Train tips!

For those of you who take the train, I thought I'd give you a public service announcement that cheap advance tickets are now available.

I've also noticed that London- Abergavenny tickets are more expensive than they should be, so it's cheaper to split your journey by up to about £10 each way at the moment- use this to help.

Happy buying.


Excellent info bc.

It got me thinking whether there were any other train tips to suggest. 

One for folk travelling from London is to be sure and look to the right after leaving Reading (behind the train maintenance depot) to observe the dismal souless site of the Reading festival in its final stages of preparation. Such a contrast to Glanusk.

And if you fancy a coffee or snack when changing trains at Newport don't go to the Upper Crust on platform 2/3 - instead follow the signs for platform 4 and beside the ticket gates to the main car park exit there's a wonderful independent outlet called Hi Coffee. 


Oooh I'll have to try Hi Coffee out! I think I went to Upper Crust last year....

There's the issue of packed trains between Newport and Abergavenny. If you're booked on a train, don't worry about getting that specific train- for example, you may want to get the one before the one that connects with your booked train onwards at Newport. On Monday morning, note that (roughly speaking) the trains are spaced half an hour apart. But there are two gaps of an hour. If you can, try and get on one that people have only been waiting half an hour for.... In other words, avoid the trains at 0958 and at 1158. I'm booked on the 1158 but will aim for the one an hour earlier and buy a newspaper in Newport, I think...

And at Abergavenny the people doing the temporary cafe outside the backpackers hostel are very friendly. 

I'm planning on travelling to Crickhowell on the Wednesday this year, so anticipate a far more pleasant journey there at least. Probably hang around until Monday afternoon too to avoid the worst of it. Luckily i don't have far to go anyway

I like this thread. even though I don't arrive by train.

It's making me feel like the festival's not far off!!!