Forum Meet-Up 2017

It would appear that August has arrived and Green Man is but days away so it must be time to confirm arrangements for this year's meet.

It has become customary for users of this forum, old and new, to meet up on the Thursday evening for a drink and a chat to kick things off. It’s always a very relaxed and informal affair, and a great way for newcomers to pick up a few tips and meet a few friendly faces that you’re likely to bump into from time to time over the weekend.

Just pop by and say a quick hello, or stay chatting into the evening ... whatever suits. There’s no pressure or expectation whatsoever.

We usually have kids of all ages there, and even an occasional grown up. Families, friends, solo travellers, teetotallers, alcoholics, music fans, twee fans, and even fans of Future Islands! Dress code is a green t-shirt if you have one, purely to aid identification of the group. The infamous 'All Night Disco Wrecked My Weekend' thread may be dead, but we strive to keep its memory alive so if you see anyone wearing the t-shirt in the link below you’re certainly in the right place.

So where and when? As last year's arrangements appeared to work well, so I’m suggesting a return to the Walled Garden, directly in front of the bar, with a start time of 6pm. We’ll be there for a few hours so pop along when you can. 

Anyone using Twitter should follow @ANDWMW for any last-minute updates.

Settlers and early arrivals might like to pop along to the Cinema Tent at 4:30pm, when there's a short film celebrating the work of the Merthyr College film studies students at Green Man. As some of you know our friend Cyfarthfa sacrifices most of his festival to support and tutor these guys in documenting the festival, and delivering the big screen visuals that add to our enjoyment. Hope to see a few of you there and lots more in the Walled Garden later ...      


I think after 8 years it's time I came along to this, on my own this year so no other distractions. Unfortunately I don't own a green t shirt.

it would be nice to see Walter there this year, even if he has to go incognito to get around the rules on canines. 

Looking forward to faces old and new, whatever colour your t-shirt.

And late arrival due to attendance at H.Hawkline is an entirely acceptable excuse. 

I'll do my best to head over this year, missed it last year as I was nursing a sick member of our group but I'm on my own this time. I'm not sure I own a green shirt though...

I'll be there as usual, always look forward to the meet up.Although I really like the Thursday line up this year so will be making a dash to Far Out as and when.

we're coming together

(being sensitive lovers, we always try for that)

music is shite on the thursday so you never know

actually you do

Signing out here...all packed and ready to set off at 6am tomorrow.

Seems to be much more packed in the car than previous years!

Will send timely news updates if I can get WiFi, Peridot and Ray alert!!

See you Settlers tomorrow and all you other lovelies on Thursday.

Over and out. x 

I hope you have a safe and stress-free journey Elizabeth & family and that you have a blast at Settlers. Looking forward to your 'updates' from site and to seeing you again on Thursday.

I've just got back from Farmer Phils and very much i the festival spirit. I fear my productivity at work over the next three days may be a little below-par :)


Not sure I'll be at the meet up, small crowd of us there so will go with the flow and will be watching H Hawkline, but say hello if you see me over the weekend. I still look a lot like my avatar on here.

Finished packing at last and loading the car tonight. Setting off 7.30ish so should be there by 9.30-10. Hope there is still some camping space left!

I get into Abergavenny just after 4, so might be a bit late depending on shuttle bus, how long it takes to get the tent up etc, but I'd imagine I'll be finding you all at some point between 6 and 8, probably straight after H Hawkline if I get there in time.

I've got as far as having a floor covered in stuff to go in my bag.... 

Little bit of packing to finish up tonight, jump in the car before 8 tomorrow and we should be on site between 11 and 12. Safe journey everyone, see you tomorrow.

anyone spot a 20 year old black Japanese import camper van trundling from stockport west down the m56 and then down the length of Wales on a483 and a470, between about 10 and 2, transporting 3 men with a combined age of 166.......,give us a wave.



its a Toyota 'granvia' camper conversion. It's the sister in law's that I get to borrow.

supercool. Sort of. I love it. See you later.

so jealous of that Granvia, we just lost our faithful unconverted one after nearly 300000 miles of no trouble at all - green with envy emoji

We're doing the exact same journey in a camper (from Stockport down through Wales) in about 4 hours!

Safe travels all!

I'll be there probably after H Hawkline, I have a blue car park ticket if anyone would like it, too late to use noww I guess but you could move your car round there for monday