Forum Meet-Up 2014

In time-honoured tradition we now need to emerge from behind the keyboard and enter blinkingly into the light of the real world. Okay, it's looking like it may be more of a dull grey drizzle, but that will not dampen our spirits - nor our ciders.

The traditional Thursday evening slot now suffers the welcome distractions of the entertainment that GM bestows upon us so it makes sense to base the location close to the Far Out Tent allowing folk to dip in and out as they like.

General consensus seems to be that lots of us want to see The Pictish Trail and The Waterboys, but there is a little less enthusiasm for Jimi Goodwin.

Therefore the Forum Meet-Up is proposed to take place at the END UP bar immediately following The Pictish Trail's set. The slight snag is that we don't yet have stage times but, based on last year's timings we expect this to be around 18:45. Times will be in the programme available when you arrive on site. There are likely to be a few folk around a bit earlier and most of us will be hanging around for a long while so don't worry if you get delayed en route.

The End Up bar is near the Far Out tent and can be seen at the lower left of the map here - This is last year's map but no major changes are expected.

Look for a few people wearing green t-shirts outside the bar area and it'll be us. A green t-shirt with the white lettering "All Night Disco Wrecked My Weekend" is a dead cert. Wear a green t-shirt yourself if you have one. 

It's really great to meet old friends and put a face to new names every year so please do drop by, on your own or with family/companions, whether just to say a quick hello or stay the evening.

See y'all on Thursday.

If anyone already there has a programme, could you let us know what time Pictish Trail is on?  Wouldn't want to miss any. Hopefully see some of you around the bar shortly afterwards

Hopefully see you all there. I don't think I've got a green tshirt so it'll likely be a white one with the Number 6 design from my profile image.

Blimey, I'd forgotten how much shopping, organising, sorting, packing and thinking is required in preparation for Green Man. It might have helped not to have left it all to the last day but hey ho it's done now bar a few last minute things in the morning.

I've cracked open a beer and will shortly do my final colouring in of the clashfinder. 

I hope you all have a safe trip tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing old and new faces at the meet. To anyone I don't see - have a fantastic festival and be sure to pop back to keep the forum going over the autumn and winter months.

Love and light ... Dermot


Glad the 5 hour drive is over,now in my pub room just down the road from the festival site recovering before we descend to the bar.


I have pretty much finished packing too...just cracked open a  beer too,

Just have to make myself beautiful in the morning.

I know i haven't been as prolific as normal on here, but i am so looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Safe journey to you all..x


hi all,


i am coming on my own so looking forward to meeting some friendly people :)


see you tomorrow..

Everything ready to be packed in the car tomorrow. Trying to work out how many trips it will be from the car park to camping area. So much stuff.

Yes , just been down to the site and it's looking great. Ground looks firm and everything in place ready for everyone's arrival. Looking forward to catching up with you all - I shall prob not get there until about 6.30/7 so will look out for you.


Hoping to get there around mid-day (yeah right).


may have a german flag or possibly a brazilian flag or maybe no flag at all

definitley no russian flag though

drop by and say hello

Leaving slightly (read: a lot!) later than I had intended/expected (out of my hands), so hoping to get to the site around 3pm. Guys, it's going to be mega!

See you tomorrow and thanks for all the wonderful, excitement-enhancing forum fun over the last few months. It's better to travel, and it's even better to travel with you lot. Yes, you as well, Raymondo...

Have a wonderful Green Man

Ben xx 

All packed and ready to go....

Mr Mc - have you a final checklist?

Me - yes, everything's good.

Mr Mc - So you're confident everything important is packed?

Me - Durr, yes obviously.

Mr Mc - Tickets?

Me - Er no actually, oh for fuck's sake, good point!...what a complete idiot I am!

Ha! Just checked to make sure we had ours.

Once got all the way to the Reading turn-off before realising our WOMAD tickets were back at my flat in Brum.

See you all tomorrow.

Thanks for the update on the site susiew - I have a feeling we may not leave it in as good condition as we find it but it always bounces back for us.

Thanks for bringing so much life to the forum bennyhana and for encouraging me to explore further and deeper in the lineup that I might otherwise have done. See you down the front for SONAA!

I thought that Green Man had probably peaked last year and couldn't be improved upon, but I'm more than happy to be proved wrong - I think this one is going to be Giga.

'till tomorrow ...


and it was a hot day

and my clapped out renault 5 overheated

pre-kids though so we thought it was quite amusing

It was good to meet everyone again and especially good to spend time over the weekend with Peridot and daughter,Lennie and partner,Rachel and partner and Scousebaby and partner--sorry for the and partner,i'm just rubbish at remembering names.

sorry not to make he meet, not doin a ray rad, honest!

nice to bump into peridot, elizabeth and cyfarthfa several timesover the weekend

as it happened I didn't, I was with my daughter and we were both pretty knackered and stayed at the top of the hill for First Aid Kit who were very lovely and I just didn't have the energy to sprint to the Walled Garden.

They played the cinema tent at 4.30 on Sunday,i had a look at the walled garden to see if you were there to let you know.

well that's Green Man for you - there's just too bloody much to do! I would happily pay good money to go to a festival that simply had the Walled Garden and Einstein's Garden then there might be a chance of doing most of what you want to do inside three days!

Sorry I didn't meet up as planned - I was with you in spirit! I had stewarded 7am until 2ish and was so knackered I couldn't make my weary knees and legs  come and join you. Hope you had a great festival - hopefully see you next year.  Werent we lucky with the weather. ? 

It was great to meet you all again on Thursday - apologies to anyone I didn't get to chat to, or to anyone I walked past over the weekend - I'm hopeless at spotting people (although this year I did see Charlotte Church and Elena Tonra).

It was great too to have longer chats with the blackpumpkinhead / cyfarthfa / krasnyi families over the course of the weekend and to say a quick hello to THE MAN HIMSELF :)

Also lovely to meet Antonio and his beautiful family who traveled from Italy (with two young children) to Green Man - really made me appreciate living so close.

See you all again next year.

peridot, big apologies for the all too brief chat we managed to have after mariam the believer

was rushing off to catch the rest of sun kil moon

and assumed i'd see you again over the weekend

but never did

didn't see anyone else at all in fact

without the hair this year, i got far fewer 'hey - i know who you are!'s

we had a cracking time though

more on that once i've got my head together a bit more...

I did see you many times over the weekend in various locations all over the site but never vertical and often thought about going over for a chat but i know you like your privacy and didn't like to barge my way into your family chats.Probably should have done--will do next year.

'never vertical'

i hope that means sitting down!

a few gaps in my memory, so the alternative is possible...

Don't give me that nonsense rayrad. I know quite well that you were terrified of the hit to your reputation should a photograph appear of you colluding with someone in a Rush t-shirt :)

Seriously though, I knew where you were off to and it was nice to say a quick hello - I'm sure our paths will cross again before next year's festival.