New Discoveries 2016

I love discovering new music and sharing, and this forum has been a great help

I'll start..

After our weekend dialogue I've listened to the record. Right up my street!

thanks Carnie, just picked up latest on vinyl from the bargain bin..... really enjoying this, but yes, I did think I was listening to BoC at first.

I didn't know that existed ... the internet is a scary place indeed :)

Oh well, it all pales into insignifance as I'm working backwards and have just listened to Mikski.

Most exciting thing I've heard since Ezra Furman - especially this NPR session -

With the London gig sold out I'm thinking I might have to forego Ultimate Painting in Bristol on 5 October and take a trip up to Manchester instead.


Well, Mitski was pretty good. Kicked off with a track from the last album, did a cover, and a bunch of songs of Puberty 2. It was the first gig of the european tour and apparently Dublin was somewhere she requested to play - a choice that was vindicated by the show selling out today. However, she only played for around 50 mins tops, and there were songs, like Happy, ommitted. And no tshirts on sale! Given the next gig is in Germany, I wonder if stoppng en route was an inconvenience. Still, she seemed to be having fun and it did mean that I made the 1030 bus home. But I bet the guy from Cork, to whom she gave a shout out, was a bit miffed!   

Oooh, thanks for that Nathan (and, belatedly, for the review of the Dublin gig).

I didn't manage to catch her yet, so ticket for Bristol next March now secured.