2015 Suggestions for Walter

Sufjan Stevens
Aphex Twin
Boards of Canada
AA Bondy
Hiss Golden Messenger
Tiny Ruins
Grandma Sparrow
Sufjan Stevens
Hurray for the Riff Raff
Beachwood Sparks
Nils Frahm
Boniface Billy
John Fullbright
Daniel Rossen
Sweet Billy Pilgrim

  • air
  • battles
  • cian ciaran
  • deerhoof
  • diagonal
  • dungen
  • gruff rhys
  • holy fuck
  • hookworms
  • marnie stern
  • menace beach
  • sex hands
  • soccer 96
  • ty segall
  • warm digits
  • wolf people
  • wooden shjips
  • zun zun egui

that was fun

Ezra Furman

Steve Mason

Sinead O'Connor

Richard Thompson

Wave Pictures

Cate le Bon

Hurray for the Riff Raff


Martin Stephenson

Maud in Cahoots

Stalin's Street Party

Fanfara Tirana


The Ash & The Oak

Jon Langford

The Keys


Bonnie Tyler


ooh peridot, you are a caution!

steve mason? come on I ask you

in these lists are at least one name in each made up?

I mean . . . sex hands?


in for a penny

vashti bunyan

robyn hitchcock


orchestra baobab

pere ubu
drench applique
treefight for sunlight
richard thompson
goodnight lenin
voluntary butler scheme
cerys matthews
robert plant
avi buffalo
allah las
kate rusby
the unthanks
turbulent blue
wolf people
trembling bells
and all the other stuff I like

Beachwood sparks,

the hold steady,

shovels & rope

davendra banhart

mission south, 

the old 97s


garth hudson


natalie merchant


Realistic...Steve Mason, Phosphorescent, Ezra Furman, Hiss Golden Messenger, King Creosote, Damien Jurado, Nick Cave, Boards of Canada, Lambchop, Mount Eerie, William Tyler, Carthy/Waterson combination, James Yorkston.

Unrealistic....Neil Young, Tom Waits, Bill Callahan (always,every year) Talk Talk.

Forgot to mention:

La Terza Classe - bluegrass folk from Naples - again one of the smaller venues.

Walter please use all of your canine powers to convince Boards of Canada to play live at GM, headline spot on the mountain stage would be magical. Bring a bit of hexagon sun to Glanusk please.

It seems a little greedy to make too many requests for next year....this year's music was so brilliant.

But I'm sure with the passage of time I'll think of quite a few more.

Boards of Canada would be lovely though.

same suggestions as every year for me:
3 out of these four for headliners:

Sufjan Stevens
Nick Cave
Bonnie Prince Billy
PJ Harvey

yes, Steve Gunn would be great, love to see him late on in the Walled Garden, this sounds great Carnie, his voice is improving too over last album


Nick Cave


PJ Harvey

Sufjan Stevens

Grumbling Fur

Ezra Furman

St Vincent

Robyn Hitchcock


Os Mutantes


Bonnie Prince Billy


Ty Segal

Tame Impala

winged Victory

I have to admit that I counted myself amongst those who scoffed loudly at the choice of Ben Howard as a headliner in 2013 ...

and I was wrong ...

even if the music was not quite to my taste, his performance on the Mountain Stage captured the essence of Green Man as much as anyone who has played there.

Now, having heard the first live outing of some of his new material during the summer, and seen his 'Maida Vale' and 'iTunes Festival' performances, I feel obliged to come out ...

and make Ben Howard my No.1 headliner request for 2015.

It feels good to have said that :)


I am all for Goat, saw them the other week, they were excellent. And Lay Llama's. Much better live then their records suggest. But mostly I want to suggest The Dø. They seem, to me, to be criminally neglected in the UK, but reasonable well followed across Europe and US. They are an excellent live outfit: 



I absolutely loved their album 'A Mouthful' that a Finnish friend sent me a few years ago, I must admit I didn't really follow their career beyond that. Will have to check out their more recent stuff.

On the Ben Howard question, when he was announced as headliner a couple of years ago, I put up a big defence of the decision that so many others derided. My view was that we should all realise that we're not the only discerning people who love their music. I remember Ray and I having a few words about it. As it happens I didn't enjoy Ben Howard on the night but that didn't mean that a lot of other people didn't. I can see where Peridot is coming from and I absolutely respect that. Now - is there any chance that we can get Patti Smith to come back because in the years that I've been going to Green Man she has been my favourite amongst many, many favourites - People have the Power!

Just heard a track off Frazey Ford's new album on BBC6 - I'd definitely love to see her anywhere at next years Green Man.

Yes please to Goat from me too, one of the highlights of this year and would love to see them in Far Out. Definitely not before sunset either please Walter

Bought three CDs last week - three acts for 2015


Avi Buffalo

Hiss Golden Messenger (finally relented to forum presure and hey it's a cracking album, have to love any sone containing the lyric, 'I left my mandolin in the train, in Coushatta')

Bought those three too Krasnyi, can't get into Foxygen at all, but they may well be great live.  The other two are definitely Green Man.

Loving Goat too.... great album, have it on an amazing psychedelic splattered vinyl, hypnotising my eyes whilst I listen

Houndmouth (From the hills below the city  is one of the best albums ever for a good singalong)

Hot Feet

The Staves

Tiny Ruins

The Burning Hell

Paul Thomas Saunders


I'd like to go a bit alt. country here and suggest Chatham County Line and/or Sturgill Simpson whose Metamodern Sounds in Country Music album is quite magnificent.

That John Murry track is ace ... I'd certainly welcome him on the bill

and Sturgill Simpson would be utterly perfect for a Sunday afternoon slot on the Mountain Stage.

Since the term alt-country has surfaced might I respectfully suggest The Handsome Family, Lucinda Williams and Vikesh Kapoor? 

Oh and Sam Amidon's new album is truly a thing of beauty. He was a bit lost on the big stage 2 years ago. How about a Walled-garden  headline slot for Sam? Ask him nicely and he might bring his missus along too. I've heard she's been known to sing the odd tune. 

Decemberists have a new album out in January also. Always thought they'd be a good fit for GM. 

Just make sure none of the above clash with The Mountain Goats. (You have booked them Walter, haven't you?) 

Sam Amidon is supporting Sharon Van Etten on her dates next spring I see. Tempted to make trip over to Bristol for Trinity Centre gig

Some left field suggestions:

How about Kate Tempest. She's been to Green Man before. I'd rather she did spoken word than sang though.

Badly Drawn Boy is apparently releasing new material next year, he'd love the Green Man vibe.

I can see David Gray as a mainstream choice - the Ben Howard of 2015

If people are shouting for Bonnie Prince Billie, can I suggest Bob Dylan?


Underworld are currently touring their 'dubnobasswithmyheadman' album, fantastic for next year's GM, it would bring back very happy memories.