A bewitching treat

This is so gorgeous. GM without JY? Not right that.


Saw them a few months back. Green Man would love that.

No Cate le Bon or 9 Bach either. Bit like ravens and tower of london.

the blues you sang is one of the stand-out tracks off the last album but this version is even sweeter.

He's lovely isn't he. Like listening to a wise friend, chatting.

luckily for me I can go see them in Manch on the 26th


bat for lashes just posted a hangman puzzle on their FB page

_ E _    _ I _ _ _

presumably a new album title

red witch...?

giving some credence to that idea that they / natasha are the TBC for the saturday...?

well, GM just wrote this in response to the 'it's david byrne' idea:

"It's not David.. 

I've always quite liked bats.."

looks a LOT like bat for lashes to me now!

If it's Natasha Khan that slot is absolutely sorted. Getting excited now (and clearly my working from home today is going excellently...)

Bat for Lashes new stuff would be quite a coup.... Colour me intrigued. Still siding with Wytches though I think

is what some people are guessing it's going to be based on instagram pics.

That clues on Bat for Lashes instagram too...

bats for lashes . . wytches . . both leave me cold

sturgill simpson follwed by richard dawson while the kids explore einstein's garden I think


it IS BFL then

that's just changed my number 1 must see

This was never going to work out well for me. Had it been the Wytches, there would have been a family dispute over them or Richard Dawson.

With BFL that problem goes away but I want to see both ... bugger.


i would not be surprised if BFL don't end up in the slot that they're in on the clashfinder

they'll be higher up the bill, i'd have thought

so you won't know what they clash with until thursday!