2 adult and 2 little folk tickets wanted please

Apologies for this. Friend has left it way too late (despite frequent prompts) but is now in a position to be able to pay due to previous impecuniary.

I've tried Twickets, but no luck

If anyone has (or knows of) 2 adult and 2 little folks tickets going spare, you'd make an old man very happy



A friend of mine bought two little folk tickets for his little folk. However, he is hoping that they will be tken off his hands! I wont know for sure till nearer the time, but they may be there if they need them when it comes to it. Obviously, getting two will be harder than getting two adult tickets! 

Fingers crossed!

Just need to track down two Adult tickets - hoping Twickets will come through!


Hi, we will be selling our tickets (when they are posted to us). Two adult tickets and two child tickets for the full weekend. Face value if anyones interested. Will be posting them on Twickets but PM me if your interested and I'll let you know when they will be going on.


Hi Staffop,

I havent put the tickets up for sale yet as I'm waiting for them to arrive first (Twickets specify you must have them in your possession before selling). If you PM me I'll let you know when I'm putting them up for sale.

Im pretty certain they are paper tickets unless anyone knows otherwise?

Cheers Kev


Here's a dumb question - how do i PM, can't see a link, doh!?

Yeah, paper tickets, usually turn up a few weeks before if i recall correctly

Sorry assumed you could PM! Didnt look so obviously not!

I'll post on here when the tickets turn up in a few weeks to let you know when I'll be puttting them up for sale on Twickets. Thanks for the info regarding tickets.


There's supposed to be a Personal contact form. It can be switched on and off in your account settings (My account tab at the top of the screen then edit) but I cant see any way of using it on the forum.....

I've created a thread on there called 'Staffop - 2017 tickets wanted'

I will have these tickets over (our big family festival trip turns out to be slightly less than we thought).  2 adults and a student ticket.  I even may have a campvan ticket, as I tried to get a refund, but seemed unable to get a proper reply - so until the tickets arrive I can't be sure about that one!

If anybody wants to buy the adults and/or the students ticket - great.  But how does that work, as they haven't arrived yet...