An enormous thanks to all you amazing people for being the magic ingredient in a festival full of unforgettable moments, music and memories.

Your response has been incredible and we've been overwhelmed by your feedback and really appreciate your lovely comments. If there is a highlight or idea you want to share, request for music or otherwise for 2015, then we really want to hear it. We'll be sending out our questionnaire shortly. 

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Green Man 2015: Early Bird tickets  

Green Man 2015 will take place next summer from August 20th to 23rd. We can’t wait to do it all again (maybe after a little lie down). We have a very limited amount of Super Early Bird tickets available to buy at bargain prices today. To buy them click here.

Until next year

We really hope you enjoyed your own unique Green Man experience to take home and cherish. This is a festival created for and shaped by  friendly like-minded folk like YOU. We’d love to welcome you back to Wales and the beautiful Brecon Beacons in 2015.

With 363 days until the Settlement opens, the count down for Green Man 2015 starts now and we cant wait to see you again,

Many thanks for joining us and lots of love,
Fiona, Ben, Nush and all of us at Green Man..

For all lost property enquiries  please email lostproperty@greenman.net

And a massive thank you to everyone at GM HQ, and everyone else involved in giving us such a wonderful experience to enjoy, and memories to cherish.

It's clear from the other threads that we had a fantastic time and I think it was ben who summed it up most succinctly - the whole thing was just amazing.

Clearly improvements had been made based on feedback from previous years, and I think we can be confident that any niggles experienced this year will be considered and addressed where possible in the future.

Here's to 2015!

spot on peridot

it's good to know that the organisers pay heed to the feedback they receive here and elsewhere

so just bear in mind the comments about increasing capacity eh?


Hi Krasnyi the capacity hasnt changed for many years we just sold out in advance this year. Its the same size as it was in previous years but a lot more people arrived on Thursday and stayed right through to Monday morning. There are no plans to increase the capacity. 

Woof woof!!

Don't know how they did it but we saw a young woman in a group of twenty something's slipping off her wristband and passing it to one of the lads who then walked off with it leaving her with no band. I'm guessing that somehow someone got in without a ticket?

Was there alot more volunteers/performers/freebies this year because there is no doubt there was more people on the site.Still enough space though--you just need more loos,bigger real ale bar and a better choice of drinks in the other bars.

thanks for the clarification wally, like others have noted there did seem to be more people aound this year - maybe a result of the weather?

I think the 20,000 number might be refering to everyone on site, including traders, comps, crew and children. It didn't feel anymore crowded than last year to me, although it did sem to fill up very quickly on Thursday. Sorry to sound like a veteren but I used to like the old Thursday nghts where you could drift ariound the site and talk to the guys on the mixing desk etc then walk into Crick for a pint....mummble groan, hasn't been the same since they they increased the capacity to 2,500 mumble..

There certainly seemed to be a lot more people about. I was particurarly surprised at how many people were there for the first act on the Mountain Stage each day. This must be so much better for the performers than a couple of rows of people with an empty field behind. I imagine it only takes an extra few hundred folk about to make the arena areas appear a lot more full, and with the strength of the line-up this year, together with the weather, it's not surprising that they came.

Perhaps we should stop denigrating those who spend a lot of time sat outside their tents chatting with their mates. There was certainly a large bunch pitched close to me this year and they appeared to be having a whale of a time. So, while we we may not understand such behaviour, I feel it is only to be encouraged. Each one of them nursing their glass of chablis is one fewer in the loo queue :-)



It was also good weather and a strong line up last year as well though but i do agree it does create a better atmosphere,the far out tent was full to bursting many times over the weekend which while not always comfortable does create a buzz.

And i much prefer groups to sit outside their tents drinking and chatting than set up around one of the stages---especially as we don't camp.