All Shook Up

Second edition of Marc Riley's 'All Shook Up' featuring Wire and Jane Weaver (and Monotony  - not my cup o' char)

Is that cyfarthfa playing bass in Jane Weaver's band?


Thanks Krasnyi, looking forward to Jane Weaver even more now. Rather liked Monotony, not sure why he was wearing a souwester though.

Sounds great ... I look forward to checking it out when I'm home tomorrow. 

Currently camping in the rain. It'll be good practice for GM.


In an attempt to make someone care (other than Mrs Wakestock) Monotony reappeared as Sauna Youth in ep. 3.

They were still just as monotonous though.

Definetly cyfarthfa (or his long lost twin) in JW's band.



Blimey! That was quite something, had the opportunity to see him here a few months ago, wish I'd gone. Wytches not too shabby either