Daily schedule


Is there a schedule of who is playing on each day?

Deciding which day for a resident ticket

not yet

can't remember exactly when they release this

but a good deal later than most folk would like, i recall!

Unless anyone else knows different its a case of waiting for the first day and buying a programme. Anthing before that is speculation and guesswork I would say. 

They do break it down into stages and days a few weeks before on website I believe, but not specific time slots until you buy the programme on site

According to the chap on e-festivals, who seems to have trawled social media, the breakdown day by day could be thus....

Thur 20 - Dan Deacon

Fri 21 - Hot Chip, Mew, Natalie Prass, Atomic Bomb, Calexico, Kiran Leonard, Strand of Oaks, Viet Cong, Leisure Society, Villagers, Temples, Alasdair Roberts, Zun Zun Egui, 2 Bears.

Sat 22 - SFA, Charles Bradley, Sturgill Simpson, The Fall, Hookworms, Jamie XX, Jane Weaver, Songhoy Blues, Wave Pictures, The Drink, White Fence, Hooton TC, Vok,Staves, Patrick Watson, Hannah Lou Clark.

 Sun 23 - St Vincent. M.E White. PSB. Courtney Barnett. Father John Misty. Sylvan. Esso. Owen Pallett. Ultimate Painting. Son Lux. Steve Gunn. Ryley Walker, BTWS, All We Are, Black YaYa.

...but I'm only the messenger.


There has, in past years, always been a very heroic individual who creates a clash finder, starting a couple of months beforehand.

However I think he now has family commitments which prevent him from such (some would say, but not I) trivial pursuits.


There is already a sketchy one up on Clashfinder, but I'd take it with several heaped tablespoons of salt at this stage. Probably about as accurate as a current weather forecast for August. Believe I saw Richard Dawson indicate he'll be playing on the Thursday on his website too 


Courtney Barnett to clash with St Vincent. Are you joking? I hope to god that is wrong. I am basically coming to see both of them. 

Goat on the mountain stage? Surely that's wrong. 

Even after we had the stage and day breakdown last year the clashfinder proved to be very inaccurate as GM adjusted the stage timings. 

That's not to denigrate the effort put in to producing it. It's always a great one page summary of the line-up, but there's no point whatsoever in assuming anything good or bad from attempts to put one together at this stage.

While we may have had some strange stage allocations in the past, I don't thing Goat on the MS is credible - that one needs hot and sweaty!



Goat will pull a massive crowd. It might be the best option. Lots of folks were turned away from their performance at last year's Liverpool Psych Fest due to over-crowding. I don't mind if they're on the main stage really.

that is at a psych fest. I saw them the night after that in Glasgow, in a venue of about 200. DOn;t get me wrong, I want to see them again. But it will be better in the far out tent. 

Bigger Goat??

Goat and SFA combo makes a bit of sense, I guess, but I wouldn't think of working anything out until at least all the bands are announced. Should be more announced soon? Final batch?

nothing is better in the far out tent

everything i've enjoyed in there would have been better on either the main or walled garden stage

Yer wrong  - almost everything is better in the far out 

... especially later in the weekend when the aroma has fully developed.

Too much light and air in the other places ... although my twee side does love the walled garden too.


Oh yes, I like to keep it in check but it's been very much aroused this year by the dulcet tones of Natalie Prass.

I've tried to resist her spell but it's futile, so I'll be gambolling towards the Walled Garden for that one.


Are you going to see her at Thekla as well Peridot? Looking forward to that, and will no doubt be heading for the Walled Garden too, if that's where she plays. Hope so

Unfortunately I have something else on that evening, although I'm strongly thinking of trying to wheedle out of it.

Just wanted to point out that the way the software on these threads automatically makes the first few words of a comment its "subject" can be unintentionally amusing, as the "subject" of one of Elizabeth's comments above demonstrates. Not sure how reliable that bloke will be, but he's probably very friendly and might need some water.

  • The earliest I remember Green Man releasing the days and stages schedule was in 2013 when it came out in the middle of May. I only remember this because it was the same day I found out I was getting made redundant from work. 


every time i see their name in any listings, i go through that exact same series of reactions...

I could really do with the day/stage splits by next week so I can work out if I need to skip Jon Hopkins for PSB at Glastonbury to avoid a PSB/Courtney Barnett clash at Green Man. I imagine the set times are probably sitting all completed on a desk in the GM office right now, so if you could just post them online now as a favour to me, that would be GREAT.