about to sell out?

just went up on FB that today is GM 2015's "last day on sale"

It's interesting, imo last years line up was ridiculously good and better than this year (not moaning because it would have been very hard to top last year), so maybe its the more mainstream headliners causing it to sell out quicker.

Well the last 2 years have been ridiculously good in terms of overall experience (even the weather last time won't have put people off this time) that I'd be very surprised if most people who came last year didn't come this year too. 

Does this mean that tomorrow Walter can just tell us the rest of the lineup and kill all the suspense, or does it not work like that? :)

Saying it is the last day on sale seems an odd phrase, no? When they first said tickets were running low I thought it was the usual marketing, buyt then when they got specific as 500 the four of us committed ourselves and got tickets! 

whats the protocol for selling spares at cost (or below).

I have some friends who now probably cannot attend, who have tickets.

Dont want to break any rules or owt, like.

wavey davey - i need a ticket!

mrs rad's eldest is going to be unexpectedly in the country and wants to join us

if you send me a PM on the unofficail site (http://greenmanfest.proboards.com/) or give me some other way of contacting you, i'll definitely want to buy one of those spares

I've created an area on the Unofficial Forum (link in ray-rad's post above) for buying and selling tickets if anyone wants to use it.

You will need to register in order to see it.

This is intended to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers only, it offers no additional protection against scammers. If you have any concerns whatsoever about a transaction don't take the risk. If you need any advice ask on there and members will help if they can, but the risk will always remain with the traders.