Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

Good effort. I was tempted to go see Sunns tomorrow, but think I need a couple of days off. Possibly Villagers Saturday, but definitely Wave Pictures and Richard Dawson Sunday. 

That would be nice and if I though I could get away with it I'd be there :)

Apart from anything else I've already had to borrow a day's leave from next year.

Last few tickets for this weekend in Totnes, chance to see some of what you might have missed at GM?:  Yorkston Thorne Khan, Nathan Salzburg (solo and with Joan Shelley) (all in a beautiful church), BC Camplight and Richard Dawson, British Sea Power (500 capacity venue), Bo Ningen and Ultimate Painting.  Quite frankly, living in Devon, I don't get out much, Bristol is 2 hours away, this will definitely keep me happy for a while (and £45 for 2 days)

We're away anyway but it's not a particularly inspiring line-up is it (Phosphoescent and This is the Kit excepted). Not that the music matters for most of the chair and blanket brigade!


It's not the best but I do like The Coral and C Duncan and a couple of others, as well as the two you mention. Although I'll either be in a Moseley pub or back home by the time the Levellers take to the stage!

My partner has just told me she has bought tickets for Sun Kil Moon/Jesu in Philadelphia in November. As she truly cannot stand MK this is beyond generous of her. 

Sounds like a fine woman Veuf. my wife came to see him with me last year in London, never again...I'll be on my own at Cadogan Hall in September

Just back from Kevin Morby, a man on top of his game. Singing Saw might just be my song of the year. Either that or Meilyr Jones' Olivia. Whitney were good on Tuesday but kinda lacking the warmth of their GM set. They were missing Toby.

You are indeed ray_rad.

I'm banned from even playing him in the house or car, along with early Damien Jurado, Richard Dawson, and Cate le Bon!

I know. I can almost accept that some philistines might have issues with the first three, but I can't understand anyone having a serious problem with Cate.

The only explanation I've been able to extract beyond "i just don't like her" is that she's "too Welsh" (from someone who lives happily in Wales). 

i can't be doing with cate le bon

caught 5 mins of her at GM

and it was just the same chord over and over again

and not even in a good suicide-y kind of way

mrs rad is very keen on early damien jurado

but did find him 'too grumpy' last time he played GM

I love Damien Jurado, Koz and Richard Dawson.

Mr Mc struggles with a few of my favourite musicians, James Yorkston springs to mind.

If you lot are anything like me it's the obsessive overplaying of the musician I'm into that causes friction.

I think I've overplayed Bill Callahan and Ryley Walker, with negative consequences.

I'd travel almost anywhere to hear Mark Kozelek play and to be fair so would Mr Mc.

Just booked tickets for The Magnetic North playing in Liverpool Central Library. Thought they were great in the Walled Garden and a library seems like a place they'll thrive. They're also playing The Good Life Experience next month which is a stones throw from my house but I just can't get on board with that festival at all.

Have Chemical Brothers tickets for the Empress in Blackpool this December and now Bon Iver tickets go on sale for Blackpool this Friday------will have to have a good listen over the next few days because as much as they are loved on this forum they have never managed to sound more than ok to me---i could be wrong though,will decide after repeated plays.

Got a reasonable selection of gigs between now and Xmas.

Desert Mountain Tribe @ St Pancras Chapel

Augustines @ O2 Brixton

Pumarosa @ Village Underground

Ezra Furman @ The Roundhouse

Local Natives @ O2 Oxford

Kevin Morby @ Islington Assembly Hall

Okkervil River @ Islington Assembly Hall

BellX1 @ Islington Assembly Hall

Black Peaches @ Sticky Mike's Frog Bar

The Coral @ O2 Shepherd's Bush

Having not been to Islington Assembly Hall for maybe 2 years, I now find myself booked in for 3 gigs in a week. Also looking at Lucy Dacus and The Big Moon, both of whom I missed at EOTR and Michael Rother who I missed at GM. And thanks for posting about Bon Iver - have to watch out for that one too, not got anything booked for 2017 yet.

from the bits i've heard of the new bon iver record, it's even worse than the last one

save your money

or go and see 5 small gigs instead

SKL/Jesu outstanding at Cadogan Hall last night, all songs from last cd plus a few from next one due out next June, perfect timing eh Walter? Surprisingly few people there.

I was in town the weekend of that show and dithered about going, didn;t in the end. It was not cheap eh? And whilst the /Jesu album was ok, it was no Universal (which was no Benji). The price of success I fear. 

Good to hear that smithers. I'm off to Brighton to see them tomorrow. 

The Bristol Colston Hall gig was relocated to the smaller 'studio' area due to poor ticket sales, hopefully there are enough folk with good taste in Brighton.

