Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

Loved the inaugural Festival of Voice in Cardiff over last 10 days in various venues around the city. Starting with John Cale, joined on stage throughout the evening by a choir, brass and string section, Charlotte Church and Michael Sheen, plus support from Gwenno. A night at the opera to see Cav and Pag; Rufus Wainwright playing a largely solo set, supported by; a remarkable immersive one woman pop-up opera in an apartment in Penarth (La Voix Humaine); John Grant plus support from Meilyr Jones; and Le Mysteres des Voixe Bulgares enchanting us in Llandaff Cathedral. I bought that album when 4AD put it out in the 80s

Watched Pictish Trail and Malcolm Middleton last week,with PT being the support,so strange it is the opposite way round on the listings.They might surprise people with MM playing his new electro album and PT playing his new dance pop album--both very entertaining.

Off to watch Love Revisited,,we will celebrate the musical legacy of Arthur Lee.Also Wooden Shjips tickets bought for the autumn.

Anyone here seen Peter Bruntnell live? Not that familiar with him to be honest, but read that Grauniad feature on him last week and liked the cut of his gib, and the couple of clips I've heard. Playing my neck of the woods this week, in a decent venue, so tempted to take a look for less than a tenner. Completely different kettle of fish, but really enjoyed seeing Sauna Youth last night. Week after next hoping I finally get to see Stealing Sheep, who are playing in a very cosy venue, entrance in exchange for an unwanted piece of electrical equipment to recycle 

Only vaguely heard of Peter Bruntnell Wakestock, but I've found the article and like what I read and heard. I might try to get along to that.


I think he might be well worth a look. Appears to be a musicians' musician, with a number of high profile fans. I notice he's also supporting Richmond Fontaine for final Welsh date in Clwb in October, but I do like the intimacy of The Moon Club. They also serve decent beers in there now too, courtesy of residents Gravity Station

In that case I'm sold.

See you there ... and I owe you one of those decent beers for all your great recommendations :)


This one is as much a stab in the dark for me too in truth, but having read that piece in the Guardian, and listened to a couple of snippets I was sold, and have now recklessly purchased a ticket. I'm reasonably optimistic I won't regret it, though Mrs W wasn't having a bit of it, dismissing him as sounding like The Travelling Wilburys. I'd have happily forked out £8 to see them in The Moon Club mind.

Not much wrong with the Wilburys!

Just nabbed a ticket in case it sells out :-)

In other news Ultimate Painting are playing Bristol Exchange on 5 October, which will be very nice indeed.




is there an UP tour...?

(consults internet...)

There's an Islington one in there for you.

Assume you've noticed the Pete Astor / Simon Love one on Aug 21 :(

Have a word with him and see if he can change the venue to Walled Garden.


seen it

booked it

bought it

hadn't seen the pete show

bummer that it clashes with GM

but pete will be back!

he should play GM, you're right - would go down a storm, i reckon

I asked him on twatter if he'd consider playing some extra dates - Manchester and Liverpool, which are my closest options....

....he liked my message, for what it's worth.

Yes, it was 2012 ... the last really wet year.

I can tell because your excellent recording, which I listen to frequently, is augmented by the gentle sloshing sounds of folk walking by.

I don't know how well Megafaun's procurement efforts went, but they were certainly in fine fettle when they closed the Walled Garden stage that night ... one of my all time GM highlights.


I have that recording too, there's a long brilliant spacey track they play at the end which suggests that their quest was successful .

Even I felt stoned and I haven't been down that particular avenue of pleasure for the best part of 15 years.

Sun Kil Moon in the Royal Festival Hall tonight has been my gig of the year so far.

Mark, on the last night of the current tour, was in the best form I've witnessed, and accompanied by a fantastic band.

Some great new material aired along with the old favourites. Having fallen in love with Porto myself this year, his new "I Love Portugal" track, written after a visit to the same city and describing some of the exact same experiences I had was particurally exciting.

A light-hearted spat with an audience member saw him claiming that he had a return date to London with Justin Broadrick booked in September while she claimed the only nearby date was in Brighton. Well she was right. They're playing Bristol Colston Hall (Wakestock take note) on 16 September, which I can't make, and the Brighton date is 19 September. So I've gone and booked a ticket and hotel for Brighton before I think about it and realise I can't afford it.

