Filling the void

OK so I can't compete with you London types but a quick skim tells me the fllowing are playing this autumn at Birmingham's finest venue, the Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath, less than 5 minutes from my house: Keston Cobblers Club, RM Hubbert, Tunng, Lanterns on the Lake, Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Dutch Uncles. A short trip into town and at the Institute there's Everything Everything, Steve Mason, Public Service Broadcasting, Half Moon Run and Stornoway. And no clashes.

we will neither scare nor scar you

we're happy, harmless drunks

or so i've been reliably informed after last year's 'allah-las incident'

Saw one of the best gigs tonight in a very long time. This girl is the real deal, what a musician and singer. The last time I remember a country/bluegrass singer making that much of an impression on me was when I saw a young Emmylou Harris. Go see her!

Well that crept under my radar--a new Erland and the Carnival cd and tour.Hope it's as good as the debut album.

Right on my way to Cloudspotting now,waders,flippers and canoe all safely on the car.

For those interested in A Winged Victory for the Sullen they have just released tour dates 17th Oct Brighton and 19th/20th Oct in London.  Such a pity no dates closer to home for me so a trek to the big smoke maybe in order.

You are right rayrad, I do prefer to stand for most gigs, but I think winged could be enjoyed seated, whereas Goat certainly could not.

I saw there were very few seats left for winged on the Monday, so grabbed one. If I change my mind I'm sure I'll have no problem passing it on.


We now have another void to fill. First up for me is St Vincent tomorrow, then over the coming weeks and months I can look forward to Ezra Furman, Moon Duo, Woods, Goat, Allah-Las (possibly) and John Grant so far

Mrs. Ult & I have James Yorkston, John Grant and cosmic country man Sturgill Simpson to look forward to over the autumn. They are all playing in Liverpool. The city's 2-day psych festival with the likes of GOAT, Suuns, Sleepy Sun and Besnard Lakes is also looking like a distinct possibility.

next up for the rads (aug / sept):

woods / marissa nadler

felice brothers / arc iris

tony bennett (yes - and he fucking rules)

tiny ruins / arc iris

should have been damien jurado next - but it just got cancelled...


angel olsen


grant lee phillips / howe gelb

a winged victory for the sullen

patti smith

handsome family

devon sproule

"When I get a little money I buy gig tickets, and if any is left I buy food and clothes"

Any other recommendations for 15 September in London Town rayrad? I've already arranged to stay over so that's now a mini void to be filled.

The rest of my line-up this year looks like -

Wolf Alice / Darlia

Ezra Furman

King Creosote

Joan Armatrading

A Winged Victory ...

Maverick Sabre

Sam Smith

Catfish & The Bottlemen

Robert Plant

Boy and Bear


John Grant

Bring Me The Horizon


Not all my choices, but I expect to enjoy them all.


We are the same--food/bills,clothes expenses trimmed to the bone while the music outlay seems to rise every year---but on my deathbed i will not be remembering food and clothes.Need to check my ticket tin and inbox[for printable tickets] and organise my autumn/winter schedule.

not sure what else is happening on the 15th, peridot

but i'll give you a heads up if i discover anything!

any idea why mr jurado has cried off?

looks like the whole UK tour's gone...

just seen this on his twitter:

"dear friends, due to health matters, all scheduled shows have been canceled. i hope to get in full recovery so that i will be back."

then this:

"it was a tough call, but i must take my health seriously. i will be back. take care and i love you. - damien"

hope he's ok...

I hope so too.

He must be suffering from exhaustion if nothing else. He needs to slow down.


Moseley Folk is fast approaching! It's the one reason I've not been lured to End Of The Road as it's Round The Corner. Hugely looking forward to seeing Johnny Marr. It'a a cracking little festival with a similar feel to GM. Also looking forward to Thurston Moore, Stealing Sheep and Richard Thompson. Samantha Crain, Jimi Goodwin and the Waterboys are doing the Moseley Folk /GM double this year. Should round off the summer nicely!

