention. 

She has recorded with YTK so maybe James put a word in also. 


(Make it happen Walter!)

Of course ... I'd forgotten the YTK link.

So Lisa wants to play 

Samantha Crain wants to come back

And if Walter can nab Beachwook Sparks, Aaron Sperske can bring his daughter and her mates and we have Starcrawler

It's all falling into place nicely :)


I would love-

Mount Eerie 



Thanks for a great year this year, old Walt. Was great to see you on stage on Thursday.

Pictish Trail!


And just about everything that's been mentioned so far. Especially Heron Oblivion whose album is about the most "Green Man sounding" album I've heard in ages. And Eels would probably be amazing as a headline act.

OK some suggestions:

Daniel Patrick Quinn

The Odyssey Cult

Arve Henriksen


Psychic Temple

Gillian Welch

Jeffre Cantu Ledesma

Konrad Sprenger

Natural Child

Damian and Nioami

Kacy & Clayton


The Mekons

Jon Langford

Wet Tuna

Ash & Herb

John Fogerty

Daniel Bachman

Rob Noyes

Steve Gunn

Chuck Johnson

Phil Lesh

House & Land


Mountain Movers

Chris Stapelton

Dave Rawlings Machine

United Bible Studies

Happy Meals

Filthy Friends




Angelo De Augustine

Thalia Zadek

Prophet Hens

Golden Teacher

A Giant Dog

Danny James etc

Bill Mackay


Courtney Marie Andrews

Hard Working Americans

Endless Boogie



The Necks

Spinning Coin

Richard Thompson

Rolling Blackouts CF

Jonathan Richman

Mark McGuire

Michael Hurley

James Yorkston

Trembling Bells

Heron Oblivion

Alastair Roberts

That Oldham fella


Not sure if anyone else has mentioned Colorama, if not, I am now. Just been listening to their new album. Possibly the best thing I've heard all year.

Ticks all the boxes for me, I've used Ray's brilliant description in the subject column, pretty much sums up the musicians I love: Gram Parsons, Clarence White, Guy Clark, Jerry Garcia and when he had long hair Tony Rice. just listening to Nashville West's version of By The Time I Get To Phoenix - and "that" Clarence White solo.

That's really nice, would love to see them live, and if a gospelbeach kind of thing could be arranged that would be even better. Followed their tour on Instagram and they seemed to have a fantastic time.


friday's ticket on-sale is going to be a bastard...