Great to hear about the further collaboration too. I've been seriously abusing my eardrums with the first one in recent weeks.


Well that was certainly a highlight of my gig-going year. MK's good humour managed to survive a Southern Railways' train journey down to Brighton to the extent that he'd even penned a little ditty on the way to open the show with.

My only disappointment was that it resulted in some friendly banter with a complete wanker in the audience who really deserved to be ripped to shreds but you can't win them all.

The new collaborative material sounded great, I'll be looking forward to that album release.



When I saw SKM in Manchester in July Victor from Singapore, who wrote the letter quoted in "Last Night I Rocked The Room Like Elvis And Had Them Laughing Like Richard Pryor," was in the audience - it led to some lovely moments.

Think I might have gone Meilyr mad looking at my forthcoming gig diary:

Meilyr Jones @ Thekla, Bristol

Meilyr Jones @ Bullingdon Club, Oxford

Fews @ Clwb, Cardiff

Lisa Hannigan @ Tramshed, Cardiff

Meilyr Jones @ Tramshed, Cardiff

Swn Festival @ various venues around Cardiff

Steve Mason @ The Globe, Cardiff

Ezra Furman @ Tramshed, Cardiff

Estrons & Clwb, Cardiff

The Pop Group @ The Globe, Cardiff

Traams @ Clwb, Cardiff

Teenage Fanclub @ Glee Club, Cardiff

Low's Christmas show @ St George's, Bristol (tough call as Pixies playing Cardiff same night, but opted for church over arena). 

King Creosote @ Tramshed, Cardiff (first in the book for 2017)

Tempted to go see Angel Olsen in Bristol too, but bit put off by the venue and prospect of Sunday travel. Hoping to see her return to Green Man next year anyway. 

Seems that a Kraftwerk date at Bristol Colston Hall for next June is going to be announced this morning. Being as their last appearance there (or anywhere close I imagine) was 1975 it would be foolish not to. 

Saw Meilyr Jones for the third time this year at Mama Roux's in Birmingham. First time this place has put a proper gig on I beleive. Done out with a N' Orleans vibe in mind and with a balcony in the style of a French Quarter bordello on which the entire band performed a magical acoustic encore. Meilyr still can't find a pair of trousers long enough to fit him though. He was, of course, lovely as ever. I particularly love the way even when he's getting carried away in the excitement of being a star he cracks a cheeky knowing smile. Bring him back ro 2017 pleasse!

I hadn't spotted KC in January Wakestock ... now my first one for 2017 too.

I'm particularly happy as I had to give his recent London show a miss.

Support act Modern Studies are terrific too. Swell To Great is a beautiful record - highly recommended.

I'll be trying to nab some Kraftwerk tickets tomorrow also.

I've a good October coming up with Stars of the Lid, Ultimate Painting, Loyle Carner, Arab Strap, Michael Kiwanuka; Steve Mason, & Ezra twice.


Expect I'll see you at a couple of those Peridot. Looking forward to seeing Meilyr Jones tonight; again next week, and once more for good measure towards the end of October. By my reckoning that'll be the 6th time this year. I can feel a restraining order coming on. 

As Krasnyi says you can't have too much Meilyr. I've seen him four times this year but unfortunately can't make the current ones.

I do fancy that Fews gig in Clwb but it's the night before I'm away for Arab Strap in London so I'll have to see how the land lies domestically before committing :)


Off to have a tooth extracted then straight to Manchester for All Them Witches[plenty of numbing alcohol needed methinks],daughters wedding on Friday then off to Hebden Bridge to see Steve Mason followed by Daughter,Wooden Shjips,Cigarettes after Sex,Alabama 3[for the 41st time],Mystic Braves,Chemical Brothers and the Shiiine Festival in Minehead[House of Love and Electric Soft Parade being my highlights].Then for a period of tv,slippers and coffee while the coffers replenish.

Starved of gigs here in rural Ireland. Had to make do with a virtual gig last night. Climbing Trees at the The lads were in fine form. A mere 7.50 a ticket. No queues for the bar (fridge) no gig talkers and I managed to sneak a few others in front of the telly for free!

Still nothing like being there so we've a trip to the mighty music town of Kilkenny next weekend for Peter Bruntnell followed by Malojian who is promoting his excellent new album. 

Celtic Connections programme for January 2017 just released and, as usual, some fantastic stuff.  I could ruin my credit history buying tickets, but settled for King Creosote (with the excellent Charlie Cunningham too), Sarah Jarosz, Hoorah for the Riff Raff, Alasdair Roberts, Eliza Carthy, George Monbiot & Ewan McLennan and Laura Marling & BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (I wouldn't have normally bother with the latter, but it should be worth checking out)