Top 5 must sees

Struggling to keep it under 10 in truth, but now tickets are landing on doormats I think it's time to get a bit excited about this year.

Finally got round to listening to Big Thief yesterday, and they've shot straight in to my list. 

1) Big Thief

2) Richard Dawson

3) Oh Sees

4) Shirley Collins

5) Aldous Harding

So many more, including PJ Harvey, Angel Olsen, Michael Chapman, Anna Meredith, Kate Tempest, and since watching their Glastonbury set I'm quite keen to see Sleaford Mods too. 

Not sure a top 5 is really possible but here goes (on the basis of how likely i am to see them again as much as how much i like them)

Hurray for the Riff Raff

Richard Dawson

Shirley Collins

Conor Oberst

Nadia Reid

Could have been: Wave Pictures, Field Music, Trembling Bells, British Sea Power and Alasdair Roberts but I reckon I have a decnet chance of seeing them all again in the not-too-distant future (the Bells are playing here in August too) 

the collective smile widening the further down the a483 we get

the mist over the hill

the beer

smoking weed with strangers

waking up in the van

going to sleep in the van


and lots of music. and food. and laughing.

and beer


(with apologies, its saturday night and im staying in...)


Difficult question, but probably -

Kate Tempest

Pumarosa (if not clashing with above)

Fionn Regan

Aldous Harding

Sleaford Mods



Richard Dawson

Grumbling Fur

Aldous Harding (but looking at Clashfinder, I have a clash here)

Hurray for the riff raff

Big Thief


Lots to see this year, but top 5 probably....

PJ Harvey

Kate Tempest


Fionn Regan

Richard Dawson

....for starters


Andy Shauf 

Hurray for the Riff Raff

Ryan Adams

Adam Torres


Lift to experience


Fionn Regan

Wolf people

PJ Harvey

That was kinda tough and kinda easy at the same time.


angel olsen

conor oberst

fionn regan

and indulge my unaccountable soft spot for girl ray


But compared to girl ray, who I think sound a bit like them, maybe a bit wheedling. And more serious.

Lets bring methyl ethyl into the debate? Another recently discovrered guilty secret of mine....Krasnyi, are you having them at all?

Tough choice between Methyl Ethyl and PJ Harvey (or even St Etienne) then? Much as I love Copey, I think his clash with Timbre Timbre is one of the worst of the weekend for me, if that Clashfinder is to be believed. I have seen him quite recently, but I'd still like to see him at Green Man.

it's not the Higgs Bosun Blues but it's jolly bask in on Sunday evening in the Walled garden in the evening sunshine.....nodding along smilily.

I'm partial to a bit of Methyl Ethyl.

Difficult to whittle down top 5 from about 15 for me but:

Oh Sees

Julian Cope

Richard Dawson

Angel Olson

Pictish Trail (the weekend isn't complete without him)

Tough to whittle the list down to five but if I have to...

Conor Oberst


Kate Tempest

Big Thief

Pictish Trail

That's leaving a lot of people out, getting a bit excited now...

Ryan Adams

Conor Oberst

Michael Kiwanuka

Field Music

British Sea Power

not much for lists

but if i must, i'm cheating and having six


jessica pratt


angel olsen

michael chapman

fionn regan

Lift To Experience

Richard Dawson

PJ Harvey

Thee Oh Sees

Jon Hopkins

Not been on here for a bit - trust everyone is well and enjoying the magnificent (it is here anyway!) Summer?

5 for me are:

Field Music

Thee Oh Sees


Hurray for the Riff Raff

Fruit Bats

Amazing line up though and my clashfinder is chock full - only a handful of acts I'd actively avoid.

Johnny Flynn

Lift to Experience

Karl Blau

Trembling Bells

Julian Cope


My 5 now needs to be amended to accomodate WH Lung.

... who have been confirmed as first on the Far Out stage on Friday.

Now if we had a competent Clashfinder curator this year we'd all know that already ;-)


interesting inspiration for a band name. I don't think much of that one track meself.

I see they're playing bothGM and EOTR this year. Which I seem to remember was a bit more popular in yesteryear....shall we start up a debate about the relative merits of each? Its been a while....tho the GM line-up wins hands down this year imo 

There continues to be a good crossover in musical acts between Green Man and the other festival that was inspired by it.

No need for any debate ... they are both great events.

Would have been good to see Jesus and Mary Chain at Green Man, otherwise I'd not swap many acts this year.

Both are super festivals, but I find the general atmosphere of Green Man is waaay better. It's just so much more human.

i went to EOTR in 2013 and 14 after four successive GMs.

im with you black cat, the old je ne sais quoi of green man is impossible to replicate, whatever the line-ups.

as for Jesus and Mary chain, my 21 year old son has just discovered them, and I don't want to sully my middle-aged memory of the 1986 (I fink) gig at rock city, Nottingham. The first one after the 'riot' they caused in london. Glorious. 

Lots on our long list, but Top 5 are:

Big Moon



The Shins

Methyl Ethel


For the 5th year in a row we will prob be spending most of our time in the Far Out tent or Walled Garden

Fionn Regan

Allah Las

Adam Torres



Though easily could have been   Angel Olsen,Liars,Hurray for the riff raff,Tom Hickox,Laura Gibson and Nordic Giants.

If it was not for the meet i could probably give Thursday night a miss altogether though Anna Meredith was very good at Bluedot Festival and i have not heard the new Ride cd yet.

This is much too difficult. With such a good line up we could choose a top 5 for each stage. My top 5 changes daily but today's choices are

PJ, Big Thief, The 2 Michaels and Fionn Regan