Your less -than-a-week-to-go Top 5

Yes, I'm starting another list thread, in an attenpt to assuage some of my ever more abusrd levels of excitement. It's been more than three months since the last post on the Top 10 thread, so I thought this was justifiable, and easy enough.

The Rules (only to clarify what will be flouted within a post or two)

1. Your top 5 must-see musical acts over the GM2014 weekend

 2. Ideally they should fit into the schedule as not clashing, as best we know it, currently.

3. Stick to 5 only

4. Try to play properly, Ray

Mine (in handy chronological order):

Michael A Grammar

Adult Jazz

Mac DeMarco (obvs)


First Aid Kit

Don't let me down, GM Forum...



 The Willams Family Big 5 are (in order of appearance over the weekend):

Michael A Grammar (ideally will open with The Day I Come Alive - Festival Started)

Teleman (No. 2 on my original must see list and no. 2 on this list, headline slot makes it even more eagerly anticipated)

Boy and Bear (if it's sunny, Toy in the tent if it's Raining - I've not broken the rules, weather decides final place)

Samantha Crain (someone said on another thread that they thought Kidface was album of 2014 so far. We agree)

Neutral Milk Hotel (Can't think of a better way to end what should be an epic 4 days back in the homeland)


I've probably got enough time to discover one more band to add to my full-sized must see list - any suggestions, I'm toying with Nick Mulvey, Adult Jazz or Neko Case, will base my decision on the wisdom of the forum.

Well I don't really know yet about adult jazz as I only just got the album. I suspect they will be great though. Nick mulvey's album really is top class though. Contemporary folk with a jazz edge. I think he'll be great. Haven't really touched on Neko case as ought are a shoo in there. So in answer to your question at this moment nick mulvey From the 3 for me. 

Jonathan Wilson - I've waited ages to see him live.

Caribou - I've agonised over this three way clash on Friday night for ages but now I'm decided.

Woman's Hour - I've fallen in love with their album in the last fortnight

Hamilton Leithauser - I loved The Walkmen and feel I have to be there 

The War On Drugs - I think they could be 2014's standout Mountain Stage band

Nothing from Sunday because it's clashmageddon and I still don't know who I'm watching!



Really glad someone else is loving the Woman's Hour record. It would be easy to dismiss it as light, fluffy pop, but there's much more depth to the song-writing if you give it some time. I'll be there with you.


Bill Callahan, Sun Kil Moon, James Yorkston, William Tyler, Caribou

I'd have Samantha Crain over Caribou but I think she will clash with Bill Callahan which is obviously unacceptable.

Acoustic guitar. acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar, acoustic guitar, BANGING DANCE MUSIC!

You're my kinda girl, Elizabeth...


Ben, Caribou is utterly aspirational - I have yet to last out long enough to see a Far Out guitar, wine x4....bed!

I'd love to see them though.



1/ Nick Helm & Band (that counts, right?)

2/ Phantom Band

3/ Daughter

4/ I Break Horses

5/ Joanna Grusome

And.....ive i AINT allowed Mr Helm.......6/ First Aid Kit.

can't be done... rule breaking ahead:

Jonathan Wilson

Mariam the Believer

Sun Kil Moon

Mac DeMarco


Well there is your 5!  OK - 7, and only friday and fully clashed up

Of course if it was a real list, then:

1. Bill Callahan

2. Bill Callahan in Rough Trade

Sun kil moon

bill Callahan


jonathan wilson


i would maybe have Samantha crain and mariam the believer in there but no chance of seeing them considering who they probably clash with. 

Adult Jazz - Their new album is strange and its genius, I think, will become more evident over time. Future classic. 

Mac Demarco - Haven't listened to him for a while because I seriously overplayed Salad Days. Will be good to reacquaint. 

Mutual Benefit - Loved these guys since they were a wee DIY bedroom project. SO psyched that they've got relatively big as I never thought they'd play the UK. For that reason, possibly my most must-see of all. 

Panda Bear - Long time Animal Collective fan here, but he also my partner's main must-see, so amount of War on Drugs will drag her away from PB.

Slint - Discovered through GM. Bought Spiderland on vinyl yesterday. Epic.

Because it HAS to be five, and I don't want to break rules, I won't mention that Real Estate have released probably my favourite album this year and will be a perfect (near) end to the festival.

Neutral Milk Hotel. Undoubtedly what I'm most excited about.

James Yorkston. Always a total joy, can't not have him in a top 5.

Sun Kil Moon. Only just got round to listening to the new album in the last week or so, and I reckon it's an absolute stormer.

Michael A Grammar. Only heard 2 or 3 of their songs, but there's something in them isn't there?

We Are Catchers. Mainly because I've got their album on at the moment and it's really growing on me.


Arrgh- so many honourable mentions I'm not allowed to mention!

Ah, but you have been strong, BC, for which you will be rewarded - I grant you super weather for all of GM2014.

