Krasnyi and GAster

Would be great to meet at Lunar Festival. I'm stewarding Friday and Sunday 19:00 to 00.00. So sometime during the afternoon on Saturday? I'll wear my Green Man lanyard. Near the bar obviously.

H folks


Yes it would be nice to meet up. I'm quite tall and will probabluy be wearing flares and a flowery shirt or gig T shirt my other half will doubtless be wearing a vintage 60s outfit. Saturday looks like a busy day for us. We'll trying to get to see Syd Arthur, Jane Weaver, Pretty Things, Plank, Mike Heron and Tremblimg Bells and then we'll be in the bar all eveving for Richard Norris's Sensateria.

I'll keep my eyes open for a Green Man lanyard and an 'All Night Disco...' T-shirt.

See you there folks - looking forward to it almost as much as Gren Man...

Didn't spot a G.M lanyard or ANDWMW T-shirt either, but we had a great time. Will definitely look at who's playing next year and may well be back.


Couldn't find my ANDWMW t-shirt. Was mainly wearing my Micky Jones t-shirt which won me some compliments from old Man fans and my Peaches Records New Orleans t-shirt. What took your fancy GAster? I enjoyed the Drink, Jane Weaver, Tinariwen, Trembling Bells with Mike Heron and that Chilean band on Sunday afternoon.

Sad that we couldn't make Lunar after having such a great time last year, although it was incredibly easy to get a seat at Blues Club at the Hare on Saturday! Defnitely returning in 2016.

I live in Moseley although it's roughly the same distance to Moseley Village or Kings Heath High Street depending on whether I turn left or right out of my street. Great place to live.

Sorry to have missed you guys, but as you say those Chileans were ace. A new discovery. On to Deer Shed before Green Man and EOTR. I think I may have seen your flares and Mrs GAster's lovely dress but I was too shy to interrupt your enjoyment of the band. Plank! maybe?

Hi Raikeswood - we did see Plank so that probably was us. I'm quite shy m'self so I understand your reluctance, but do come and say hello if you spot us at Green Man.

Krasnyi - We arrived late on Friday so we only caught Tinariwen by the time we'd put the tent up etc. We caught Plank, Jane Weaver, Syd Arthur, My Brightest Diamond and the Pretty Things. Disappointingly we somehow managed to miss Trembling Bells. We spent most of Saturday evening and the wee small hours dancing at the Sensateria psychedelic disco in the bar, which was great fun. Sunday didn't happen for us regrettably. We stayed up that late on Saturday that by the time we woke up it was time for us to pack and go due to prior commitments. We were gutted to miss Robyn Hitchcock, Julian Cope and the Radiophonic workshop but it couldn't be helped.

I also missed Robyn Hitchcock as had to get kids home it being a school day the next day. Radiophonic Workshop were dull as dishwater to be honest. More importantly you missed the rather fine Follakzoid.