Kids Ticket NEEDED !! Or Youth or adult - Any Tickets !!


We need an extra childs ticket (or adult, or youth ) 


I have a friend who needs to shift a child ticket. He's not back in country till Tuesday though but I'm sure he could leave one in the box office for you? Let me know if that's any good - and I'll give you his contact details. 

Hi, thank you for replying, its for a friend I am just waiting to hear back from her if she found one yet and will let you know :) 

Hi, I'm looking for a kid's ticket. Have you still got your spare? If you've managed to shift it and are now being bombarded wth annoying messages, please feel free to curse me and add me to the deleted pile :-)

UPDATE: we got one from Twickets.

We have one, thank you for everyone who helped - ps . Ebay is overflowing with them :)