deletion of all night disco wrecked my weekend thread wrecked my forum

Now that Daniel Day Lewis has announced his retirement from acting, he is more than welcome to share his potty mouthed tirades on this forum thread.

No spare time; he's keeping on top of the netweather, accuweather, metcheck, weathernetwork sites for news. 

support the unthanks in Manchester cathedral about 5 years ago. Wrote them off completely. 

have they got any better?....

Caught most of Ed Askew's set and love it. Is that where Bill Callahan got his shtick from?

Trembling Bells were, as always, magnificent. One of those bands that gets better every time you see them ( see also Wave Pictures)

The set with the great Mike Heron was lovely and magical especially when Mike sang with his daughter at the end.

back agaon Friday for Goodnight Lenin's farewell gig which will be rather sad

ed has supported bill in the past - so it's possible!

certainly a similar style to bill's recent records

(elizabeth - if you don't know 77 year old ed askew's work, you should definitely check him out!)

did the bells play with ed in brum?

alex, alisdair and big mike backed him up in london - and it was absolutely wonderful

i was, i have to say, very keen to avoid mike heron

so only went the ed night of the two london shows

but TB were magnificent, as always

they're definitely an acquired taste

but once you have it...

yes, Ed was backed by Alex, Alasdair and mike and another guy on keys

The Bells were brilliant, played a couple of new songs that evoked wolf People and Sabbath. Alasdair is becoming a rock god, dresssed like he's bought all his clothes from the NME small ads circa 1972 from his stack-heel boots to his funny little cap and he's throwing Marc Bolan shapes too!

Mike Heron is a lovely, lovely man and I won't hear a word against him

even from you mr ray

the best thing about alisdair is that he wears all that stuff and the full make-up - but is simultaneously quite chubby

he does not give a fuck

and that is always admirable

the worst thing about him is that it's much harder to hear lavinia's lovely keyboard parts now

on balance, a win, though, i think

i'll never forgive heron the set with his daughter that i endured one time

he made donovan look like the kind of person with whom you'd enjoy a chat

and if you could get reception in the barbican, i'd have called social services


i thought you'd enjoy that

to be fair, he is wildly obscure

one record in 1968

and then nothing else for thirty years

his two recent LPs on tin angel are wonderful - 'for the world' and 'art and life'

Do we need a new t-shirt.?

surely some friendly t-shirt designer type can design one and produce it before next week.

by the the I'm totes devastated by the fall of ALDWMW

I've just seen reference to bow making classes during Settler's week.

Is that wise?

I can understand that the Settlers get quite miffed by the descent of the washed hoards upon their cosy encampment on Thursday.

So now they'll be armed and dangerous ... could all go a bit Lord of the Flies like.

I'm glad I'll be over the other side of the site if it all kicks off.

ANDWMW t-shirts will naturally be sported again this year but the really cool people (Elizabeth, peridot and myself) will be replendent in various Pictish hues.

Given the non-availability of the ANDWMW clothing range, I think we should incorporate the Pictish Trail t-shirt in the forum's official uniform policy.

It's a fine garment and owning one shows your support for one of the greatest friends and ambassadors of Green Man, of music, and of life itself.

Get yours now at

The wearing of face paints and copious quantities of glitter is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged by the uniform policy.



i'm going to wear a king creosote t-shirt

just to be contrary

a katharine hamnett one:


fuck off to a tiny island and give me ma label back, ya wee fucker"