I've been down to Moseley 3 times - it was easier before EOTR moved back a week - and I like the way it has grown without losing its lovely feel.  Although I quite enjoy camping, it is rather nice to retire to a comfy bed each night - usually in some bargain hotel in Edgbaston. 

It's great. Always some familiar names from GM, and the Friday night line-ups usually manage to push the 'Folk' envelope just about as far as it'll go! I can definitely recommend it. Lunar too. 

thurston's doing a '12 string performance' at moseley

don't know what that means

but looks like a one-off - which is always going to be great

line-up does look really good

chances of us doing two festivals in a year are slim though, i think


I live about a mile from the Moseley Folk Festival and usually go to at least one of the days - it's OK but more of a day out for the Moseley and Kings Heath folk (many of whom I know) and it's more of an excuse for a chat and a get together than a music festival. Also too many people setting up camp in front of the two stages (which are adjacent) and not moving all day. The sister festival, Lunar was excellent this year and I hope they'll be doing it again next year - proper festival with camping.

Agree about Moseley Folk, 2011 was my favourite year when Billy Bragg, Gruff Rhys, Willy Mason, The Staves, Villagers and a whole host of others played. Since then I think it's been steadily declining, last year when Ocean Colour Scene played and the Oasis crowd turned out en masse to talk all the way through every other band on the bill was a particular low point. Got tickets for this year but living so close to the site I can choose to come and go as I please.

Lunar was great, nice to see on Facebook today that they're already well underway with plans for next year.

again, unable to compete with the likes of mr ray and peridot but coming up between now and the end of the year in Brum:

Hare & Hounds (aka Birmingham's finest live music venue): The Burning Hell, Phantom Band, Allah Las, Teleman, Barr Brothers, The Wytches, Beans on Toast. Glee Club: Gruff Rhys, Sweet Baboo/Pictish Trail. Institute: Besnard Lakes, Goodnight Lenin/Travelling Band

Just sold my Festival number 6 tickets so that is all 3 of our post green man festival tickets sold but converted my clubcard points to double the value ticketmaster vouchers so just waiting for some autumn announcements.

hey peridot

15th sept just got filled for me

the allah-las doing an in-store at rough trade east

you need to order the cd / vinyl at the following link - then you get a wristband

it'll only be a half hour set or thereabouts - and they'll be on at 7pm

but if you can make it and fancy a pint and a chat afterwards, i'll be around!

Go for it Peridot,such a good live band.

She keeps bees have announced Manchester and London gigs for November,my third November gig though December is empty at the moment.


drop me a private message on the unofficial forum and we can arrange to meet up

I suggest that if you haven't seen Ezra Furman & The Boyfriends already, beg borrow or steal your way to the Manchester or London gigs later this month.

They were incredible in Cardiff last night - gig of the year without a doubt.

Sweet Baboo supporting in London too. 

I was there too Peridot. Superb, and that was third time this year for me. Surely a shoe-in for GM next year having just played EOTR? Just booked tickets to see Gruff Rhys at Sherman Theatre, Cardiff in December to add to the list of things to fill the void. Autumn is shaping up quite nicely

I've just broken my self-imposed embargo on any more gigs this year and grabbed a ticket for Ezra in London. I can't miss an opportunity to see a performance like that again.

I had somehow let his genius pass me by. I think it was probably an older post from you Wakestock that made me pay some more attention, so thanks for that. 

I don't think he's real. I think he's the result of some mad biotechnology experiment that has managed to amalgamate one percent of the DNA of each of the 100 best musicians and performers of the last century.


Got tickets for The Barr Brothers (with Simone Felice supporting) next month. Yippee!

Yo Walter! You've had the Avett Brothers, The Felice Brothers, The Colman Brothers, Williams Brothers Cider ... How about the Barr Brothers?