And I really wish James Yorkston could have set the release date for the new record a week earlier!


Muddy Hollly I missed her 5 years ago and bitterly regret it. She clashes with Ought and Huw though grrrr


Top 5 (having done very little research)

Other Lives

Jeffrey Lewis


Real Estate/Stanley Brinks split

BEN UFO ( I'm contractually obliged to say that)


Hadn't realised that Neko Case clashed with Ought, who I'm rather taken with, so will give Adult Jazz a whirl.

Will probably still watch Nick Mulvey, but without any homework.

Tent erection practice this evening - yes we are that close!!

Tough, tough, tough, just finished clashfindering and have three times the limit on must sees alone. At a pinch

Bill Callahan, Neutral Milk Hotel, Sun Kil Moon, Stanley Brinks, Frank Fairfield

1. Beirut (again and we all know they should have headlined in 2010)

2. Neutral Milk Hotel

3. Sharon Van Etten (Saw her perform in the Glee Club in Cardiff back in 2012 and was blown away by how good she is live)

4. Mac DeMarco

5. The War On Drugs

Five is hard...23 is better...

In order of play then...



Jeffrey Lewis

Stanley Brinks

Kurt Vile

Then my next really really want to see' s Not allowed?...ok will post elsewhere I am not a rule breaker.

As time has gone on this has actually become much easier for me. I have fewer 'must sees' and many more 'really want to sees' with lots more clashes to be resolved according to weather / mood on the day.

In no particular order -

The Waterboys - bit of a cop-our really as there's no chance of not seeing them given their billing. Were they on another day, I'd really be torn as I suspect it will be a poor imitation of the Waterboys performamces I recall from their heyday. But Fisherman's Blues is the album that saved the 80s, so I'd feel really guilty if I missed them.

Fat White Family - cos only rock and roll can save us all

Samantha Crain - I'm hoping for another Michael Kiwanuka 'moment' in the Walled Garded. It's just the sun making my eyes water you understand.

Mariam the Believer - Blood Donation got under my skin from the very first listen and she is still my main 'discovery' of GM 2014

Tako Lako - Seeing their live appearances on video they are clearly an act who put total heart and soul into every performance. The way I see it, there's little point in going to Green Man and not witnessing life-affirming music like this. I really hope they don't clash with any of the above.


Definitely not Michael A Grammar - that Suzanna song sounds too much like INXS!

Sharon Van Etten

Sun Kill Moon

Jonathan Wilson

The Rails

Samantha Crain


Could choose another 5 but hey ho!



hello all.  


amazing line up this year.  only way to make a top 5 is go for stuff I haven't seen before.  really looking forward to this little lot.  bit of everything.


phantom band

ben ufo

pictish trail

fat white family

bill callahan


first time back at green man since 2011 - really cannot wait to get there!

5 is way too hard - i've gone for 5 from the mountain stage plus a couple of extras :P

Mercury Rev

War on Drugs


First Aid Kit

Bill Callahan

Liking what i'm hearing from Adult Jazz after reading comments above too plus Luke Abbott, The Field for after hours shenannigans...

Oooh, another late night devotee, elep! I too fully intend to sample the delights of Messrs Abbott and, erm, Field.


Its the top 5 things worrying me apart from the Bands

1. Are the tomatoes going to survive 5 days without me watering them

2. When will the baby arrive (grandaughter) and is it going to be this weekend

3. Will work call me during the festival to ask me to do overtime on saturday (this is only a problem if you are waiting anxiously for a baby to arrive and answer the phone whist drinking, which happened 2 weeks ago, and you use the F word)

4. Will all my clothes fit in the tiny rucksack

5. Which colour should I paint my nails?


1.) Yes of course - they'll have a bit of rain and a bit of sun. 

2.) Tuesday.

3.) Yes but they'll leave a voicemail which you'll only pick up on Sunday when you're hungover.

4.)They will eventually. They'll have to. But only after several bouts of swearing and probably crying.

5.) Each nail a different colour.


Ok, I'm not even going to begin to address the number of ways in which you have so blatantly flouted my clear, and really quite straightforwardly simple, rules, Sue. Tsk.

Ben x

Well Daniella Graham has clearly broken the thread rules by (although it's not quoted in the OP) being guilty of knowing shag all about who's playing the festival.

And she looks to be about 12. Which is fine. And doesn't preculde her from playing the thread, per se. But my first point does.


Lifted from that link:

"’s no surprise Green Man has one several awards in the past few years."

Sheesh. And they say we're wrong to lament the passing of the proper use of language, because, well, like, language evolves like, innit?


It's a handily shortened form of the phrase "association football" that's been used in the UK for well over a century. Nowt wrong with that.

when i say 'job', i mean the people currently foolish enough to assist me with my mortgage

it's a fluid, chequered and diminishing list

and i have issues with them all