think that about sums it up

I fucking voted last week and spent all day yesterday issuing voting papers so all the other fuckers could vote.

 My secret plan worked. Managed to get 80 % of the fuckers to vote.

Both great records ... but Johnny's just edges it for me.

Anyway I'm sure the bosom buddies will be happy if either of them wins ;-)

have to fucking agree with peridot

future echoes is johnny's best yet whereas kenny's last one is more than ok it's not up there with his very best


I've spent most of the fucking day listening to the albums on the longlist thanks to this thread. 

It was supposed to be to compare Pictish trail V King Creosote.

Apart from Fatherson, who not only sound bland as fuck but also have a name that sounds like a website I don't ever want to click on, the longlist is pretty fucking good. 

Today I liked C Duncan the best, just to throw a fucking spanner in the works.