Top Five Green Man 2017 Moments

Because I haven't quite got used to not being in Glanusk Park, my top five moments in no particular order:

Pa'lante! (HftRR)

Lavinia howling like a banshee on Trembling Bells' closer, From the Womb to the Tomb

Johnny Pictish's Mountain Stage slides

Richard Dawson's accapella Ghost of a Tree

Getting a selfie with David Tattersall


Go on then, tell us yours . . . 

That's easy:





Monday (easy exit despite the weather)

Bellowing "You can bend over Casanova. No sweat I'm clean, nothing can stop me. Hey I'm the king of the world. You better to hear my song. You come on measure me, I'm twenty inches long.".....50ft Queenie by Polly.

The excitement of the gang of youngsters (and myself) I took to see Kate Tempest, cheering loudly at social/political references.

Richard Dawson's extraordinary rendition of Ghost of a Tree. (and "Can I have more vocals on Patrick Stewart's mic please?")

Dancing my legs off to Michael Kiwanuka.

Johnny Pictish.

Cowbois set on Settler's stage, lovely.


Meeting a good few fellow forum members

Being transported to another place by Yorkston Thorne Khan


Michael Chapman

Meeting and talking to James Yorkston about Lowden guitars

....... and Bacon butties at Cwmdu Cafe



Cwmdu Cafe is just ace isn't it? I frequent that place more than any other food outlet although the Dragon Deli in the Babbling tongues field came a close second this year.


The open-mouthed stares of awe from the musicians at the side of the stage during Michael Chapman's set. "Where's he hiding the loop pedal?" Chapman's sound check was great also... "Can you hear that?" ..."Alreet" ... puts down guitar and walks off. 


The sheer exuberance of Conor Oberst's performance. Just enjoying himself with his mates. 


Elizabeth's no.1 above. The older songs made PJ's performance go from a 9/10 to a 10/10


Big Thief doing "Masterpiece" ... it was. 


An exhausted Kate Tempest at the end of her set realising ... "Yeah they really liked that!" 


I've had 5 and it's not a moment as such but...  the unique atmosphere of the festival. Is there anything more uplifting than thousands of people gathering with the simple aim of enjoying themselves and sharing the experience?

Great to meet a few from forumland also. "I'm an avid reader and a great admirer of your work"