You only live once.


Cheers for the heads up Peridot. I will get on the case for that one. Were you aware Eleanor Freiberger is playing the Moon Club in September by the way? I'd love to have gone to that one, but unfortunately I'm away at the time. 

Should be fantastic in there; busy though I suspect. I did see Fiery Furnaces some years back when they played Barfly, but I think I actually like the solo stuff she's done recently more. Surprised she still hasn't appeared at Green Man. I'll just have to make do with your review this time. 

Great night wasn't it Peridot? He was on great form, lovely version of Dogs and Exodus, new songs good too and a Jason Molina cover. Checked to see if there was a London date when I got up this morning, alas no. Not sure I can get to Brighton.

Yes, I wonder if a London date might be in the offing, or if he just thinks Brighton is a suburb of London :)

If it is, it would probably be the Saturday or Sunday anyway, which I wouldn't be able to get to. 

Just spoken to the proprietor of my local record shop who went to see SKM at the Glee Club who reckoned it was the worst gig he'd been to in years! Said MK's guitarist was terrified of his mentor and that MK's genral attitude towards the audience and constant cussing was rather tedious. 

Me, I didn't even think about going.

Wouldn't do if we were all t'same.

It certainly wouldn't Krasnyi.

MK certainly has a unique sense of humour that is very easy to misinterpret.

I genuinely believe he's one of the sweetest people alive, but he doesn't always come across that way.


I saw Sun Kil Moon at the RNCM in Manchester last Wednesday. He played a beautiful, perfectly chosen three hour set. The band, with Steve Shelley on drums and Justin Broadrick on guitar were superb. MK was in good form (I believe he had a stomach bug during the Glee Club show) and there was lots of banter with the audience but all very good natured. This was the best of the four shows I've seen him play - actually very special.

Sounds great Veuf, I thought the London gig was the best of the three times I've seen him.

Anyone listened to his Michael Jackson song? Streaming on his website. Think it's fair to say he wasn't a fan...

Holidays are a curse for live music lovers. As soon as I book one I can guarantee that some great gigs will be announced on the same dates. 

Even worse is the lack of sympathy from family members, they seem to think that spending time with them is some kind of compensation!


Quite. . .

I'm currently having to endure, sorry,  enjoy my kids and niece singing stuff by the  Black Eyed Peas in a remote cottage in a misty part of County Mayo!

Roll on GM 


at least you don't have to put up with having your Green Man playlists interrupted by Shawn Mendes (if you don't know, google him)

Indeed! I have tickets for Low in Liverpool on the 3rd but will be away - admittedly I'm on a road trip in SW USA so I'm hardly complianing. But I know I'm going to really miss my annual dose of Low.

If it's any consolation I'll be seeing Low in Cardiff on Tuesday. Two sets, and local what's more. Previously it's involved a trip to London, and their appearance at Green Man of course. 

gigs here falling nicely between holidays and Green Man for me

British Sea Power and Goodnight Lenin, Kevin Morby, Whitney all at the fabled Hare & Hounds

Nice line-up there Kras. 

Low's appearance in Cardiff is the first fail of my holiday booking schedule - we travel on Tuesday :(

The fabled Sun Kil Moon / Jesu London date has appeared. It's at Cadogan Hall on Sat 17 Sept. Not one I can make so I'm pleased I went for Brighton on the following Monday. 


just got back from a sunny Tramlines in Sheffield with the kids, just chilling at one small stage and back to back over two days saw Laura J Martin (wow.... can she blast the flute), Gwenno (utterly charming and I now understand what the songs are about), Teleman (get better every time I see them), Field Music (just astonishingly special), Jane Weaver, C Duncan and Marika Hackman.....  and at £32 a ticket for 3 days - not sure can be bettered

Thought having two sets was a bit odd though, breaks up the flow somewhat and audience seemed slow returning for the second. There seemed to be even more talkative dickheads than usual though which was frustrating. Low were sublime however

Filling the void already, just back from Whitney at a steaming hot Hare and Hounds. Musically tighter than their GM set but lacking some of the warmth. Maybe they need a small child with a Black Sabbath t-shirt in the audience. Kevin Morby on Thursday.