Transport options

Hi. Coming from Manchester....could either drive or get the train. How is the train journey? Bit put off by the 90min shuttle bus from station to site. If drive, orange or park+ride? Is park+ride less likely to be a problem with mud if loads of rain??

Thanks in advance.

I can recommend the shuttle bus if you can travel light enough to take all your stuff on a train/bus. It's not a 90 minute journey, they just recommend that's how long you allow in total, including queueing up and loading the coach (as I said on another thread- 2 years ago it was over 90 minutes, but that was a one off- I've done the coach journey a dozen times and it's usually under an hour in total). You're dropped off right near the ticket gates, so no long walk through the car park.

It's a lovely train journey, and if you're coming from Manchester you'll avoid the ridiculous overcrowding between Abergavenny and Newport on Monday morning.

Or it looks like there are National Express Coach seats from Manchester if you want a more stress-free way to get straight in.

If you come from manchester the train might tell you to change at Birmingham and then hereford. But I was looking at vrious options nd there is a direct train to abergavenny from somewhere near manchester. Worth keeping an eye out for it, see if it makes sense for you. 

Yeah, I'm coming from Scotland and I change onto a direct train at Crewe. I thought some of the Abergavenny trains ended up at Manchester, but I may be wrong.

Trundle down the length of Wales from the Chester bypass....forget that train nonsense and don't drive anywhere near Abergavenny or Newport.

fried breakfast in Builth Wells on the way home on Monday. Lovely.