Third Announcement?!?

Anyone got an incling as to when this will be? Now i have my mits on a ticket (virtually), i wanna know EVERYTHING i can possibly see/do, now!

last year, third announcement was in the second week of april

then there was another in mid may

and a final one towards the end of june

not that i was keeping notes or anything...

A bit of speculation for you. I reckon there's a lot of Mountain Stage material there, and a lot of walled garden material, so is something big in the Far Out Tent (Folkey Dokey) being held back? Maybe somebody's curating an evening or something? 

I'm probably wrong but it feels like a lot more bands have been revealed over two announcements this year than in 2014. All three Mountain Stage headliners have been announced whereas last year Mercury Rev weren't confirmed until quite late on. That of course could've had something to do with the Belle & Sebastian mystery.

Quite pleased, would like to see Teleman agin, but nothing much else and already got too many potential clashes.  Still love to see HGM added... come on Walter

It's funny - everytime one of you guys has been banging on about Colorama  i've been reading it as Cinerama (the post wedding present David Gedge thing) - and i've been thinking, yeah they were alright, but...really?

So now i have a new band to discover..   They sound pretty good on the first couple of songs i've listened to.

Very pleased about William Onyebor (or the music of, to be correct). I know Alexis Taylor is usually apart of the Atomic Bomb Band so expect to see him involved. Perhaps the other members could be an indicator of who else is on the line-up (when's that fourth announcement, damn it!?)
Sinkane seem quite likely as they're all in the Atomic Bomb! Band. I wonder if any of the rest of the core band might bring their main projects along. Or who from the GM line-up might guest in it. Definitely one to watch.!_Band

 I know this flies in the face of the prevailing mood, but I'm really struggling to find anything to get excited about this year (with the exception of Ryley Walker), which is really strange because last year's line-up was, in my opinion, absolutely superb.

I know by other folk's reactions to the announcements that this is not a reflection of the quality of the line-up and speaks volumes about my own narrow musical tastes.

I'm going to have to ask for recommendations from my more knowledgeable muso mates on here....any pointers appreciated x

Hi elizabeth, i have to agree with you, last years lineup was a lot better in my opinion, I'm quite happy wiih the line up, as im giving this year a miss.  Try steve Gunn and Sturgill Simpson though, I'm hoping you get HGM and his band as he was great in Bristol.  I'll see you in 2016 though, the line up is very subjective, but it's going to be amazing, enjoy and look forward to the reviews in August.

Hi Carnie, shame you've decided to give it a miss this year. I am not too worried about the line-up really; the lovely forum folk here have given me some homework to do now.

I suppose after Bill Callahan, Sun Kil Moon, William Tyler, Samantha Crain and Jonathan Wilson last year, this year had so much to live up to and couldn't possibly match it for me.

Will look into Sturgill Simpson and Steve Gunn....I was really hoping for HGM too.

Better line up for me than last year - Alasdair Roberts, Sweet Babs and Pictish, SLUG, Wave Pictures, Ryley Walker, Tele-bloody-vision! And so on. Not sure I'll be there though following change of my wife's job and rebellion from one of the kids. Gonna be touch and go this year. Bah!


I'm feeling the same, Elizabeth. But I think that's more because last year's line-up was just phenomenal. I bought a ticket based on the line-up last year; this year I bought it for the experience of the festival.

Still some fantastic stuff, though. I'm excited for Goat, Television, BC Camplight, Courtney Barnett, Marika Hackman, Ryley Walker, Viet Cong, and a handful of others that are not must-sees but should be good. Fewer big names this year, but great gems to discover.

Hi Sminty,

I bought a Super Early Bird Settler's ticket package for the family the day after last year's festival, flushed with exhilaration.

It's my favourite weekend of the year, so I know that by the time I've done my homework, I'll have a list of must-sees.

Isn't there some doubt over over the likelihood of BC Camplight appearing? As I understand it visa issues have prevented him playing any gigs for some time now, an unhappy situation that seems to be running on with no resolution in sight

I know what you mean - but .......

I still think there is a lot of interesting stuff to see and hear. For me, looking forward to Natalie Prass, Songhoy Blues, Sturgill Simpson, Ryley Walker, The Fall, Steve Gunn, The Staves, Charles Bradley, Calexico, The Leisure Society and I usually spend a lot of time in the Literature Tent, so waiting to see the announcements for that.

michael chapman just announced that he's making a record with HGM this year

perhaps they're saving the GM announcement until a tour to support that is arranged...

mmm... thanks Ray,  record made and ordered.... via three-lobed recordings.... a dangerous site to visit, just cost me dearly... but looking forward to the release... due August

Thanks Green Man!

I've been pleading to see Colorama at the festival for years now.

Also particularly delighted to see Meic Stevens and Syd Arthur are playing. Great stuff!

I needed a bit of good news today...



Does anyone know if the Thursday night headliner is among the acts already announced or are we still waiting for that announcement? 

We're still waiting for the Thursday night delight to be announced.

I'm hoping it won't be much longer .. the suspense is killing me.


No news on Thursday yet then? That means presumably there's at least one more big name to be announced then. Wonder if it could be Woods. I seem to recall Ray pointing out that they're touring the UK around about Green Man time with a Green Man sized hole in their schedule. That'd be the icing on the cake for one of the best Green Man line-ups sos far, for my money. Their 'With Light and with Love' album was one of my favs from last year.